The garlic power: the revenue of dyes to improve the erection

Many people know that garlic is useful. The garlic has a large number of vitamins, minerals, nutrients that the body needs.

Garlic to enhance the power can be used by men of any age. The doctors often recommend the use of garlic for the power. As is well known, the sexual health is important for any man.

The garlic is really good for power, but it is important to know, is that the garlic about the power and what is expressed is the impact on the male body.


The use of garlic for the power

When the symptoms of sexual dysfunction, the males begin to panic and acquire different medicines that apply when the impotence.

To increase potency in men, can not apply for expensive medicines, just to add to the daily diet of garlic.

Garlic for the power men use journal has:

  • Krovoochishchajushchee action,
  • Thins the blood,
  • Strengthens the blood vessels.

As is well known, erectile dysfunction appears because of disturbances of the blood circulation in the genitals. In essence, the erection is the result of a tide of blood in the penis of a man.

In addition, the impact on the power of garlic characterized by the fact that this culture of vegetables can cleanse the blood of excess cholesterol, which is often the cause of various erectile violations.

To get rid of the smell of garlic can eat parsley or drink the milk, which reduces the amount of sulfur compounds, which is the cause of the peculiar smell.

Answering the question, as affects the garlic in the man, one could say, that increases the libido, that is, it increases sexual arousal and sexual desire. As a result of the systematic use of garlic for the erection becomes longer and the reception.

Many men will prefer to abandon the consumption of garlic, due to its strong odor. Garlic increases the potency, especially if there is a little prior to sexual intercourse. It must be noted that garlic is indicated and in cases where there is a weaker erection in the morning.

Garlic is effective for the power of men, however, many do not like the peculiar smell. It is not a major problem, since there are forms of the use of this product, which does not remain compulsive disorder smell.

You can eat garlic, cut the pumpkin teeth. In addition, the plant may have on the composition of the food, and not as a separate culture.

The same is also present in vegetable lettuce and garlic will also influence positively the power.

Other properties of the garlic

The garlic brings benefits to men not only as a stimulator of the function of erection, it has other positive properties:

  • Antibacterial action of culture of the struggle against the microbes.
  • Improves the immune system, to protection — is the off-season, and also to stress and physical activity.
  • Displays the excess water and stimulates the metabolism – helps to get rid of obesity, so that the men who suffer from excess weight, you should often use the garlic.
Garlic cloves

Selenium, which is contained in garlic, that are involved in biological processes that support the normal operation of the production of androgen that to give you the best sexual work.

You need the selenium to help improve the quality of the seminal fluid. The element participates in spermatogenesis, which contributes to the formation of healthy and mobile sperm. Thus, it is difficult to overestimate the effect of garlic on the power, the garlic and the men of power are closely linked.

To be able to male need each day to reset the level of selenium thanks to eating certain foods.

This item, in the greatest measure is displayed with the sperm.

If a man takes too much to your busy sex life, he necessarily need to eat foods that are rich in selenium, and zinc.

It is:

  1. Seafood and the flesh of fish (especially herring and tuna),
  2. Nuts: nuts and pistachio,
  3. Garlic,
  4. Cereals: oats, rice, wheat,
  5. The liver,
  6. Quail eggs,
  7. Mushrooms.

The products should also be consumed, disappears erection during sex.

You need to pay attention to is that the selenium almost is not absorbed by the body, if there is these products with junk food the food, for example, confectionery products.

Talking about how garlic affects the power, you can say that, if you use it systematically, the sex life will be always active and rewarding. Garlic for the potency is better than synthetic drugs are.

It acts slowly, however, their efficacy and long-lasting.

The garlic and the power of effective revenue

There is another method, which involves the creation of alcohol tinctures. Need 0.5 liter of vodka pour a kilo of chopped garlic. A mixture of survive in the dark for about a week, and then the tool make use of 3 tablespoons three times a day.

If you need a good power, the garlic in the number of about a kilo need a blender and put in a three-liter bank, then pour in boiling water, wrap the package with aluminum foil and place in a dark place.

Garlic infusion needs to survive in a dark place 1 month, every day, tremendous to the bank. The tool drink 1 time per day for a small spoon.

Treatment garlic also suggests the kind of recipe: the need to clear 300 g of garlic, wash it in water, chop and crushed in glass containers. Then, along with the juice to move the garlic in another dish, add 200 ml of alcohol and close the cap securely.

The tool of insist 10 days in a dark place, after drinking once per day per 5 drops in a glass of milk.

To make pickled garlic, you will need to:

  • 100 g of a soldier of the garlic,
  • 300 g grated walnut,
  • 100 g hazelnut,
  • 100 g of the powder of rosehip,
  • 50 g of rhodiola rosea,
  • 1 kg of honey.
Tincture of garlic

Need to mix all the ingredients and use the tool of large teaspoon, 1 time per day.

To increase the power you can apply this garlic recipe. You must take:

  1. 5 cloves of garlic,
  2. 3 tomatoes,
  3. 2 eggplant,
  4. 2 zucchini,
  5. 1 red bell pepper,
  6. 1 onion,
  7. 50 g mushrooms,
  8. 200 ml of tomato juice.

All the ingredients that you need to finely chop and fry in olive oil until soft. You can add pepper, salt, pour in the tomato juice and put out the 15 minutes in medium fire.