The increase of potency in men: the list of effective methods

The increase of potency in men, it can become a pathology, if it brings discomfort, pain, is called by different diseases and factors is not controlled by man. But in most cases, this term among the stronger sex is called the state, when a person is ready to commit long-lasting and quality to the sexual acts, is not experiencing any problems with ejaculation and erection, gets the moral satisfaction of intimacy and can give the partner a good orgasm.

The increase of potency in men

Reduced potency in men, in the midst of the tensions mental and physical fatigue, to the adversity at home and at work, many failures and diseases in the body, excess weight, changes related to age and many other factors. Let's see what drugs increase the potency in men and how to achieve the positive effect in a natural way.

Which increases the power

To answer the question of how to increase potency in men safely and quickly, experts say about the need for an integrated approach. There are a large number of such methods, but they can all be divided into several groups:

  • natural methods for getting greater power, including the asset of a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and the normalization of the mode of sleep and wakefulness;
  • the application of special devices, for example, massage of the prostate and vacuum cylinder;
  • application of medicinal products and homeopathic medicines, dietary supplements in form of tablets and capsules, injectables, ointments, drops, gels and other;
  • the use of surgical implants, when all other methods do not have the desired effect.

Natural ways to improve your power

To learn how to increase potency in men natural ways, you just need to pay attention to the principles of a healthy life. It is the fulfillment of his and the active implementation in your life and help to make man more healthy and more resistant, improve erection, and libido, sensation during intimacy.

Natural ways to improve your power

Thus, to increase the power and improving the immunity challenge, the experts recommend:

  1. Moderately play sports. Very intense physical activities lead to the reduction of power and vitality as a sedentary lifestyle. It is advisable to deal with 2-4 times per week under the supervision of the coach any sport that you like, for example, swimming, cardio load, racing, fighting.
  2. Eat in a balanced way. Must have 4 to 5 times per day. When you do this, the diet should be rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibers. For men, it is important to note the presence in the diet of vitamins E, A, group B, c, zinc, selenium, magnesium and manganese, iron, sulfur. And some removed usually better to delete from the diet. Is snacks, fast food, smoked, and muffin, bake the food, and also products in which there are flavourings, preservatives, dyes.
  3. The water also has a huge effect on the power. Preferably on a day of drinking 2-3 liters. A small amount of green and black tea, and quality coffee does not harm you in moderate amounts. But here is the alcohol, sweet aeration, power – the enemies of greater power.
  4. Tempering, hydrotherapy and sunbathing, visiting the baths and saunas, as well as other procedures to strengthen the immunity to positively impact and power. But here it is important to remember that all is well in the measure. Yes, and the performance of such procedures has a number of contraindications, such as, for example, may not be the steam in the steam room or sauna when you have cardiovascular disease.
  5. The refusal of bad habits. Smoking and alcohol cause major damage to power, negatively affect the health and immunity. The faster you are going to say "no" to smoking and alcohol abuse, the better you will feel.
  6. Monitor your health. Preventive examinations of specialists help timely bring many disease and cure them, without consequences for health. In addition, it must be ensured, so that there is no excess weight, just as every kilogram is the extra burden on all organs and systems, as well as the increased risk of the onset of erectile dysfunction.
  7. Lead regular sexual life. Only the constant practice sex in moderation will always be "armed". It is also important to note the loyalty partner. This will eliminate the excess of emotion and to obtain the maximum pleasure during the sexual intercourse.

Only in an integrated way with the fulfillment of all these recommendations will help to achieve greater power. If you will only take the pills prescribed by the doctor or selected by the user, then the desired effect may not be obtained. In addition, self-medication can cause deterioration of state of health.

The use of drugs to increase their power

Among the most popular drugs to increase potency in men, worth mentioning:

  • tool to stimulate the erection, traded in the pharmacy;
  • medicines to calm and relieve the impact of stress, fatigue, over-voltage;
  • to improve the blood supply to the penis and pelvic organs;
  • homeopathic treatment natural to the composition tonic and immunostimulating effect, improves libido and potency;
  • Supplements for the prevention and resolution of erectile dysfunction and other "men" of problems;
  • the supplementation of vitamins and minerals and other drugs, in order to improve global health, strengthen the immune system and to compensate the deficiency of nutrients needed for normal erection and libido.

The application of dietary supplements for power

Application of medicines and dietary supplements to increase your power

The list of drugs that increase potency in men and are homeopathic, this includes a variety of tools. Its action is more smooth and subtle, but also gives the desired effect with the correct and regular application.

Dietary supplements to increase potency have special demand, because they have few contra-indications, fully or partially, the composition, soft action not only in the work of the urinary system, but in your whole body. Given these tools, based on old recipes, but with the application of modern technologies and development. Most of them passed clinical trials and have all the certifications of quality and proving the security of documents.

Before you apply any medication you must first consult your doctor. Only the expert can catch a tool to improve power, or even carry out a treatment if you have serious problems.

The use of tales of revenues

Increase libido and potency in men of different ages, you can do by people of recipes, among which are especially popular are:

  1. Clear walnut mixture. Some varieties of nuts, for example, nuts, forest, almonds, and peanuts, combined in equal proportions, mix with liquid honey. Take this tool need teaspoon per day for several weeks.
  2. The intake of garlic and onion. It has also increased the power contribute to the inclusion in the diet of coriander, fennel, parsley, celery, seafood and other aphrodisiacs, rich in minerals.
  3. Add the food, the use of broths and infusions of ginseng, ginger, calamus, and other useful plants. Are mixtures of herbs and some kinds of Marc of animals, for example, of the glands the annals of the beaver, to help restore male power.

Increase of power of men that contribute to the room physical exercises. Muscle training in the intimate area will help in the future to control the erection and make her reception, and the full, prolong sexual intercourse and will cause the sensation of the orgasm brighter.


Stress, poor diet, and alcohol lead to the fact that already at an early age, the question is how to increase potency in men natural ways, not by using drugs. Don't hesitate any treatment your doctor with erectile dysfunction. Modern tools can be easy and safe to increase libido in men, increase the amount of testosterone and keep the desire to women at the correct level. The men, at any age and with any health condition may occur failures in the intimate sphere, which in any manner does not indicate male insolvency. If the shyness and the fear of demonstrating a false inferiority do not allow that to resort to specialized assistance, need to learn the correct way to raise the power in the house. There are a large number of recommendations and techniques for how to increase potency in men folk media.

However, when systematic problems of a sexual nature should not just rely on the folk forms of immediate have an erection. Prevention is the best way to preserve the health of men until old age. If the implementation of the recommendations, the correct style of life does not guarantee stable by increasing the power and men of failure begins to use of the chronic nature, without medical intervention is essential. It is necessary to remember that impotence may be the consequence of some diseases, that at home not heal.

If you are looking for the answer to the question how to increase potency in men, then, is not directly to tablets, to stimulate the erection. They are preferable when other means do not help or give the lack of effect. Bring back the good erection and libido, more a time to feel a vibrant sensation and sexual arousal can and natural ways, and the acquisition of means of natural origin.

Especially, if the power loss caused by overwork, stress or poor environment. But if there are a few weeks of natural measures, including the standardisation of food and sleep, do not give to improve the condition and erection problems are added other disturbing symptoms, such as pain and difficulty of urination, it is worth immediately seek an expert, not making self-medicate.