Products that improve the power of the ranking for men

Right diet – one of the conditions of stable sexual function. Even in antiquity, women know what to present for dinner, the wife to a vibrant and warm night.

Medieval men had of their own revenue, to help them to be, at the time, during a meeting with another lady, of the heart. The modern studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the products of sexual energy, and nationality.

Which has a positive effect on blood circulation?

The mechanism of occurrence of erection is the saturation of the corpora cavernosa of the penis of blood. So that this process occurred without problems, should be carefully monitor the state of the circulatory system.


There are a number of foods, contribute to improve the functioning of blood vessels and of the heart, but also suitable for the circulation of blood in your genitals.


The leadership among the products to gain skills male occupy the nuts. In the nucleus contains substances which are necessary for the full functioning of the genital system.

An important advantage – the presence of arginine, an amino acid, which contributes to the formulation of nitric oxide. Thanks to he is guaranteed the filling of blood of the penis, and erection occurs.

Medical experts recommend mixing different types of nuts – walnuts, cedar, pistachio, almonds, hazelnuts and use them with honey. Increase the therapeutic effect to be achieved, if there are kernel raw, without pre-baking. Fish and meat dishes is also recommended to cook with the addition of nuts.

The biggest impact are different of cedar nuts. They not only increase the ability to achieve erection, but also strengthens the general health.


By choosing products that increase the potency, it is worth considering, and koumiss. For the russians, this drink is not very familiar, however, he was, in many respects, superior to the milk of other animals.

The use koumissa allows you to:

  • Strengthen the heart and the vascular system;
  • To improve the performance of the blood;
  • Stabilize the metabolism;
  • To improve the state of health;
  • To improve the protective properties of the organism;
  • Prevent the aging processes.

Should drink 1 glass of Mare's milk, a half-hour after breakfast. When the aggravation of diseases of the digestive system therapy necessary to stop.

Bee products

The honey and perga refer to the bee products, which provide the blood supply of the penis. Also, their use allows to increase the production of testosterone and provide the male body in proteins, essential to maintain a high level of sexual activity.

The honey can be consumed as in its pure form, replacing them with the sugar and sweets, and mix it with nuts or dried fruits. The use of such a mixture helps to strengthen the sexual function.

If you have cancer and graves disease, you should consult your doctor before introducing beekeeping products on a constant diet, is important.


About the positive influence of fruit and vegetables to the state the circulatory system is also known by many.

The regular consumption of striped berries offers:

  • The extension vascular the gaps, which is necessary for powerful erection;
  • Warning formations malignancies of the prostate;
  • Revitalizing amino acids of connections;
  • Prevention of age impotence.


Positive effect on the work the erectile function is different and the pomegranate juice. The daily use of the drink in the amount of 200 ml helps to significantly improve the sexual function.

The main properties of the pomegranate:

  • Increase the gaps in the arteries;
  • The normalization of the blood flow in the penis;
  • Strengthen the walls of the vessels;
  • The deceleration of the aging process;
  • Improvement of the nervous system;
  • Prevention onkopatologiy.

Food to increase testosterone and improve libido

For sexual attraction is responsible normal levels of testosterone in the body. Its decline due to several factors – hormonal imbalance, diseases, changes related to age.

When the lack of preparation of the hormone may start to eat foods that help strengthen their synthesis.


In the first sort field, where they are included with the products for potency in men, it is possible to detect the oysters. Its unique composition allows you to:

  • Improve the provision of hormone;
  • To intensify the erection;
  • Stimulate the libido;
  • Increase the volume of production of the seminal fluid.

The effect of oysters on testosterone is ensured by the presence in the composition of a large number of zinc and amino acids. Most useful marine gifts, cool spring, when the clams actively multiply.

For therapeutic purposes should be sea creatures raw, with the addition of lemon juice. However, as useful product, there is also a negative side – the increase of the content of mercury, which should not be consumed oysters daily.


Mobs vegetable, less and less used in cooking, it is extremely useful to raise to the power. The turnip is on the production of sexual hormones, the body is saturated with substances necessary, improving the general well-being.

It is recommended the manufacture of seeds of vegetables or boil it and add as an accompaniment to cooked meat.

To improve the power you can use one of the 2 recipes:

  1. Grate the same number of cooked turnip and raw carrot. Mix and season with a teaspoon of honey. Take 70 grams per day;
  2. The root vegetable to the boil 500 ml of milk, grind and mix with the obtained decoction. Add 100 g of honey. Daily – 1 cup. It should be divided into 4 reception.

Turnip will have to cancel the men that suffer from:

  • Hepatitis;
  • Diseases of the central nervous system;
  • The inflammation of the intestinal tract;
  • Cholecystitis was submitted.


The bean contains a large amount of zinc, vegetable protein and dietary fiber. Mineral – an essential component to start the production of testosterone. The presence of protein and less fat allows you to enter the beans on the menu, even the men who suffer from excess weight.

Recommended to consuming this kind of vegetables in boiled or cooked. When needed, you can replace the canned beans, where are stored the necessary nutrients (you can read in the database).


According to the research conducted in Texas, testosterone is produced from cholesterol. Respectively, men need to consume food with a high content.

Chicken and quail eggs – the best source for this substance, it is found in its pure form. Respectively breakfast 3 to 4 eggs provides the body enough to activate the synthesis of sex hormones amount of cholesterol. To enhance the therapeutic effect eggs should be cooked in olive oil, seasoning onion.

Cow lean

Cow lean has a positive effect on the level of male sex hormones. Meat contains a protein and zinc – key of the substance to stabilize the levels of testosterone, in addition to the use of a product provides the body with the building material for muscle building.

Useful 2 to 3 times per week to cook steaks of grilled meat. Also the beef effectively acts on the health of men, braise, bake or boil.

Products, contributing to the normal functioning of the psycho-emotional background

The violation of the erectile function, often paired with the nervous over-voltage, stress, depression, mental fatigue.


Before resorting to medications with sedative effects, it is worth reviewing a daily menu and include products to improve the power, have the ability to normalize the emotional background. Its systematic consumption allows you to deal with the psychological difficulties without a shower of drugs.

The dark chocolate

Chocolate-an aphrodisiac known, has the ability to improve the mood and increase the feeling of love. In the composition of black roof tiles contains antioxidants, an alkaloid theobromine, and the connection phenylethylamine, providing a positive effect on the psyche of man.

For the curator, the exhibition about the power and the mood need to eat 2-3 tiles in the day, the excess of the product adversely affects the health. It is important to choose chocolate that contains not less than 65% of cocoa beans. The coverage is valid only with the nuts.

From the goodies, avoid the men with hypertension, diseases of the pancreas and liver.


More fruit-antidepressants — bananas. Contain:

  • An alkaloid harman – the substance that causes the sensation of euphoria;
  • Vitamin B6 – component that improves mood;
  • Tryptophan – the amino acid, contributing to the elaboration of the hormone of happiness. In its pure form, is used for the therapy of anxious-depressive syndromes;
  • Potassium – eliminates fatigue and stress, strengthens the heart muscle.

Must eat fruit every day, especially the men, whose professional activity is related with the constant physical or emotional congestion.


Porridge oats, which is useful for the power, because of the availability of zinc and L-arginine also exerts a beneficial effect on the psychological state. This result is achieved through the contents of the mate of tryptophan, a facilitator for the synthesis of the hormone of happiness.

In addition, one of the important properties of oat flour – decreased levels of sugar in the blood, excess of which negatively affects the mood. Hercules worth eating in the morning, flooding it with boiling water several handfuls of cereal. To improve the taste of indicators, you can add to a dish of fruit, fresh or dried, honey, natural yoghurt.


Is present, and lentils at the Top, in which are included useful for the power products. The healing properties of cereals are the presence of complex carbohydrates, increase the production of serotonin and folic acid, the lack that causes depressed and depressive state.

Also lentils provides the body with iron and regulates the levels of glucose, which is important for the general well-being. To cook the lentils need to soak in water for a few hours, then add in the soup or cooking of cereals.

The fatty acids in the varieties of fish

Through recent studies, it has been proven that the reduction of background emotional affects of the deficiency of Omega-3 fatty acids. Without them, the worsens not only the mood, but also mental activity.

The greater amount of the substance helpful to refer to the fish fat and fatty acids in the varieties of fish. Enough to eat dishes it 2-3 times per week, to provide consistently positive, which is necessary for a good power.

Products, immediately, that increase the potency

It happens that it is necessary to increase the power, the more quickly as possible. The pharmaceutical market offers a considerable amount of drug related to the means of the ambulance.

However, not all men are willing to take permanently synthesized artificially compressed. In this case, help to produce, immediately, that increase the potency.


The onion is effective for the rapid elevation of power, due to the following properties:

  • Increase circulation in genitals of the man, which promotes the erection;
  • The gain of susceptibility nerve endings of the penis;
  • The stimulation of the synthesis of testosterone.

The tool of "first aid" – scrambled eggs with abundant amount of lucas. This is a dish you need to eat a little before intimacy with advance while you care to freshen breath. To do this it is necessary to:

  • Chop 2 onions of medium size and fry in high heat until golden brown;
  • Split in a frying pan 3 eggs and add the olive oil;
  • Add sliced thin slices of tomato;
  • Fry until cooked.

Camel stomach

Natural Viagra alternative, to help in a short space of time to achieve a sustainable erection without additional burden to the body. The only negative point of the use of the camel, stomach – difficulties with your purchase.

The first to benefit from this product opened the eastern nomadic peoples. The men who ate regularly camel's stomach, extended her life, improved sexual and reproductive function. Thanks stomach nomads, many times, have become parents after 50 years.

For power instant half an hour before sexual intercourse, it is necessary to eat a small amount of cured of the stomach – enough to swallow a piece of weight in 3-5 g. you can Also prepare alcohol tincture, it can affect sexual performance and consistency, and drink a little before proximity. Recipe:

  • 100 g of the cured product pour 500 ml of vodka of good quality;
  • Insist 2 weeks in a world dark and cold inside the house.

The berries

Some varieties of fruits are also different fast action. These products, to improve power, you need to mix with milk cream or cream of milk. The list of most beneficial fruits:

  • Cherries;
  • The blueberry;
  • Black currant;
  • Uva-do-monte;
  • Blackberry.

The selection of fruit depends on your taste. Can be limited to a kind of a mix of several. For a party you will need about 150 grams of fruit and 2 teaspoons of dairy products. It is important to choose fresh fruit – frozen lose a significant amount of useful properties. Igone-milk dish you should eat before a prelude.

Red wine

If too much alcohol negatively affects the potency and health of men, then a glass of red wine, on the contrary, it is a different unquestioned use. Thus, it is possible to:

  • To enhance the sensitivity of the nerve endings;
  • Increase sexual desire;
  • To normalize the blood flow in the genital area.

Respectively, a bit of red wine, drunk during the dinner, you provide the desire and stable, an erection.