Herbs to increase potency in men: list of plants more useful


Erectile dysfunction treatment at home, is often performed with the help of tinctures and broths of medicinal plants. Due to the content of their composition of biologically active compounds, replenish the body, the men and the other elements, they are really able to improve the general state of health and the functioning of the urinary system, in particular. However, using home remedies to improve power, is possible only in cases when the prejudice is not a symptom of heavy pathological diseases of organs and systems. To reduce the erection it is necessary to produce the initial diagnosis and identify the true causes of the disease.

The broth to increase male strength

If the deterioration of the power caused by overwork, lack of sleep, lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet, the use of medicinal plants. The simplest way to obtain medicinal drug is beer.

The list of plants for the preparation of soups and stews:

  • Dubrovnik. In the grass, the plants, see the compounds that improve the libido and blood circulation in the groin area. Thanks to this broth, made from dubrovnik, is the means of instant action: problems with the power to disappear already after 10-20 minutes after ingestion. Healing the drug is thus prepared: 2-3 h. l. chopped herbs dried should be placed in the tray of porcelain or clay container, place 250 ml of boiling water, close the lid and leave to infuse for a few hours. More broth is filtered through a gauze. To increase the erection can drink it directly for 20 minutes prior to sexual intercourse, and also several times during the day, before a meal of 80-100 ml.
  • Leuzea lectótipo Carthamus arborescens (Marliy). Strengthen erections with the lEvsei perhaps due to the content of the roots of plants fitoekdizonov - substances that have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system. Thanks to this, the man increases your general vitality, mood, and self-confidence, improves blood circulation. Preparation of recipes, medicinal potions lEvsei varied. The beneficial effect has only the decoction of the plant. Cook it in the following way: 5 g of the dry material is placed in a pot of ceramic and fill with boiling water. Over 1.5 hours the drink can be consumed for a half of a glass before each meal.
  • St. john's wort. The decoction of the plant has sedative properties - it soothes the nervous system, improves sleep quality, relieves the feeling of anxiety. Thanks to this man during the sexual contact feels more confident, do not become distracted with the troubled thoughts. The herb st. john's wort can be brewed as tea directly into the interior of a circle, putting on it the 2 teaspoons tablespoon dried plants. The other option is to prepare the broth. To do this, 25 g of raw material put in liter thermos and up to the top to fill it with boiling water, after you close and leave for 3 hours. Consume medicinal composition has 3 to 4 times during the day for 100 ml.
  • Hiems nasturcium. Due to the fact that the active connection bittercress improve the quality of the sperm, the plant is often used not only to improve erection, but also to increase the probability of conceiving a child. Treat infertility help entry in the composition of vegetable and essential oils, ascorbic acid, and tannins. To prepare the broth use the herb or a flower structure: 100 g of fresh or 15 g of dried flowers are placed in clay or ceramic vase and fill it with hot water temperature of 90 degrees in the amount of 500 ml. after 6 hours of broth filtrate. Taking the drug should be about 20 minutes before a meal of 50 to 100 ml .
  • Ivan-tea. The decoction of the plant improves the general state of the body, increases vitality, reduces the negative performance of the stress and pereuloklенiy, soothes, helps a man during sexual contact get rid of extraneous thoughts and feelings of anxiety, which will have a positive impact on the power of erection. These properties are responsible flavonoids and pectic substances contained in john-the tea in large amount. Therapy drink prepared by boiling plant leaves with boiling water, in the proportion of 10 g of dry raw materials in a glass of water. The dosage of 70 ml, 3 times a day.
  • The ginger. The root of the plant contains a large number of caffeine, Caprilnovel, oleic acid, and nicotine acid, as well as essential amino acids. The main corrective action on the health of man has gingerl connection, as well as vasodilator properties, which increases the speed of the flow of blood to the penis during sexual arousal. The plant is also used to increase libido in women. Pieces of ginger root can add to tea or prepare a broth. In the second case, it is necessary to clean and grate in a grater 100 g of root, put it on the floor jar of a liter and fill it with boiling water. After an hour of beer can be consumed in small sips throughout the day.
  • Roselle. Red tea is composed of anthocyanins, with vasodilator properties. The presence in the petals of organic acids and vitamins cause the antioxidant effect of the tea: via substances, by binding the free radicals in the cells and organs, there is a rejuvenation of the body, as well as the prevention of the development of malignancies and benign tumors. In addition, roselle, clean the walls of the blood vessels of the Holsterinova plates and eliminates atherosclerosis is a major cause of impotence. For the preparation of a medicinal broth has to put 2-3 h. l. petals dried tea, and fill it with boiling water. After 15 to 20 minutes drink ready for consumption. The recommended amount of 3-4 cups per day.
  • Although decoction, is prepared from natural raw materials, some components of plants may cause allergic reactions. So, before you start self-medication folk media, we recommend that you obtain the necessary guidelines to your doctor.

the broth

Alcohol tinctures

Unlike bouillon of the drug from medicinal herbs, prepared with alcohol, more concentrated. The advantage of tinctures is that the period of their storage can reach up to 1-2 years.

For the preparation of formulations of alcoholic beverages to improve the power use on the following plants:

  • Galangal. The first time you use the galangal to increase the erection began with the chinese. Contained in the root of plants with tannins, flobafen, quinic and malic acid, flavonoids, glycosides and essential oils increase the tonus of the vascular and blood flow to the penis area of a man, improve their sensitivity. To prepare a tincture has 5 d-shredded dried root put into the opaque (best - ceramic) plates, and cover with 200 ml of alcohol, then close it tight and place it in the fridge for 2 weeks. Ready-the composition must drain through a cheesecloth in a glass bottle. Take the tincture has 1 tablespoon, that need to stir in the liquid (tea or water) for 10 minutes before eating 2 times a day - morning and evening.
  • Ginseng. The root of the plant, is used to improve the health of men for many thousands of years. Such popularity of ginseng has received thanks to its ability to quickly enhance the libido and erection. The regular use of the dye also contributes to improving the quality of the sperm. A Medicinal composition prepared by infusion in 200 ml of alcohol of 30 g of soup dried roots of the plant. Taking the drug should be three times a day for 10 ml (diluted in water) before a meal
  • Rhodiola pink. The root of the plant is rich in essential oils, organic acids, substances tanning substances and flavonoids, that help to increase potency in men, improve the general state of health. At the same radiola is one of the few plants with which they associate the increase of the duration of sexual intercourse. Dye prepare as well: 50 g of root is placed in ceramic containers, pour 2 cups of alcohol and let it ferment for 12 days, after which filter, and is transferred in a glass bottle or tin. Accept the ready-the composition of 10 ml, pre-diluted in a glass of water, 2 to 3 times a day before meals
  • Lemongrass. The plant helps deal with псиHoэмоционаlthe covered congestion, relieve the feeling of anxiety, improve vitality. This, in turn, contributes to the normalization of the erectile function. Lemon verbena has a complex activity: eliminates premature ejaculation, increases male strength, activates the production of sperm. To prepare a tincture must be of 25 g of plant to put in opaque dishes, and cover with 200 ml of alcohol. After 8 days the precise composition of pour it in a glass bottle and take 10 to 15 ml 3 times a day, before meal
  • Motherwort. The plant in its effect on the male body is similar of VAlarianas. Components in their composition, have sedative effects, so they are able to cope with the high nervous excitability, relieve anxiety, to normalize the sleep. The stability of the nervous system has a positive effect on the sexual power of a man. Dye can be purchased at the pharmacy, already as a finished product, or cook alone. In the second case, if 10 g of dried plants to put in dark bottles and pour 100 ml of alcohol. After two weeks of infusion composition and filter through cheesecloth and strain in the bottle opaque. Taking the drug is recommended at night, for 30 to 40 minutes before sexual contact, in number of 10 ml, pre-diluted with water or juice

Due to the fact that the dye to increase the erection contain alcohol, not able to drink men with severe diseases of the liver, and also during the control of the vehicle.

medicines rates

Medicines rates

Herbs to increase potency in men, can bring more benefits, if you are going to be used in a comprehensive manner. With this purpose, the drug serves directly from the various plants.

The most popular recipes:

  • Herbal collection of valerian, nettle, clover and mint. To prepare the broth should take 5 g of each plant, put in a quart of capacity, up to the top of the fill it with boiling water and close the lid. After 1 hour the composition filtered and shines in a comfortable bottle. Take tool should be twice a day: morning and evening, to 150 ml per 30 minutes before a meal.
  • The collection of leaves of mint, strawberry, blackberry and raspberry. The dry leaves of the plants (5 grams), put in large the tea and fill it with boiling water. After 30 minutes, the tea is ready for consumption. It is recommended to drink 3 to 4 cups per day.
  • The collection of red, grey, and rose hip oil. Put the fruits of plants (30 g) in a large thermos bottle, put into it 1 quart of boiling water and close tightly. After an hour, the broth can drink. Maximum number of - 100 ml, 4 times a day before meals.
  • The collecting of ginseng root, spacecraftlGhana and rhodiola rosea. For the effective preparation dye should take 10 g of shredded dried roots of each plant, put them in a clay pot, put 250 ml of alcohol and tightly jam. Insist 15 days. After that, the ready-to tincture you can pour it in a dark bottle and take 10 ml (diluted in water) 3-4 times a day.

The temporary use of charges is only recommended after the application of each plant individually. This is necessary so that, at the time of revealing the grass, in the components that can manifest in the private service of an allergic reaction.