The products for erection: it is important to be able to male?

Problems with potency? You were asked about the reason for this may be the nutrition is out of balance, because he is the one who causes most of the failures in the body. Especially after thirty years of age, when the men of power, they gradually begin to fade away. Compliance with a special diet, with the use of products for erectile allow you to increase your libido and potency improved. But don't worry about it, hard, the fast is not shipped by the!

What rules will you follow?

the products of the power

Designed diet to you individually. Someone who is trying to get rid of the disease, but for anyone who just wants to prevention is to know what products to promote erection, and the review of the diet. Yes, the way of life of each individual, it is not possible to ignore them. In this case, there are general tips for people who are willing to eat properly as a result of the work is being coordinated with sexual:

  1. If you are being treated, the diet, it's important to review together with the professionals. Some of the products that are able to neutralize the action of the drug. For example, grapefruits are not worth it, and if you are taking a course of antibiotics.
  2. The portions should be average. To die of hunger, it is strictly prohibited to restore the body's requires for nutrients in sufficient quantities. But eating too much is not desirable, the excess weight causes a reduction in an erection.
  3. Usually, in the diet that is adopted to comply before the desired result is achieved. If you want to, and will, in the future, you do not know of any problems with the power, it is important to eat foods that increase erection the time.

What are the products that enhance erections?

Include it in your daily menu:

  1. Products that contain zinc. It increases the production of sex hormones, is effective in reducing infection, causing a decrease in erection. A lot of the zinc that is in the kelp, asparagus, basil, celery seed, pumpkin, squid, and a river of fish.
  2. Products that contain carotene. Many of the vegetables and fruits such as, orange, and red carrot, pumpkin, apricot. It is needed to increase the sexual desire, it also strengthens the immune system. Products with a good erection, and that it is the carotene, they are useful, and the prostate gland, is effective in the treatment of prostatitis.
  3. Eating foods with dietary fiber. It speeds up the metabolic processes, which is important in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. The diet should go hand in hand with the cabbage, green apples and a loaf of bread with wheat bran. It is useful, and not the fruit.
  4. Products that contain glycine, histidine, tyrosine, threonine. These chemicals contribute to the production of testosterone – a hormone that affects the quality of erection and ejaculation. For this reason, you should eat the egg of a quail. The fried food such as they are, so its advised to cook the mole, or do not take raw food, for example, by making an eggnog, or a glass of cocktail.

What to eat to make you more confident in bed?

Red grapes

It improves the motility of the sperm. In the skin of the berry and it has resveratrol, is responsible for the activity in the protein.


The best-of-fish-to-man. It has a lot of vitamin D, which is at 90%, increases the amount of testosterone in the blood. Scientists in austria have also found that this species has a very positive effect on the molecules of DNA contained in the semen.

The avocado and walnuts

The fat that it is not possible to clear it completely from the diet. Damaging, thus contributing to the formation of cholesterol, which is close to the pots to replace the plants. Very nice – just what's required. Useful nuts to get an erection.


The survey showed that 47% of the male population, who, on a daily basis, drank the juice of a pomegranate, pointing to a significant improvement in the output power. But keep in mind that packaged juices from the grocery store nearest you assign the value to look freshly pressed.


It contains cortisol, a substance which stores the energy resources of the organism. It is thanks to him that the sperm cells are purposely moving to the inside of the egg. But before the meeting is abusing the garlic and it still isn't worth it.


This product does not contain boron, and the oxides of nitrogen, a 50% increase in the flow of blood. In terms of prevention, every day, eat a teaspoon of the product.


Milk protein is the source of testosterone, and the muscle growth, you have to have a positive effect. This also shows in the body of the female hormone estrogen. Where is he in man? It builds up in the body with age and also with the defects of the beer.


On the day of great eating, three eggs. This is the amount that will cause no damage to the heart, and cholesterol in the blood. In addition to this, it was the egg white material, which is necessary for the production of sperm.

What to remove from the diet?

the processing power

The power supply for the erection of the does not address the consumption of products that have so much love for the man. So, be prepared for the fact that it's from the food that you drink every day, and she's delicious, you'll have to give it up. What are the products that affect sexual function:

  1. The flesh of the fat, resulting in the formation of the body. It leads to a disruption in the flow of blood in the body especially in the pelvic region, which causes a problem with the power. Substitute the beef for pork and beef meat, poultry, or rabbit. Do not brown them, and cook them for a product.
  2. Spices and delicious, but it is not always helpful. The overly-spicy, tangy and salty food decreases erections.
  3. Soft drinks, coffee, and beer. The result of the research was able to prove that these drinks are reduce in libido.
  4. Nutrition for sports, in that it contains additives with steroids.

So now you know what it helps to obtain an erection, and what products are best to remove it from your daily menu. Choosing a healthy and good diet, you will be able to restore sexual function, but also to improve the state of the whole organism. It's easy, give it a try, you will!