How to increase potency in men with the help of remedies


Many men are faced with the problem of power. The age, habits, unfavorable external factors, such as stress, poor environment, the difficulties become the cause of reduction of power. Not always men are turning to your doctor so delicate theme, so the problem is not resolved, delivering a man a lot of trouble. The initial phase of impotence treatable folk media, therefore, when the first symptoms, you can resort to this method of treatment. Home remedies to increase potency in men quickly resolve the problem.

How to prepare for the implementation of people tools to increase the power

Before you start the treatment, it requires to rethink the style of life, to abandon bad habits. You must correct the negative factor, which served as a beginning for the development of the disease. For this, we need to know what can lead to a reduction of horsepower:

• Alcohol affects the male strength. Alcoholic drinks have a powerful impact on the sexual sphere. The regular intake of alcohol leads to loss of sexual ability. Therefore, to get rid of the problem, you must play this habit, if any.
• Smoking is the cause of many diseases, the effect is the power. The modern cigarettes there are a lot of chemicals, which they use to enhance the aroma, a reinforcing effect, and so on. In addition, the cigarettes contains a toxic resin, which affect the production of male hormones. To get rid of negative effects of smoking, the best part with this bad habit.
• Improperly fed, in particular the consumption of fats and fried foods negatively on the power. To bake the food contains carcinogens, which reduces the strength of the male. Vegetarian food, dairy products should be regularly present in the man menu.
• Stress, nerve disorders, depressive state severe problem of power. You must produce life, learn to deal productively with problems and difficulties.

But it's worth it to understand that impotence can develop under the influence of some chronic diseases, such as:

• diabetes mellitus;
• epilepsy;
• atherosclerosis and disease of the blood vessels;
• Parkinson's disease;
• inflammatory disease of the prostate, bladder, testicles.

If you have these problems, some means of folk medicine can not cope. Is necessary drug treatment, which will be sent to the elimination of the causes.

The methods of the folk medicine to improve potency


Folk medicine offers the most effective tools that will help you take the normal output. To improve the potency use the following home remedies for potency in men:

• medicinal plants;
• honey;
• propolis;
• osinovaja bark.

Based on the above-listed means for the manufacture of effective drugs to increase potency.

The medicinal plants

Home remedies to improve power include the treatment of herbs. Using wisely chosen herbs can improve the power quickly. Men of power, in most cases it decreases due to inflammatory processes, or circulatory diseases. Medicinal herbs help to solve this problem. With their help, you can adjust the blood circulation, expand blood vessels, reduce inflammation.

Nettle. Improves the metabolism and stimulates the мочеполовую function. For the preparation of medicines need to take 100 grams of finely chopped herbs and pour it of 300 ml of boiling water. Ready the tool take three times a day before a meal.

The root of the ginseng is the best stimulant of power. You will need: pieces of the root of ginseng – 0,5 ст. л.; honey – 2 ст. л.

This type of medicine is taken by mouth, 4 times a day a spoon of tea in a single dose.

Pumpkin seeds contain a huge amount of useful components that help to quickly recover the male potency. The seeds should be raw, grind, mix with honey in equal amounts and take the drug 5 to 6 times 1 ст. л. Very effective that helps to get rid of potency in men tykvennoe oil. The oil contains a high amount of zinc, irreplaceable assistant to improve the power. For the power recovery, it is recommended to make the healing enemas with tykvennym oil. It is recommended to perform this procedure 2 times a day – morning and evening. You must enter by 100 g of oil. This is enough for a good functioning of the prostate and improve the power of the man.

Thyme has amazing properties, with it you can cure many diseases. Well this herb helps to combat impotence. Contains selenium, which contributes to the production of testosterone, and the molybdenum, which is equipped with a thyme, it stimulates the male sexual function. It is useful to prepare the tea, using the thyme. It helps you deal with men бессилием and prostatitis. Serves a tea in the following way:

• black tea – 1 ст. л.;
• dry inflorescences thyme – 3 шт.;
• to increase the effect add honey or mint.

Of the following ingredients заваривают tea. We should insist on the time limit of 7 minutes. Then, the tea filter paper and drink.

St. john's wort helps to restore power in old age. To prepare the medicine, charge to 100 grams of dry raw materials and pour a cup of boiling water. The liquid drink of 30 grams one to four times per day.

Normal garlic is an excellent means of increasing the male power. To achieve the effect, you can simply consume raw garlic, such as every day. And can prepare the medicine. There is a plethora of recipes. One of the most effective means of garlic with milk. 250 ml of warm milk take a tablespoon of chopped garlic. Received the tool which remain in the fire for two to three minutes and are then passing through a sieve. Treatment Dose - 2 tablespoons, that you need to drink before each meal.

Honey to increase the power


Honey is a remedy for many illnesses, it has a positive effect on the power. The effect is visible, even if you eat a tablespoon or two of honey per day. For the preparation of drugs of honey, add the garlic, nuts, grass.

The most popular popular tool to increase the power base of honey, it is clear ореховая mixture. To prepare this type of medicine charge 100 grams of walnuts crushed, it can be walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, and mixed with a tablespoon of honey. It is a powerful tool to give results, a week after the start of treatment. Medicine to take a tablespoon before going to sleep.

If the mixture in equal parts of honey and shredded ginger root, then you can get an effective folk remedy to enhance potency. Taking this type of medicine needs half a teaspoon before meals, three times per day.

Properties of honey is unique. Using natural honey in order to prepare different medicines that help to maintain male strength for the next few years.

Chudodeistvennaja power of propolis

Propolis healing throughout the body, it enriches its useful vitamins and minerals. It contains trace elements that support the normal power, that is:

• iron;
• chromium;
• copper;
• zinc;
• vanadium;
• titanium;
• tin;
• silicone.

The propolis is applied with success, as the popular tool to increase the power, you can use it as both a preventive agent of prostatitis. In addition, propolis increases the effect of the treatment to the use of other drugs that are prescribed in chronic простатите and adenoma of the prostate.

Propolis is a powerful biostimulyatorom, which helps increase its potency. The drug has the following properties:

1. relieves inflammatory processes;
2. kills germs;
3. strengthens the body;
4. stimulates the immunity.
5. reduces the pain.

For the treatment of impotence you can prepare a dye-based propolis.


• propolis – 20 gr;
• the alcohol or the quality of vodka – 80 мл.

Propolis need a blender, put in jars and pour the alcohol. The packaging needs to close tightly and remove to a place, a dark place. The medicine настаивается a week, during this period, it needs to be periodically stir. Ready-to-dye-take drops in a glass of water will need 40 drops. Drink the tool before eating for 30 minutes before sitting down at the table. The duration of treatment is two weeks.

The bark of poplar – the best tool for the power


This bark is the best popular tool to increase the power, that it helps to get rid of prostatitis. It is an effective tool is known already more than a century.

For the preparation of medicinal products can benefit from:

• the kidneys;
• the bark;
• sheets.

The medicine from the bark of aspen is a good remedy for good power, cooked, in the form of juice, extract or tincture. In addition, the bark can be just chewing and rassasyvat', therefore, the essential healing of the substance to be impregnated in the body, in its pure form.

When the treatment is careful, the dosage may cause side effects:

• a feeling of pain on the part of the gastrointestinal tract;
• схваткообразные abdominal pain;
• constipation.

Teas to improve power cooking in the following manner:

• kidneys, asp – 2 ст. spoons;
• boiling water – 1 cup.

Rim, pour in boiling water and insist about half an hour. The medicine take before eating. To enhance the taste, you can add cooked tool months honey, this will only enhance the healing effect.

Two good tools: the bark of poplar and propolis can combine and obtain an effective remedy that helps to bring back the masculine power.

Tincture of the bark of poplar are preparing for the alcohol or the quality of vodka. The bark insist two weeks and drink before each meal of 50 grams.

The results of the treatment do not have to wait long the effect of treatment is visible a week later. Home remedies for the power of the men in the forum, unanimously concluded that the bark has helped many return to male power.

The old Russian folk remedy to improve the power

Old Russian herbalists contain very effective, proven recipe. In addition, it is very useful medicine, it has the pleasant taste.

For the preparation of drugs charge 200 grams:

• plums;
• raisins;
• the dry fig tree.

Of all the dried fruits, you must remove the bone. And you will also need the nuts in number of 12 pieces.

All the ingredients that you want to carefully grind, after mixing, and lead to cold. The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator. Daily eat 2 tablespoons of cooked mixture, washed down with milk or простоквашей.

Bath to increase the power


Home remedies for improve male potency supplement therapy baths. They can be a good service in dealing with this disease. It is a very useful tool that can be used to increase the power in the house.

First of all, it is worth to pay attention to the contrast bath of lower part of the body. Its essence lies in the alternation of cold and hot water. The duration of the procedure is about 15 minutes. For it will need two struts basin with hot and cold water, in which it is necessary to dive alternately.

Bath with лавровыми leaves help in the fight against the disease. Pre-заваривают and insist leaves of the laurel, followed by infusion they add in the bathroom. To increase the effect, you can still add an infusion of chamomile. The bath should be taken before going to bed.

The bathroom can be combine with aromatherapy. The essential oils of some plants increase the potency. In aromalampu put the oil, ginger, cumin, cypress, thyme, rosemary. All these perfumes have the property of increasing the male potency. A similar procedure can be used as a folk remedy to improve the power, before the act.

Foods that increase the power

Methods of treatment of the power needs to complement the correct diet. This means that the diet must participate in products that increase the male power. This is especially true of power, after 50 folk remedies should be supplemented for complete nutrition.

Such products are vegetables and herbs, dark-green:

• broccoli;
• parsley;
• the cilantro.

The good action when low power have nuts and seeds, especially:

• cashew nuts;
• sesame;
• nuts;
• pistachio;
• almonds;
• seeds nsrds.

Fruits and berries should include in the diet of the male. Fight with low-power help you:

• apples;
• kiwi;
• lemon;
• grapefruit;
• strawberry;
• the blueberries.

And also on the table should always be present in the onion, turnip, garlic, eggplant, radishes, beans, beets, the Bulgarian pepper.

Fried fish includes in its composition of useful minerals: magnesium, zinc, selenium. These substances play an important role in the support of sexual desire.

It is proven that the cholesterol contributes to the development of the male hormones. Therefore, it is important from time to time to include in the menu, greasy and fried foods and meat foods. Thus, it is necessary not to forget the norm. Excess fat can cause serious heart disease, which is extremely undesirable, especially for men between the ages of which the risk of development of diseases related to the heart and the blood vessels are very high.

Men diet involves the use of meat products. It is especially useful to meat, it contains fatty acids Omega-3, vitamin D3 and Е. The complex of these substances has a positive effect on the sexual health of a man. On themes popular tools to increase the power appear often in the forums, it says that the great interest on the part of men to the subject.

There is a huge amount of revenue that you can increase male potency. It's not worth to pick up everything at once. To get a good power folk media, it is best to choose one or two most suitable options, which will help to cope with the disease. Properly chosen home remedies to improve power quickly get rid of the disease and returned to its former strength.