In how many years, typically, begins to diminish the power of the

There are different opinions about the age at which the rate of decay of power is manifested with a new strength. Does anyone think that this capacity is maintained until old age, and some consider that, already in the middle age, years occur the negative of the change. Why this happens? What are the causes of reduction of power? How to improve? What are the factors that can affect men's health?

When the reproductive function decreases

when the reproductive function decreases

Every day a man is exposed to external factors that tend to negatively impact your health. The reduction of power in the first is related to the background of hormonal. With the decrease in the level of male sex hormones, can come the climax.

Not all men can be proud of your ability to have children in old age. Still, you can sometimes hear the news that someone became the father in the years 70 and 80 years. In most cases, the reduction of power occurs after the age of 50. How quickly will the impotence, is affected by many factors, and more often that the man can have an impact on the rate.

That causes the drop in sexual activity

As has already been mentioned, the men comes impotence, when occur changes in the production of sex hormones. Even the healthy sex strong after 30 years, each year, the level of testosterone decreases about 1%. If the man did not think of himself, and is exposed to some risks negative changes occur very early, and there comes the impotence. Age is not always the key factor.

Examined the reasons for the decrease of the power, can be significantly prolong the period of normal sexual activity. Viagra can start due to the following factors:

  • wrong way of life;
  • the disease of the body;
  • stress and obesity;
  • harmful work.

Influence of life-style

influence of life-style

Sometimes, the little men look for their physical condition, allow regular overhead. The lack of holidays, affects the hormone level, and, gradually, this results in a decrease of the power. If you have problems with the sexual life, it is worth to pay attention on your schedule. It load must alternate with rest, and sleep should be given due attention!

Men of power also depends on there is in the life of the place bad habits.

Smoking tobacco, drugs and immoderate consumption of alcohol affects health of men. Especially, many times problems with the power to develop between the lovers of beer. This is in large part due to the fact that the drink increases the levels of females and reduces the concentration of male hormones.

To delay the onset of impotence, the need to ensure that the drugs take the man. The reception of artificial testosterone gradually blocks the normal production of its own hormone. This causes age impotence occurs sooner.


In erectile function affects not only the diseases of the genital organs and hormonal disorders. Many times problems with potency occur in men, that even old age away, but they suffer from such diseases:

  • acquired diabetes mellitus;
  • stroke;
  • problems vascular;
  • inflammation of organs in urinary system.

We can not fail to mention the sexually transmitted diseases. Due to some of them, the power can do not only is more rapid than the decline, but disappear completely. The sharp decline in sexual activity can also occur because of irregular sexual relationships or in case of illness or arthritis.

Effect of stress and obesity

To senile impotence, arriving as late as possible, the man must start from a young age to take care of your emotional state. They will not be allowed disruption of the nerve, persistent depression. You need to be able to focus on the positive.

If the work provokes strong negative emotions, it's worth remembering that health is more important and, perhaps, change the nature of the employment. The good mood will affect not only the sphere of the sexual life, but also in the entire state of the body.

Although the power and age are closely related, plays an important role in feeding style men. Obesity makes the body more weak. An important place must take moderate exercise. You should avoid sitting style of life and use of large amount of fatty foods.

How does it affect the type of work

how does it affect the type of work

Problems with the power most often begin men, that for a long time he worked in production, where they have had that experience with chemicals. Due to the influence of toxins can be put into operation of the whole organism, including the work of the genitals.

What are the symptoms of the disease

About know in that age comes impotence, the problem can be noticed in the previous phase. The man should listen to your body, the time you to help. As you know, some power-lifting is possible, even in old age.

If men begin to impotence, can receive these signals:

  • the weaker erection;
  • the disappearance of morning erection;
  • delivery time of early occurrence;
  • reduction of sensations;
  • incomplete swelling of the penis.

Begins advanced age should not be the reason for the exclusive of reduce sexual activity. The ability to have children depends in large part on the man himself, and impotence can wait until the old age. Know how many years the men, many times problems do occur and, noticing any of them can be avoided, it should be competent to take care of your health.

Recovery of sexual activity in the third age

As demonstrated by some studies, the increased power in the third age it is possible! This is due to the fact that the reduction in power can get not only due to changes related to age, but also of the choices of life style and the bad habits of man.

Many men with age does not seek to address the problem from the professional point of view and do not seek medical attention. They believe that impotence has a right to exist, and with it nothing can be done. In fact, now there are techniques of treatment, to help a man maintain the health of the reproductive system, due to the fact that is maintained for the power.

Knowing how many years can maintain the ability to sex, the man must take care of your life. To maintain health, it is important to maintain an active lifestyle, practice physical exercises, rational way of eating and lead regular sexual life. Keeping the general tone of the body, you can feel confident and fully every day, until old age!