The treatment of impotence

potency in men

Date of check-erectile (which are often poorly commonly referred to as impotence) is the mankind for a long time. At all times, due to various reasons for a certain number of men who already went through problems with the power. It is natural that at different times with this problem, tried to fight in different ways, ranging from mechanical devices steel and natural aphrodisiacs, the modern techniques of treatment of both drugs and surgery. Today, the treatment of impotence is not something supernatural. It is the same type of health problem, such as other. When appropriate to request assistance from medical doctors can help about 95% of the patients.

The treatment of impotence

Drug treatment

In the arsenal of medicine has a vast arsenal of drugs to combat male impotence. It is not just the pill, there are injections, which are introduced by intravenous, intramuscular, or even in the head of the penis or of the urethra, there are the candles, the ointment. However, the most common are drugs inhibitors of phosphodiesterase.

These tablets should be taken approximately one hour before sexual intercourse. Do not take the medicine more than once per day. The action of these drugs is related to their impact on the smooth muscles, making it a sexual organ gets more blood and improves erection. The medicines of this group, there are some side effects. This is:

  • Headache;
  • Stuffy nose;
  • The sensation of pain in the muscles;
  • In very rare cases, the person temporarily begins to see everything in a blue-green tone.

Treatment of impotence by means of changes in lifestyle


In today's world one of the most frequent causes of male weakness is a style of life. And it's not just the excesses. Our world is full of stress impacts, and the reproductive system is very sensitive to stress, such as the psycho-emotional and physical. For this reason, the fulfillment of a healthy lifestyle is not only a challenge when the fall of the skills of the male. Start the sentence with metered physical activities. It is sufficient a simple physical exercise, that will support the group of muscles intensively used in the sexual act and, apparently, already is not practicable the task is at the limit of the reach. The word, in medical practice developed complex exercises to the ministry for physical therapy (therapy exercise), which is recommended for patients with potency problems. In second place is the quality of the food. On the one hand, for the production of testosterone hormone and sperm quality needs and a balanced diet. On the other hand, the excess weight plays in the case of impotence role aggravating factors. One of the major requirements is the reduction in the diet the amount of animal fats, since they cause atherosclerosis and, therefore, also the impotence due to obstruction of the blood vessels that carry blood to the sexual organ. In third place are the alcohol and the tobacco. Both of these bad habits literally "kill" the male potency. This is your impact on the sexual system. The use of alcohol, especially the burden of excessive dependence on tobacco — a straight road of impotence, and relatively young. The fourth position in a healthy life-style experts attribute to the ability to avoid stress. Today, the stress is the key to the success of the treatment of many health problems, including with the power. Experts assert that the man must master his emotions and not empty them out at every opportunity (or is not convenient) the case. You should also pay attention to the load and the ability to adjust them according to their possibilities. Often, a person takes on more than he can physically (or psychologically) to "pull" and is the main source of stress and, as a result of problems with the power.


Sometimes men have erections there, but at the same time, certain, she, for some reason, does not. Usually, in such cases, the cause lies not so much in physiology as in psychology. In such cases, the most of any injections and pills help the visit to the doctor-psychiatrist. In some cases, your doctor it's worth going along with the partner. The doctor will help you to find the causes complex, and teach you how to get rid of them. Also the doctor can explain some subtleties of recovery techniques libido partner, and restore harmony in the room.



One of the often recommended medical practice treatment methods is massage. Of course, that the massage should be included in the complex treatment of events in the treatment of impotence. In general, massage is applied to the pelvic organs for the increase of its population density of the blood. This process is of fundamental importance to the conservative methods of treatment, as it increases the amount of drugs that reach the organs. In addition, when massage to the pelvic organs are in tone, which is also important for potency. Many experts believe that massage still has the psychological impact, increases the sensitivity of men and, simultaneously, relieves stiffness and angusto-animi in the intimate sphere.

Shock-wave therapy

One of the most new techniques for the treatment of male impotence shock-wave therapy. The essence of this innovative approach in medicine is the impact of waves of a given length of vessels. Under the influence of these waves blood vessels begin to give new branches, and is beneficial for erection. Doctors cite numerous facts, when the shock-wave for the therapy allowed to help patients with very heavy and execution of forms of sexual dysfunction. Today, doctors claim that the treatment of shock wave therapy without side effects, may not occur. As to treatment, the minimum should be 14 days. Such number of procedures is sufficient for the majority of the cases, the man forgot his dysfunction for at least a year.

Characteristics of impotence in men over 50 years

Approximately every second man over the age of fifty years, begins to have problems with the power. It is believed that a fee of 50 years of age, the exterior has a limit, beyond which the decrease in sexual activity is the norm. However, this is to reduce the activity, and not about impotence. Characteristic age 50+ lies in the fact that, in this moment, about yourself, are beginning to make known the variety of the disease, "accumulated" at younger ages and, many times, and ignored the man. In addition, in the body, occurs a series of natural physiological changes, including decreased levels of testosterone, and the risk of developing impotence to a great extent, are on the increase. Generally, sexual dysfunction in this age is the one that accompanies the disease. For this reason, the main form of treatment of impotence in men over 50 years is the identification of the causes of the disease and its rapid resolution. As to the fact of impotence, the doctors prefer the holistic approach in the treatment, which includes medical treatment, therapy by exercise, massage, and compliance with maximum healthy lifestyle.

The most effective home remedies against impotence

In popular medicine it is a special place is reserved to combat impotence. There are a wide variety of different recipes for power recovery. Among them, worth noting:

  • The ginger tea. To do this, really the only drink that is worth to take a tablespoon of ginger, or a piece of root of plants of the length of two to three inches and pour a glass of boiled water. For a taste of what you can add to the tea a bit of honey. Another option is to add the powder of ginger already prepared the black tea or green. It is recommended to take this type of beverage two times a day. The effect occurs after two weeks of the course;
  • Tincture of ginger. For your kitchen you need to take a kilo of root ginger and a litre of vodka. After that the mixture will stay in a warm place for two weeks from the total mass of the charge 100 grams of dye and add 300 milliliters of alcohol. After this procedure, dye will continue to insist 2 weeks. Make a tincture, before bed, 10 drops in a spoon of water;
  • Ginger bath. For your kitchen take three tablespoons of powder of ginger, and pour a litre of water. A mixture of take up to the boiling point and boiled for at least 10 minutes, then add in the house and appreciate a pleasant environment and helpful to the power of the procedure;
  • Tincture of ginseng root. This is one of the most powerful tools for dealing with impotence. For the preparation of tinctures take the label long 2 cm (with low quality of root length to root for the customization of the increase of up to 4 inches). The label is 3.5 liters of vodka. Already on the day following tincture to drink. The recommended dose of 30 grams of tinctures three times a day before meals. When ship continues to be not more than 200 grams, of kitchen utensils accommodation complemented with more than 3.5 liters of vodka. A similar procedure can be repeated two more times, after that, you must take the new label ginseng. Healers claim that the man recepit of impotence, in such a way that will never again feel trouble on sex;
  • Ginseng tincture, recipe no. 2. For your kitchen of 20 grams of ginseng root is need to pour 300 grams of pure alcohol. Insist medicine for three weeks, shaking the mixture from time to time. Take 25 drops of tincture three times a day, half an hour before a meal. The course is two weeks, after which if you should do a 10-day break and repeat the course;
  • Walnuts with goat's milk. The recipe is very simple. Paul's cup of walnuts peeled, just eat and drink my is everything the genre liter of goat's milk. The procedure passes two times per day for one month;
  • Pumpkin seeds. A good effect to give a simple pumpkin seeds. They only have to take three times a day, 40 grams at a time. Treatment course of one to two months.

Treatment of impotence soda

Should be immediately to say that the soda is not an aphrodisiac and erection of the intake of soda does not occur. However, the soda can contribute to the process of purification of the body, which, without doubt, have an impact on the power. The more simple and more enjoyable way to use soda to treat the power is the adoption of the sun. Bath is received through the day for two weeks. For the bathroom will need a package of 500 grams of soda. Add the water in several portions with the addition of hot water. The time of the house for 20-30 minutes. House is worth taking before going to sleep. After reception of a home, you should rinse the residue alkali, on the skin, in the soul. Inside, it is recommended to drink a soda with the milk. In a glass of milk, you must add soda ash at the tip of a spoon of soup. Drink this milk with soda should-there are 10 days, but in no case more than a month, on a daily basis. To prepare better to take hot milk. In the case of negative reaction of sodium bicarbonate on the part of the digestive system of reception of milk with soda should stop.

How effective is the treatment of impotence in the home

Define what to do with the problem to be treated at home or go to the doctor, remember that any form of home treatment should not be considered as an alternative to the official medicine. Popular medicine can be one of the forms of treatment, as an auxiliary component of an integrated approach, but does not in any way is not a panacea or an alternative. With all due respect, folk medicine, the probability that the treatment will be successful, not more than 50% (if yes, or not). At the same time, the treatment of a specialist has 95% guarantee of success. From these data, the choice is obvious.

What type of doctor should consult

In case of problems with the power it is necessary to go to the doctor. Men often experience a feeling of shame, but shame and doing nothing is much worse than the courage and the help of a specialist. In large clinics, you should seek andrologist or doctor sexologist (usually this is the same person in this health center). The doctor andrologist done an initial search and defines the treatment strategy. If the patient detected the most serious problems, he can guide the patient for the consultation to other professionals, such as, for example, urologist, doctor, endocrinologist or psychologist.

The prevention of impotence

To avoid problems with the power and preserve the male power for the next few years should involve serious the prevention of impotence, which includes:

  • Total abstinence from alcohol, in any form, as the main enemy is male power;
  • The refusal of the use of tobacco. According to the doctors according to statistics, the probability of becoming full impotent men, for that has effects addiction of smoking cigarettes, which is almost two times larger than that of a man shall not affect the smoker;
  • The restriction of excessive psychological and physical (including sexual) loads;
  • The failure of a contraceptive through the interruption of sexual intercourse. Doctors claim that in the disk, the method of prevention of unwanted pregnancy, impotence does not have to wait for a long time;
  • The denial of waste and undue use of drugs, especially drugs having like effects the impact on the sexual system;
  • Waiver of greasy and spicy foods. This is because animal fats include a lot of cholesterol that can be deposited on the walls of the blood vessels in the form of plates, which leads to a substantial reduction of passage of blood through these vessels and, therefore, leads directly to a decrease in erection.