Folk methods and tools to improve male strength

If there are obstacles to the access to the medic-professional, and, can be, ever tried to be treated in the medicines, but because of and the desired result was not, for the power recovery, you can resort to popular wisdom. The damage will not be exactly, but the effect can be very positive and, suddenly, effective.

But, in this case, if the problem is already enough to start, then, to be treated popular tools to have in conjunction with the medicines.

folk methods

Folk methods

In the past there was also a male problem partial or total sexual impotence. But, probably, not in scale, as now. What are the general tips for preventing impotence gives folk medicine?

The minimum use of alcohol

Usually best to abandon this habit, because alcohol is extremely negative affects sexual function in men. If the abuse of alcoholic beverages regularly, this can lead to the complete loss of sexual ability.

Stop smoking

Before cigarettes, at least, was present at the tobacco - and so, that was harmful. But, now, there, tobacco impregnated with chemicals chemicals to improve the smell, the effect of amplification of pleasure.

Therefore, the smoke modern products of the tobacco industry - the right way to impotence, and yes to the more serious diseases also. In addition, the resin contained in the tobacco, destroying act on the required production of hormones in the body.

Regular contrast shower

Best to do this every morning and also the night. Special care with the region of the penis. This shower as well boosts the blood, increasing its activity. Shower ends always with cold water, and after that, you must vigorously triturating with a towel.

From time to time, go far away the city to the nature

Even outside the urban conditions of preference the ideal is to spend as much time as possible - is very comforting. If there is a possibility - walk barefoot, at least in its phase of nothing", sand, rocks, any natural materials.

At the point of support, a plethora of points, stimulation that is beneficial in all areas of health, including the urinary system area. Such natural remedies are a great option for power recovery and to bring the nerves and health in order.

Pay attention in your diet

Less fat, mainly of animal origin. It is also smaller, be deep-fried products - fried foods are harmful carcinogens, which are harmful to the power.

As trite opinion, but there is more fruit, vegetables and legumes - excellent tools for the health of the whole organism. Better, if all this natural wealth will be in raw form. Dairy products such as cheese and curd daily must be the work of men necessarily.

Less stress

Buy soothing medicines, try not to be bothered in an empty place, less nervous. You should try to minimize the stress, otherwise, this can lead to more sad consequences.

The most important thing - is appropriately calm reaction to external stressful stimulus.

folk remedies

Folk remedies


Because to increase the useful power to intensify to the point my feet using the foot barefoot, so in this case, if there is at the moment, you can achieve a similar effect in another way. It is thanks plasters of mustard seed. The procedure is:

  • A couple of plasters of mustard seed wet enough warm water
  • To attach one by one to feet up to put socks opaque
  • Keep the mustard compress for ten minutes

When you have finished cleaning the mustard, wash it off thoroughly with cold water and the feet and vigorously until the redness grind your disk with a towel.


Most probably, it is popularly known tool - honey with walnuts. These two ingredients themselves are excellent aphrodisiacs, and so close together - they simply can't help.

Daily, it is recommended to take about 50 grams of clear walnut mixture, preferably after a meal. Daily a portion needs to be divided in two steps of 25 grams - about a tablespoon. About a month it is already possible to feel the first positive results.


The herb thyme can be freely in any pharmacy in the filter of packets or loose. Method of preparation is simple: pour 100 grams of dry time on a glass of boiling water. You should let it settle and then the liquid to cool, drink tea instead of two times a day after meals.

The tool is proven and effective - the traditional recipes recommend its use.

The grass lovage

Russian folk remedy, one of the most common. Grass in dried, you can add all of the dishes that eats the man. The grass ignites the desire and extends the time of sexual intercourse.

The only thing - to her, you can't add meals milk, as well as the effect may not be.

Broth nettle dry

Nettle in popularly considered as such a kind of Viagra. The dried leaves beer as the tea and drink with honey. A few weeks regular admission of such a tea - and you can even completely cure the initial phase of impotence.

The black tea

Typical tea house welding, familiar to us, is also a powerful and effective way to increase the power. Along with the welding must be placed in a mug of turmeric, cloves, also does not prevent the ginger.

Oriental spicy tool to stir the blood and activate all the processes in the body. It is useful tea, and for the prevention of impotence.

The tea base hops

The tea is infused by cones hop - one of the most famous tools. For the correct preparation of take one tablespoon finely chopped lumps, pour a glass of boiled water and in low flame for 5 minutes after. Then, you need to wait until the shelf broth to cool and drink half a cup, three times a day.


Tincture of garlic

Spicy vegetable with the particular scent is good for the health of men, you can add, as a seasoning in various dishes. Also it will be good to prepare a tincture of the plant.

The method is the following:

  • Take the beer three liters of
  • The garlic will need about 1 kilo. Should-finely chop an occupation, of course, is not the most pleasant, but the end effect is the treatment promises to be quite impressive
  • Put the garlic in a jar and pour it with boiled water
  • Insist mixture should be within a month, every day, shaking a can of
  • After a period of a month, you can start taking tincture: one teaspoon per day, with the goal of increasing the power. And will continue to do so, while not forcing the entire can of

The result of the treatment: in addition, what is virtually guaranteed to recover normal sexual function in men, in general, strengthens the health: the dye may help prevent colds, respiratory infections and other virus attacks.

Tincture of ginseng

Very effective and proven tool, the prepared alcohol-based. And in the end as it can be purchased at the pharmacy. With the aim of enhancing its power to take tincture need 25 to 30 drops 2 to 3 times a day before meals.

But keep in mind that, before you go to sleep the tincture of ginseng is best not to take, because she has a pronounced toning action. Therefore, the last night time best to take it 4 hours before bedtime. She has some significant side effects, therefore, before you purchase the tool, read the instructions in the booklet of medicines.

  • Ginseng tincture is still used ancient chinese emperors and, often, particularly venerated by the chinese people for its almost universal usefulness
  • As to the male sphere, the liquor is able to rid the men of the erectile dysfunction, increase the production of testosterone also increases the activity and vitality of the spermatozoa, beneficial, and on the reproductive function
  • In addition, it helps you cope better with numerous tools, soft, calming the nervous system, which in itself removes one of the main causes of the decline of power. No wonder that China is one of the names of ginseng is translated as "the Root of love."

All the folk remedies good manners, very gentle, they are natural and safe. They only have a important to someone else, perhaps, the absence of: to feel the effect, it is necessary to take the means of relatively long time. But and the effect of the reception will not be a one-off, and are long-lasting.

If you will take the medicine irregularly, with time, the use of special do not wait. Must stable application, full course, regularly, the desired effect will come.