How to increase the power in the house quickly folk remedies

Today, any man, and regardless of your age, you can find the same issue, such as the reduction of sexual function, the impact that can have many factors. And here is to determine what exactly are the reasons led to a fall, but also that there is grass for the men, to increase potency in men that you can use a combination of methods, pets in the house can be the following article.


Causes disturbances in sexual function

Before you start taking tools that increase the potency and libido in men after the age of 50, you must understand the causes that contribute to the decrease in this capacity.

With the time, from any human organism begins to age and with this become weaker and the majority of its functions and sexy including. But in the modern world, an occurrence quite frequent is the emergence of middle-aged men violations related to the power, and manifest what they can and the boys.

Same reason for this phenomenon can be different, for example, the main of them are considered to be:

  • problems related with the prostate;
  • regular stay in stressful conditions;
  • internal medicine;
  • there are problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • the excess of work;
  • the manifestation of stagnant phenomena in the pelvis due to a sedentary work;
  • the excess weight;
  • and addictions (smoking or misuse of alcohol).

But, for the purpose of getting rid of this type of violation in the first place, you should totally eliminate or at least reduce the cause resulted to a weaker, otherwise, even the strongest medication for stimulation does not have the desired effect.

If the internal medicine, which needs the help of experts, have not been identified, then the recovery of energy in men after the age of 50 of pets at home, it is quite feasible for the challenge, for which you can apply the tool of alternative medicine, begin to lead a healthy life and learn how to deal with situations of stress.

How to increase the power of 1 day

You have to understand that this type of result is possible, but thanks to the adoption of special means such as for oral administration and the local exposure of the fact that these include medications in the form of tablets, ointments and gels. If your choice must pay attention to the composition, as the content of natural components, in general, will not have adverse effects on the body, unlike other drugs.

However, such tools have a big disadvantage – its duration of action is only about 3-5 hours, therefore, the more often turn to a higher power is natural and popular methods.

Folk remedies

You can increase the potency in men natural ways after 40 years of age and older. If the loss of male power was caused by reductively process after an illness or even too much work, then, in this case, dealing with a similar problem might be promoting means, such as some foods and medicinal herbs that help in the recovery of the body deficit of necessary elements.

Among them, we can highlight:

  • the micronutrients, namely, zinc, that is in семечках, spinach, seafood, nuts and salt water fish;
  • useful vitamins that are part of fruits and raw vegetables, as well as the vegetation;
  • the animal protein, the same can be found in foods such as eggs, lean meats, dairy products and fish.

The most well-known natural for men after 50 with no side effects, allowing, in the short term and increase the level of male strength is considered to be:

  • a mixture of dried fruits (usually used in equal proportions raisins, prunes and dried apricots) with the product of beekeeping and shredded with nuts, or. Also this delicious and healthy the composition can be completed with the discretion of various spices (ginger powder, cardamom and clove, and spiced with cinnamon to taste);
  • salad prepared on the basis of green onion, young slips, nettles and boiled eggs;
  • grated on a grater carrot, with the addition of a pinch of ginger and dry with the honey sauce.

The recommended daily include in your diet the following products useful: garlic, spicy greens (the number that refers to the blue fenugreek, celery, cilantro, parsley, and not only), pumpkin seeds, contribute, not only elevation in the body's general tone, but in addition has a positive effect on the organs of internal secretion, which includes the prostate.

Gain the power of men, after the age of 60, 50 and 40 years old means, улучшающими the circulation of the blood applies, when the problem is intimate nature were caused by processes in the pelvic organs, then, to increase the sexual power perhaps the method of stimulation of the blood circulation.

At home, the same environment can assist in the establishment of a simple component – the aloe vera juice, which can be used in the following way:

Honey, aloe juice and grape wine should be carefully to mix, keeping the proportion of 1:2:3 and send for the
  • Honey, aloe juice and grape wine should be carefully to mix, keeping the proportion of 1:2:3 and send настаиваться in 7 days. Take an infusion of better, before a meal, shooting times per day 1 ст. л., but no more.
  • Take 500 g of walnuts 100 g of aloe vera, 300 g of honey, all carefully and make received the cure mixture before meal 3 р. on day 1 ст. л.

To stimulate the hemodynamics also can be applied in the therapy of local issues, namely: boil in 1 л. boiling water 50 g bay leaf and used to prepare the trays, to accept that it is recommended for about half an hour. Or dissolve the honey with water in a ratio of 1:5 and apply this compress on the base of the penis of the body not more than 10 minutes. A similar procedure is best to perform a morning and evening.

The herbs to drink to increase potency in men

In alternative medicine, there are a number of medicinal plants, used to enhance the male power, which include:

  • swamp calamus;
  • hawthorn;
  • stinging nettle;
  • ginger;
  • lovage;
  • parsley, celery and т. д.

The list itself, and so for quite a while, since each of the plants can have on the male body its positive effect, and most of them are used for medicinal purposes every day, not afraid by the appearance of side effects.

Home remedies for men after age 45 and older who provide a large number of recipes with the use of some of the above medicinal herbs:

The infusion-based nettle

Required components:

  • Wine grape – 500 мл.
  • The seeds of the nettle – 5 ст. л.
  • Honey – 1 ст. л.

The seed of the nettle, pour the wine, place over medium heat and bring to a boil. After you add the broth of bee product and insist on drinking, until cool. Taking the medicine the best of all, before going to sleep, 50-100 г.


Kalganovaya спиртовая dye


  • The dry rhizome of the plant – 100 g,
  • Vodka – 0,5 л.

Preparation: Kalganovaya roots pour vodka and send настаиваться 14 days. The application of dyes kalgan implemented throughout the day, 1 ст. л. 3 р. on the day or you can drink a small glass in the evening.

Increase the power in the house in 15 minutes

How to increase the power in the house quickly — revenue from the medicine, and nutrition, with emphasis in minerals and vitamins, which are required for a normal erection. The power can lift and with physical exercise, using the vernacular methods. All the tips in this article.

Which vitamins and minerals can quickly increase the power.

The state power depends on what you eat, of the full value of the diet. The power influence of certain vitamins and minerals:

  • The zinc. It enters the composition of many enzymes and, therefore, participates in the metabolism processes. The level of testosterone in the body is normal, you need enough of this chemical element. Zinc is involved in the exchange dehydrotestosterone. In the male the genital organs that constantly occurs the division, and updating of sex cells, the process becomes slower with the lack of zinc. Decreases the amount of sperm , reducing its quality. The power amplification often depends on the t of feed, quickly increase power to help foods rich in zinc: shrimp, oysters, wheat bran, anchovies, egg yolk, fish.
  • Selenium. The mineral, which in large amount is used the male reproductive system. The main role of the selenium — antioxidant. Element supports the vessels in a healthy state, warns development of atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack. Freeing the body of free radicals, selenium provides the synthesis of sex hormones and sperm. When decreases the lack of testosterone in the body, which implies the disappearance of power. To protect your body of selenium, add the diet of such products to the power: the corn, seafood, tomatoes, garlic and eggs.
  • Vitamin Е. vitamin soluble in fat, which is known for its strong anti-oxidant properties. Its action is multifaceted: the normalization of hormonal, strengthen the walls of the vessels, stabilizing cell membranes, the barrier to formation of blood clots. The lack of tocopherol, sometimes, leads to the development of infertility, including on the part of a man. Contains vitamin E foods: vegetable oils, sprouts of wheat, fish, nuts, potency, seeds, especially pumpkin.
  • The vitamins of the group В. many Times, the reduction of power is related to the excessive work of the body. Thiamine, or vitamin B1 reduces the fatigue of the body, increases strength, nourishes the muscles, the brain energy. Pyridoxind, or vitamin B6 affects the functioning of the nervous system. To increase the power, add the diet of sunflower seeds, eggs, nuts, fish marine.

How to increase the power in the house quickly?

Increase of power as soon as possible, at home. Here are some secrets:

  • A variety of water treatments. This can be the daily a shower of sensations, hiking in the sauna once a week. This difference of temperature is favorable to the blood circulation in the whole body, including the organs of the urinary system.
  • Change the diet. Dispose of harmful products, sauces, fatty foods. Add in dishes famous aphrodisiacs such as celery, parsley to the power, the garlic, the onion.
  • Abandon bad habits. How alcohol and smoking affects adversely poisonings organs. Substances contained in the tobacco, to restrict the blood vessels, reduces the production of sex hormones.
  • Sometimes, in order to increase the power in a day, you just need to relax and get rid of stress. Often, it is the psycho-emotional surge becomes the reason male insolvency.
  • Physical exercises. They carry on the body to various effects, but its effectiveness is undeniable. About this, explain the following.

Physical activity and the increase in power

Any physical exercise is useful for the whole organism. But experts have developed complex special physical, that act purposely for the work of the genitals, your трофику and muscle tone, responsible for the erection.

Shows the exercise, in the case of:

  • you vanished morning erection;
  • erection weak, it is not enough to complete the sexual intercourse;
  • lost the attraction to a woman;
  • the orgasm became as bright as before.

The following are some examples of exercises:

  • Say, how to increase the power quickly in the house, only to perform regularly this activity. The man sits on the floor (hot), you can on a low stool. The feet you want to ask. Back lisa, hands down, the breath is quiet, the figure of the bow. During the quick short breathing, pinch the palm of the hand, as if something to pick up. Along with this try to the strongest possible to compress the buttocks, to feel all the muscles that are responsible for this movement. Then, slowly exhale. The exercise runs from 7 approaches, among which one minute of rest. It is a physical tension, effectively strengthens the muscles of the perineum, contributes to the potty, especially for those who have urinary incontinence. Reducing the muscles, you are doing the likeness of a prostate massage, it provides the blood to flow in greater volume than previously. Without a doubt, and thus a positive way to affect sexual function.
  • The second exercise is performed from the position lying belly-down. Arms bent in elbows, palms of the hands at the level of the armpits, or elbows to "look" up. Gradually, breathing in, lift the head and strap of the belt, slowly dump the head back. During exhalation, lower the head and chest in the original position. After a few seconds of relaxation repeat before 7 approaches.
  • The next exercise is aimed to the elaboration of muscles responsible for power. need to sitting in a chair, with legs separated, to stretch the muscles that are between the anus and scrotum. That is, the buttocks should be relaxed;
  • The following simple exercise. Standing in place, perform the steps, as can be above raising up the knees.

The feature of the exercises is that gradually the load must increase. Increase the number of reps, do exercises in the morning and at night. On average, the effect of the daily execution of the work should appear in a week.

In fact, the problem with dysfunction function found at any age. The majority of cases of impotence can be fixed by going with the experts. In 95% of doctors it is possible to restore an erection without surgical intervention. The main condition to maintain the power of a healthy lifestyle.