The recovery of energy in the men in the house

The weakening of erectile function, many times, is common among modern men. This phenomenon is due to several reasons, but is most common after the age of 50, because with the passing of the years, in the human body, slowing down the metabolic processes, concerned about chronic pathology. The recovery of energy in men requires an integrated approach: the reception doctor of medicinal products and homeopathic medicinal products, the review of food and performing regular exercises special. Power recovery, contribute to and revenue folk.

the recovery of energy in men

How to recover potency in men

To return to an erection, you need to first understand why she disappeared. Many times, after you solve the annoying factor of men's health will return to normal automatically. What are the reasons that can decrease potency in men? The most likely factors of reduction of the driving pulse is:

  • is prohibited;
  • drugs;
  • alcohol;
  • obesity;
  • diseases of the urinary system, the prostate;
  • violation of hormonal;
  • the inappropriate behavior of a woman (sexual partners);
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • the presence of depressive states;
  • damage to the brain;
  • the inflammation of the prostate;
  • wrong sexual education.

Home remedies to increase potency in men

Before you get interested, how to increase potency in men with the help of medication, you should consult your doctor, as the decrease of erection can be a symptom of some disease (diabetes, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and others). In addition components, tinctures and broths, often, cause allergic. Well help you deal with the bad power in the home therapy baths. The essence of the process is the alternation between hot water and cold water to the bottom of the body. The duration of the session is 15 minutes.

Effectively, the recovery of energy in men history popular recipe. Ingredients – honey and walnuts. A tablespoon of the product beekeeping is mixed with 100 grams of walnuts crushed. Clear walnut mixture can be used not only as a remedy for the recovery of the erection, but also as a treat or a snack for tea. For the treatment of potency, men should take the tool before you sleep for 1 St. l.

The grass for male power

Herbalists claim that the application components plant in the treatment of any disease is more natural for the body than using chemical means. The nature offers to men a multitude of herbs, impacting positively on the power. These include:

  • st. john's wort;
  • hawthorn;
  • chinese-coleus forskohlii;
  • thyme;
  • stinging nettle;
  • sage;
  • horseradish;
  • cumin;
  • aloe.

Traditional medicine offers to prepare infusions and decoctions in various recipes. The most common form of receipt for the power recovery – the broth. They stimulate the prostate, the men best Viagra. Are preparing for the drugs on the classical scheme: various herbs are taken in equal quantities, then 1 St. l. mixture prepared cup of boiling water, onStavetsa 20 minutes, after cooled, filtered, and used in the flow of the day. The course of recovery power of herbs – the solution to the problem.

Products that increase the potency

the recovery of energy in men medicines

Improve sexual performance and consistency will help some products, which include vitamins and minerals that increase the potency. In the menu man should always be present fish and seafood, but also vegetables. In the biosynthesis of testosterone are involved in the fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, which in large quantities, see as part of a mackerel, halibut, salmon, oysters, shrimp, spacecraftlMarch. Among the vegetables, for the recovery of energy in the men deserve attention:

  • cabbage;
  • the carrot;
  • asparagus;
  • the arc;
  • celery;
  • radish;
  • beet;
  • garlic.

Drugs increasing the potency

Drugs to restore the power that I like most for men. Drink tablets easier to lead a healthy life, and the result is reached more quickly. The pharmaceutical market presents a large number of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They differ by manufacturer, price, time of exposure and dose, but the principle one – all the tablets promote the rapid agitation, regardless of the age of the male. Popular medications for the recovery of erection:

The treatment of the impotence of homeopathy

How to bring back the power by using the alternative medicine? Homeopathy is especially good if established when the solution of impotence caused by stress or other psychological factors. The method of exposure homeopathic means characterized by the regular use minimum doses. The drugs themselves is produced by the synthesis of mineral substances, vegetable and animal origin. The recovery of energy in the men, with your help, occurs, usually, within 1-2 months.

Methods to improve the power

Modern medicine recommends for the recovery of energy in the men apply to psychotherapy. A strong decline in erectile function in 20% of cases, explains nerve disorders. The main goal of therapy is to help the man get rid of sex failures through to overcome the fear. Psychological correction of problems is more effective in conjunction with the physical exhibition. The physician often refers the patient to massages the organs of the genital system. The physical impact improves circulation, increases the sensitivity of the penis.

A healthy lifestyle

How to quickly restore the power through a life review? To bring back the health of the men does not necessarily boil the broth and taking the tablets. The power strongly influences the ecology, diet, physical activity and health. There are five rules for a healthy life, that help you to regain your erection without the intervention of the doctors:

  1. Bad habits. You must receive a minimum amount of alcohol, abstinence from drugs and smoking.
  2. The adequate nutrition. In the diet of men should be sufficient amount of potassium, magnesium, protein and carbohydrates.
  3. Physical activities. A sedentary lifestyle leads to impotence, as well as the restriction of blood flow to the pelvic organs.
  4. The level of cholesterol. It violates the blood circulation in the genital organs and clog blood vessels.
  5. Less fat. Fatty foods men, causes atherosclerosis, the main symptom of which is the lack of power.
the recovery of energy in men who do not

Exercises for the power recovery

If every day to perform specific exercises to then restore the power happen faster. During the execution of a complex of movements increases the tone of the whole musculature of the male body, which cause a positive effect on the reproductive system. Exercises for the recovery of erection:

  1. Stretching on all fours. Adopt the proper stance, hands at the level of the person rest on the ground, and the thigh place under the pelvis. On expiration, move the hips to the heels, without bending your arms, drawing back to back.
  2. The squat. Stand erect, with tilt down with the hands. Foot place, to breathe slowly without tension squat. The maximum crouching / squatting, lean forward, slide your hand between the legs. After a pause, slowly exhale, returning to the origin posture.
  3. The pendulum of the pelvis. Foot place widely and squat until the knees and buttocks will not go in a level. Take a break, and then follow the movement of the pelvis backward and forward, changing speed.

Penile prosthesis

In severe cases, the doctors offer a man's prosthetic penis. Is a surgical operation, in which the structure of the tissues and muscles of penis are inserted into the implants. On the characteristics of the prosthesis is divided into an elastic, semi-rigid and hydraulic. More affordable than the first option. Elastic silicone install within the penis. If a man does not need a animated authority, then he squeezes the thigh onтеlthe covered bed. The more comfortable – hydraulic implants that work under pressure. The crotch is installed the pump, and on the scrotum – bomb.

Vacuum is a method of power recovery

There are several devices for power recovery. Efficient is considered to be the therapy the vacuum. Firm erections procedures are done exchange. The essence of the method: the penis is put in an airtight container, connected to a pump. When the air is pumped, in a bottle which creates a vacuum. The penis, the men of the internal pressure of the blood shed, that is created an artificial erection. After a few sessions of blood vessels of the male organ are purified, and become elastic, recovering strength.

The diet for potency for men

Good nutrition plays a big role when you restore the power. Men need to choose products with the least amount of animal fats. Special influence on the power have a vitamin b-complex, contained in the cottage cheese, eggs, buckwheat, rye flour, many fruits and vegetables. Men to the power recovery nutritionists recommend reducing meat consumption, replacing animal protein in the vegetable. Instead of meat products best accept to eat vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, whole grains, mushrooms and vegetables.