Products to improve the power — men diet

Among the products that increase the potency, it is important to note of protein. This and seafood, meat and eggs. There are dishes that are rich in vegetable proteins, they are also useful for the prostate.

foods rich in protein

Not all protein-rich foods are also useful for the power, there are those that give advantage:

  1. Fruits of the sea. Is oysters, squid, krill, some types of fish (mackerel, sole);
  2. The flesh. The biggest benefit is marked next to the flesh of ox, horse, lamb, and dietary rabbit, chicken, turkey. Some experts and nutritionists point out the special favor of the stomach of a camel;
  3. Vegetable proteins are useful for the power. For example, replenish the stocks of protein using cultures of legumes, including soy.

What are the products that increase the potency stronger and faster? For example, oysters. Oysters are rich in proteins, trace elements, therefore, are, at the same time building material for hormones sexual, sperm, and ensure their mobility. Zinc and selenium are involved in the production of testosterone.

are involved in the production of testosterone. When buying oysters, you need to be careful. Experts claim that some of the mollusks in certain habitats accumulate the mercury. This fact makes the oysters, are used in large quantities, is dangerous, not only for health but also for reproductive system. The second danger, that hides the lovers of oysters, it is the presence in molluscs of the vibrio, which can cause various diseases. In healthy oysters can cause gastritis.

However, the austrian dr. believe that these molluscs are useful for power, but they recommend to take them to the other in the form. Conducted an experiment with a half-hour stay patients bathroom with hot water, filled a third with oysters, and showed that the power output increases significantly, and after 5 sessions of the diseases managed to get rid of most of the men.

The flesh and the power

The flesh refers to the high-energy products, and for men, it is a true aphrodisiac. The consumption of meat contributes to the development of the hormone thyroxine, which supports the excitability of the processes of nervous, in addition to speeding up the processes of oxidation.

The abundance of micro and macro meats, in addition to a rich vitamin composition makes that meat is indispensable a product for men who suffer from diseases of the prostate.

The biggest benefit with dietary rabbit, turkey, chicken and lean meat varieties, the flesh of the horse. The flesh, that is present in their dishes, it helps to produce gastrin, and the gastric juice, it awakens the appetite. Thanks to this, decreases the level of cholesterol in the blood, and it is directly related with the power, more precisely, with the offering of the blood the pelvic.

For the use of the flesh was the maximum, and prepare it for a couple or with the help of extinction. The flesh is useful for athletes, but people with moderate physical exercise or inactive way of life is not worth too much. This results in a set of excess weight, it provides calcium from the body, the rim carries a large amount of protein.

Other protein-rich foods to power

Products to increase potency in men varied. Your diet can vary the protein products of vegetable origin, as well as eggs.

In the use of eggs, it is worth following a few rules: no more than 2 pieces per day, if you eat more, then it should be only proteins. Eggs contain a large amount of fat, cholesterol, therefore, the abusive use can lead to atherosclerosis, the deterioration of the blood supply to all organs.

However, eggs are rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, therefore, of a diet, you should not delete.

Other products increase the potency. One of the most useful fermented foods is koumiss, or milk. Milk of mares to help restore power by improving metabolism, regulating the composition of the blood, a positive effect on the performance of the heart and blood vessels. Koumiss increases the body's resistance to infections, so it is useful when inflammatory diseases male genital system. The average daily rate koumissa is a cup half an hour after lunch. Individually, the dose can be reduced or increased after a consultation with a specialist. People who suffer from diseases of the stomach and intestine, as well as lactose intolerance, is to refrain from treat the milk of mares.

To improve the power you can use vegetables in your diet. Legumes contain plenty of protein that is easily digestible, because it has vegetable origin. The protein is the basis for the synthesis of all the hormones, the sperm, but also to generate quality of sex cells. Legumes are also rich in chemical elements, therefore, affect the composition of the blood, transmission of nerve impulses, but also due to the contents Of the b complex vitamins act soothing on the nervous system.

What more to eat to keep the power men

products to improve power

Some products are not included in the standard diet of every man. But, however, they must be periodically to include in the diet to the rapid recovery of power and the level of immunity. Product useful for male potency: honey, nuts, vegetables, dried fruits, natural juices, such as vegetables and fruits, ginger, celery.

The best foods to increase potency men are walnuts. Each type of nut is helpful in their own way. For power, we recommend the use of nuts, cedar, hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds. What are nuts? In the first place, the abundant composition: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, sulfur, manganese, zinc and selenium. In the second place, it is rich in vitamin composition: all the vitamins A, c, a, D, E, To. unsaturated fatty acids provide a healthy condition of the vessels, protects them from cholesterol deposits. Minerals selenium and zinc affect the production of testosterone, helps to increase the amount of sperm, the job of the prostate.

Almonds causes the blood flow to the genitals, thanks to the content of amino acid arginine, which normalizes the circulation of blood. Therefore, the almonds with the confidence that can be assigned to the products the power of quick action.

Some types of nuts, for example, cedar wood, helping to combat the immune system fails.

Do not forget root vegetables, such as celery and ginger

Celery is on the first place with other products to improve male strength, because it contains within itself the analogue of the male sex hormone. The hormone is responsible for secondary sex signs, by the libido, by their sexuality. Celery specifically has the aroma and flavor, can diversify the dishes. Enough, three times per week to add it in salads and soups, to ensure your normal hormonal. It is especially useful celery to the men, that the low power level associated with deficiency the hormonal. In the treatment of them prescribe therapy substitutionary male sex hormones, therefore, androsterone in the composition of celery exclusively will bring benefits.

Ginger is useful not only to the vitamin and mineral composition, but the influence on the circulatory system. Its use is felt the tide of heat, because the vessels dilate, blood flow increases and to the genitals. The ginger shows people who suffer from obesity, the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels, as well as high blood pressure.

Products that improve the power, are fairly well known and available to each consumer. Therefore, do not neglect your health, not to end before the need of drug therapy, use natural remedies. If you have not helped folk methods, you can use the best medicines to the power of different groups, in order to increase the power and improve the quality of the sperm.

We do not recommend that self-medicate. In any situation, consult with an expert. This saves your time and quickly get rid of the disease.