Can hemorrhoids can affect potency in men?

The hemorrhoid is the more common of the disease. From this disease often also suffer and women and men. The stronger sex, often interested in the question, and affects hemorrhoids on the power.

According to urologists, the negative impact of the disease on the male strength has. With hemorrhoids stagnant, blood in the pelvis, you may lose the functionality of the prostate, appears to doubt. In addition, with hemorrhoids, in and of itself sexual contact brings less fun.

But there is a way out. To avoid problems with the power and cure hemorrhoids, the patient will need to go for a proper treatment. To decrease inflammatory processes in the hemorrhoidal we used conservative therapy. With hemorrhoids 3-4 stage is assigned operational intervention.

Hemorrhoids: types and causes

Hemorrhoids – proctologic disease in which the vein lend themselves to varicose expansion and thrombosis. The disease is equally prevalent among men and women. Hemorrhoids suffer even adolescents and children.

The disease is divided into mind and stages. Through stages of rating simple – there is a total of 4 degree of severity of the disease. Each phase has its characteristic symptoms. As for the types of hemorrhoids, the three – internal, external, and combined.


Men often wonder what are the causes of hemorrhoids? The main factors, inflammatory inflammatory processes in the veins of the rectum, relate to:

  1. The hereditary predisposition.
  2. To a sedentary lifestyle.
  3. The weight lifting.
  4. Chronic constipation.
  5. The unbalanced diet.
  6. Bad habits.
  7. The presence of excess body weight.

The statistics show that the hemorrhoids are the most common among office workers and people whose work involves extended session.

The symptoms of the disease

Before that we're going to find out the effect of hemorrhoids, potency in men, consider the characteristic symptoms of the disease. Above we have already talked about the idea that there are 4 degrees of severity of hemorrhoids, respectively, and the severity of the symptoms in each phase will be different.

With hemorrhoids 1 degree of symptomatology may not be able to, in principle. The patient may only occasionally torment of the itching and burning sensation in the back pass. Sometimes, the disease manifests itself the long constipation.

With the time, the symptoms becomes more pronounced. The standout feature hemorrhoids include:

  • Violation of the process of digestion. In patients appear constantly constipation, which can change diarrhea.
  • The presence of bloody secretions out of the anus. In 3 and 4 stages of hemorrhoids can be even massive bleeding.
  • Itching and burning during and after defecation.
  • The gravity walk.
  • Pain in the back pass. The intensity of the pain depends on the size of the focus of inflammation. In some cases, the pain becomes simply unbearable. And pain are reinforced during the seat or the physical work.
  • The loss of the hemorrhoids inflamed to the outside.

When you are above signs of preference, immediately turn to the proctologist and spend the differential diagnosis.

The relationship between hemorrhoids and impotence

Can hemorrhoids affect the potency. Certainly, yes. The first important factor is the psychological state of the man. The patient experiences shame in front of his chosen, therefore, it is difficult to relax.

In addition, falling confidence in himself, the man becomes more mature and in all ways avoid sexual contact. All of these factors, over time, can lead to the development of psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

In addition:

  1. Hemorrhoids is called stagnant processes in the pelvis. The violation of blood circulation in the pelvic region causes, during the sexual arousal in the cavernous body of the penis does not come in a sufficient amount of blood.
  2. The man, who suffers from hemorrhoids, arise sensations of pain during sexual intercourse. Because of this, the patient tries to abstain from sexual contact. Especially pain intensify during orgasm, when the muscles of the perineum are reduced.
  3. In the background, the hemorrhoids often develops stagnant prostatitis. In such cases, the power even more worsens.
  4. During the sexual contact in men can occur crushing of the hemorrhoidal vein, develop bleeding anal or simply fall out of the anus inflamed nodule. All of these factors also reduce the quality of intimate life.

Thus, it can be concluded that hemorrhoids negatively affect the erection. Men who suffer from this disease, the subject of impotence is a fact.

How to get rid of erectile dysfunction and hemorrhoids?

Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids

The impact of hemorrhoids on the power considered. Once more, that the disease is able to negatively affect erectile function. How to fix the situation? According to doctors, to make a good erection, the man needs to cure hemorrhoids.

If the diagnosis is confirmed that the disease is in the 1-2 phase, which can be cured at home, without resorting to surgery. Conservative treatment will quickly improve the patient's quality of life and prevent complications.

The therapy includes:

  • The use of anti-inflammatory drugs of the candles and a cream for local application. Can also be assigned on the pill for strengthening veins, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and antispasmodics.
  • Diet. From the menu, clean dishes, fried foods, semi-finished products, smoked, sweets, soft drinks, alcohol.
  • The observance of rules of hygiene. After each defecation the patient need to wash the tardigrada cold water. Use toilet paper is prohibited.
  • The moderate exercise.

If you follow all of the recommendations above, you can quickly reach the reception of the remission of the hemorrhoids.

It happens that the patient accesses the medical premature, resulting in a conservative treatment does not help. In such cases of hemorrhoids, heal quickly. Nowadays there are many techniques that help once and for all get rid of the disease.

Practiced radical and minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive effective methods of hemorrhoids 2-3 degrees of severity. If the disease has passed to the 4 phase, the patient shows exclusively radical operation.

Among the most popular and effective, it can be noted the following:

  1. Cryodestruction.
  2. The hardening.
  3. Hemorrhoidectomy.
  4. Ligation.
  5. The Operation In Auckland.
  6. Laser coagulation.

After the completion of an intervention the patient needs to go through a course of rehabilitation. Of time that can vary from 2 weeks to 4 months.

Measures of recovery of power

If there are problems with the power, the patient will have the proper treatment. Once more, that, initially, it is necessary to achieve the reception of the remission of the hemorrhoids, and then begin the therapy ED.

So, what you need to do to recover your libido and power? In the first place, you must adjust your lifestyle. Alcohol and tobacco should be excluded, otherwise, the effect of treatments of events, will not be.

Swimming pool

Other points:

  • The patient needs to maintain the diet. In the menu should prevail fruits, vegetables, fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat, fish, seafood, dairy products.
  • It is mandatory to motor activity. You can practice yoga, walking, practicing nordic walking, access to the swimming pool, when you perform the Kegel exercises.
  • The physical therapy treatment. It is very useful in case of problems with the power. Good settled hirudotherapy, Su-Jok, thai is a system of healing, acupuncture, electrophoresis.
  • The administration of drugs to increase potency in men. For the normalization of sexual function can use PDE-5 inhibitors, homeopathic medicines, ointments for local use, dietary supplements.

There are a number of restrictions. Patients with hemorrhoids, and impotence categorically contra-indicated to hypothermia. Also it is not recommended to visit the sauna. Any temperature changes quite damaging to the blood vessels.

It is also highly recommended to adjust the routine of the day. The dream and the recovery after the daily work are required for all men. Ideal for sleeping 6 to 8 hours. After work it is recommended to walk in the open air and avoid prolonged exposure to find in a static position.