How the beer affects the potency in men: myths and reality

Any alcohol negatively affects the potency in men. But the beer, which contains in its composition the phytoestrogens, is the greatest evil for the functioning male sexual system and reproductive opportunities. This fact is proven in several large scale studies. We will see how the beer affects the potency and the state of the body men in general. If intoxicating drink to be useful, and how much of it is allowed to eat without harm for health.

the effect of beer on a potency in men

The use

The use of beer has become indispensable to the lives of many men. The decision to drink is not only on holidays, but also as a cool drink in the heat, or to relieve the stress at the end of the work day. However, beer at least, and it is alcoholic drink, has the same negative effect on men's health, as the strong alcohol. But there are used beer and good points.

Even Gaius Julius Caesar spoke: "Beer... good and all-powerful drink". It was detected that a considerable number of beneficial for the body substances, including favorable affect the power.

As part of the hops, malt and yeast of beer, one of which is made the beer contains vitamins and minerals. Part of it is destroyed when the fermentation, but many are converted into foam drink in its unaltered form.

  1. Magnesium and calcium are involved in the production of the major male hormone – testosterone, affecting positively on the power and the genitalium function.
  2. The b complex vitamins, improve the experience of the cardiovascular system: enhance blood circulation, increase the sensitivity of the genitals.
  3. Estrogens are alert to the formation of cancer cells in your body and reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes (who happens to be one of the causes of power).
  4. Zinc and selenium participate in the production of testosterone, the lack of which, inevitably, leads to problems with the power.
  5. Xanthohumol – flavonóide found in hops, inhibits the activity of enzymes that cause cancer, preventing the development of cancer of the urinary system.

Therefore, the useful components contained in the composition of the beer, protect against cancer, contribute to the improvement of the blood circulation in the pelvic organs and promote the production of testosterone in men. This leads to increase the libido, improve the erection and the quality of the seminal fluid.

Will the consumption of beer a use? So where do the myths about the effects of intoxicating drink on the potency. In reality, it is not so simple to do: of great importance are the number of used beer and a snack, that comes with it.


Beer is rarely used in small quantities. In the evening, in the company of his friends, he pours out literally the river: you can drink several litres. To regulate the abuse of intoxicating drink leads to negative consequences for health. Under the impact affects men and power.

The fact is that the phytoestrogens contained in beer are an analogue of female hormones. Your entry in the body of man suppresses the production of testosterone, responsible for the stable sexual function. This is why the beer has detrimental effects on power: the male body begin to dominate the female hormones, which gradually disappears sexual desire, begin to arise erection problems, difficulty with ejaculation.

The situation exacerbates the detrimental effect of ethanol. 2 liters of 5% beer contains both alcohol and 250 grams of vodka. This means that when the abuse of intoxicating drink will be subject to the same effects to the output:

the effect of beer on a potency in men the myths
  • impairment of blood circulation in the pelvic organs – the tide of blood to the penis for a normal erection becomes insufficient;
  • the slowing down of the metabolic processes in the body, which leads to the development of obesity, one of the factors of reduction of power);
  • sensitivity reduction of the penis;
  • the malfunction of the liver, resulting in start to be produced, the enzymes which destroy testosterone;
  • gradual corruption subcortical structure of the brain, responsible for the realization and the brightness of the orgasm;
  • the reduction of functional capacity of the eggs.

Considerable losses to the body cause a snack, that drink beer. Consumption of fried potatoes, sausages, sausages, dried fish contributes to the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of the vessels, hindering the circulation of the blood and causing major problems with the power.

If you often used in insulation foam of the drink in large quantities quickly developed beer alcoholism. With the time it may take a man to complete impotence.

The rules of use of

The doctors warn that the excessive use of beer, sooner or later, impact on men's health. The more often and the more drunk intoxicating drink, the lower the frequency that occurs sexual desire and becomes less bright orgasms.

For the use of beer brings benefits only a man and did not influence the potency, doctors recommend to observe a few rules:

  1. Choose a high-quality beverage, by controlling the period of validity.
  2. Do not exceed the dosage: safe for the body number – the bank in the insulation foam volume of 0.5 liters per day.
  3. Should not be consumed more than 2-3 times per week.
  4. Between each consumption must pass a minimum of 2 days.
  5. Do not eat beer, greasy food, avoid foods smoked.
  6. Do not mix with other types of alcohol.

The recommendations are simple, but many men to run them is quite difficult. The habit of drinking daily pints of beer with a snack of fat is not so easy to eradicate. Just need to understand that the abuse of drink can result in an inability to have children and impotence. No wonder they say: "Beer awakens the desire, but it is impossible to run".