The most effective home remedies to improve power

It is known that the male potency is adversely affected by many factors such as daily stress, smoking, alcohol, excess weight, different diseases (and not only those related to the urinary system). To increase the power, the men can use the tools that are applied in popular medicine. We offer the most effective remedies to improve male potency.

The most effective home remedies to improve power

What needs to be taken before using the popular media

To the folk remedies have brought the greatest benefit to men who want to increase their power, it is necessary to learn to relax and empty the nervous system. Then, you should normalize the power and do exercise, but it is also desirable to get rid of bad habits. Most of the times it was only after this first step, the level of testosterone back and the power naturally increases.

However, to ensure a good power, it is recommended to apply the tools of folk medicine or herbal preparations. They are quite effective and have no side effects, which are when the intake of medicines.

Home remedies to improve power

  • Very tasty and at the same time effective folk remedy – it is a mixture of nuts were crushed and the honey. Ingredients (nuts and honey) are mixed in the proportion of one-to-one and one are accepted after you eat a spoon of soup during the month two to three times per day.
  • Dairy products is also well affect the male potency, and the daily use and contribute to its normalization. The tea and coffee as well increase the potency, especially if these drinks add a little cloves, ginger, or saffron.
  • Broth hypericum perforatum improves the circulation of blood, and this, in turn, contributes to the increase of power. The broth should be prepared as follows: two tablespoons of st. john's wort pour a glass of hot water, let it stand for one hour, then strain and drink three times a day, 50 milliliters.
  • The broth of cultivation of the turnip increases power, but it is also a tonic means. To prepare the broth should take four tablespoons of roots, rub them with six tablespoons of sugar and boil for 15 minutes on low heat. Then, give insists for eight hours and drink three times in a dining room, bed before eating.
  • Chopped walnuts, honey
  • The tea of hop cones also contributes to the increase of power. To do this you should take one tablespoon shredded hop cones, pour a cup of hot water and cook on low heat for five minutes. Take the tea the need for a period of one month and a half two to three times per day, in the middle of the cup.