Natural products to increase potency in men of instant action

The food has an impact on health. It brings a benefit, but it can be the cause of diseases, obesity, impotence, and t. d. the List of diseases, it is possible to continue until the infinite. To do not experience similar problems, you need to eat properly.

The basics of a proper diet or which foods increase the potency:

  • walnuts and honey;
  • fruits of the sea;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • meat and meat offal;
  • quails eggs;
  • teas and herbal infusions;
  • juices.


The healthy diet should be moderate and balanced. If a man receives the sufficient amount of vitamins and trace elements with food, problems with the power that it will not occur.

Fruits of the sea

Are rich in aphrodisiacs and vitamins of group B, should include in the diet of every man that wants increase the sexual activity.

The list of seafood increase male health:

  1. Oysters – useful fruits of the sea, well-known aphrodisiac. Well digested and absorbed, increases not only the power, but the ability of reproduction. As well as oysters are rich in zinc – this item not only helps the brain "work" better, but and stimulates the flow of blood to the ve corpora cavernosa of the penis. Oysters speed up the process of erection (male natural arousal), and increases the duration of sexual intercourse.
  2. Mussels are rich in vitamins and zinc, but yielding oysters according to this indicator. But cost cheaper and are more common. Mussels, well digested, but if you have problems with the stomach and the intestines it is best to limit your use of, or replace, oysters, shrimp or crabs. These seafood are also rich in other trace elements and minerals: magnesium, selenium, potassium, and t. d.
The great lover Casanova began his day with a breakfast consisting of oysters and white wine.

Prawns, crabs, squid and other seafood are a gold mine of useful substances. They are easily digested and does not burden the organs GASTROINTESTINAL. But and these products you need to cook correctly. Otherwise, the effect of their consumption, it is not.


Vegetables, fruits, and vegetables

Everyone knows that there are fruits and vegetables are good for health. They are rich in vitamins, fibres.

The list of vegetables to increase the power:

  • turnips;
  • ginger;
  • celery;
  • the garlic and the onion;
  • asparagus;
  • salad.

Among all the plant special attention should be given to the ginger, turnips, and apium. The use of these products for men it is undeniable the your consumed, such as cheese, and in any other way. These vegetables improve libido, have an impact on the hormonal. Contribute to the stabilisation of the level of testosterone in the blood.

apium are assigned special properties, some experts consider the natural counterpart of Viagra. Fruits that increase the potency, the list:
  • dates;
  • the bananas;
  • strawberries;
  • the mango and the grape.

Fruits are different low-calorie, they are rich in .tozoj (carbohydrate, energy source), vitamins and useful trace elements. From fruits can be prepared diet, salads, desserts, and can be consumed in foods in their raw form.

Emphasize the bananas and in dies. They are beneficial to the power needed to stimulate the production of enzymes and substances involved in the process of spermatogenesis.

If more talk about bananas, they are rich in potassium. This is a mineral useful for the heart and blood vessels. But it's not worth to consume bananas in unlimited number, their calorie content is very high. In a single banana is 200 kcal. Fruits and vegetables combine well together, and is more of a reason to include them in your diet. They are also the perfect complement to the main dish of meat or fish.

Walnuts and honey

The honey and nuts — these products have a special value, they help not only to increase the general tone of the organism, but also have an impact on the reproductive capacity of man.

Nuts and honey combine perfectly. You can eat every day, but the pre-will have to ensure there is no allergy to these foods.

Eat nuts to improve power:
  • peanuts;
  • nutmeg;
  • the cashew nut;
  • the nuts.


You nuts there is only 1 negative point, they have a high calorie content. 2 handfuls of nuts can replace a complete meal.

The honey and walnuts, a recipe to increase the power :
  1. 100-130 gr. without shell-walnuts along with tabs crushed in a blender or coffee grinder.
  2. The resulting mass thoroughly mixed with a wooden spoon, addition of a small amount of tablespoon of flax seed.
  3. Pour honey. Once again well mixed and give the ease to sit for 2-3 days in a cool place.
  4. May be completed with honey and nuts different components: in dies, dried apricots, prunes, figs, and t. d. the use of the product, will only increase.
The cashew nuts with yoghurt recipe for a cocktail:
  • 250 ml of kefir or yogurt you will need about 30 grams of nuts;
  • cashew nuts, powdered in coffee grinder, then pour in the yogurt or yogurt;
  • may be completed with a cocktail of honey.

Drink drink is recommended daily, before breakfast. It will not only improve digestion, but also increase the power.

Meat and meat offal

List of products beneficially affect the reproductive function of the male, it is worth to start with the meat. Because meat is a protein that provides the body the necessary energy.

Food rich in protein demands of the body, its consumption should be regular, but moderate. The abundance of protein generates onerous excessive in the liver.

That the flesh is to consume food:
  • veal;
  • to the flesh;
  • and, you can prepare the lamb.

the meat

And, here, the lamb and pork it is better to give up everything. Chicken to replace the turkey, do not use semi-finished products and cold meats. Its composition generates a lot of doubt.

What is cicurina

Natural products to improve erection, listed above, significantly lower than the performance cameli the stomach. sun trahuntque siccas machinae especially during the centuries, it was considered almost the only aphrodisiac.

Cicurina has been very popular among the inhabitants of the middle East. The men consumed regularly foods and have not filed complaints about erection problems.

Revenue of dye to the alcohol with liquefacta coagula durant:
  • you will need 500 ml of vodka;
  • 100 gr. the stomach of a camel.

liquefacta coagula durant pre-ground coffee, then pour the vodka and give ustone stay 14 days in a cool and dark place.

After the drink can be consumed 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. They say that the effect will be surprising.

Other products for the health of the man

There are still a number of products that have an impact on the potency and the erection men, these include:

  1. Koumiss, prostokasu, kefir (dairy products strengthen the immune system, normalize the process of digestion of food, improve the metabolism and the functioning of the heart and blood vessels).
  2. Chocolate (the only the sweetness, which exerts a beneficial effect on the fertility of a man, but it is recommended only for the chocolate bitter).
  3. Fish (breed lean varieties are rich in useful omega — 3 fatty acids, to eat, you can: salmon, trout, mackerel and halibut).
  4. Pumpkin seeds and nuts cedar (is not worse than oysters increase the potency and improve the metabolic processes of the organism).
Spices for men:
  • the cinnamon and the saffron — improves the production of pheromones help attract the opposite sex;
  • anise, parsley – helps to increase the duration of sexual intercourse, stimulate the erection;
  • it is beneficial for the male body affect and peppers.

A good aphrodisiac is a mixture of various peppers, to complement the dish and will be used in the new colors, the intimate life.


What to drink to increase your power

There are drinks that can affect erectile function. It is worth to say that alcohol is not included.

So, what you can drink to a man:
  1. The ginger tea, honey and rosehip.
  2. Juice celery and pumpkin.
  3. Cocktail of eggs of quail.
  4. The juice of watermelon and carrots.

The ginger tea that also serves as a prescription: the root of the plant sprayed on a grater, then pour the boiling water and give the drink a rest for 20 minutes. After the drink, add a teaspoon of honey, juice of fruits of rosehip and lemon – these components improve the taste of the tea and its medicinal properties.

The juice of pumpkin and celery root cooking is easy, worth the grind in the blender the vegetables. After taking a piece of gauze, folded in several layers and to use as a filter. Gently, squeeze out the contents, give the drink a little stand, complete it with honey and drink.

Egg of quail is even more a powerful aphrodisiac. 15 to 20 eggs, you can prepare for breakfast. If the number of eggs in the home is not recommended that you make a simple cocktail: 3-5 eggs break, beat and mix with yogurt or yogurt drink. If you want to, it's worthwhile to add the drink and other components.

With the help of a juicer to prepare the juice of watermelon and carrots. Carrot juice dilute the juice of watermelon, complemented with honey and drink. This type of drink is recommended to cook regularly, to complete it well worth the juice of beetroot or celery. The juices, which include vitamin E, are beneficial for erection, but also are considered antioxidants. They "lock up" the aging process in the body.

Increasing the potency and erection is not possible without abandoning the bad habits. Will have to abandon the habitual rhythm of life, but to make a radical change in the food system. This will help in the total rehabilitation of the body and improve power.