Classification of medicines

Classification препоратов

All of the tools to increase the power to divide it into two main types. The rating takes into account the characteristics and speed of medicines. To distinguish you as a group:

The selective inhibitors.

This includes the famous Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, as well as many others. This medicines for erection fast action. Inhibitors contribute to the revitalization of certain enzymes, which leads to relaxation of the muscles of the penis of the body. Is reinforced the tide of blood to the body of the penis, and it hardens. Erection comes almost immediately after the ingestion of the pill, continue for several hours. After everything back to normal.

Food supplements, homeopathic remedies. The developers of data of medicines borrowed a lot of things that alternative medicine, taking into account the impact of popular remedies for male potency. The supplements work much slower than the inhibitors, but more systematic. They accelerate metabolism, normalize blood circulation, beneficial on the nervous system, strengthens the body, in general, contribute to the improvement of the erection.

Important! The selective inhibitors have many contraindications and side effects, so, as dietary supplements almost safe, because at its base – natural components.

Counter-indications and side effects

However, the one who made the choice in favor of inhibitors of the type Viagra, one must know that such drugs improve the erection can not have all. The list of contra-indications varies depending on which tool you are talking about. But, in general, it is possible to highlight the following "taboo". The majority of inhibitors are contraindicated when:

  • individual intolerance component;
  • cardiovascular diseases (ischemia, hypertension, hypotension, lay the strokes and heart attacks); a anatomical of the penis; poor blood clotting;
  • diseases of the kidneys, liver, organs of the gastrointestinal (eg, ulcer and 12-duodenal gut);
  • a serious disfunction of the nervous system;
  • the Crohn's disease.

Prior to the application of tools to improve power, you should always consult with your doctor. But even a healthy person can experience for yourself the side effects of the medicines of the group of the inhibitors. Is nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, weakness, seizures, skin rash, swelling of the nasal mucosa, disturbances of vision.

Attention! Very common complication of the receipt of such medication is a psychological dependence, when, without man pills is not already your sexual life. When you do this, physical dependence, the funds for the erection not cause.