The products that are most useful for potency in men

It has been observed that human consumption of food does not only affect general health, but also for certain functions of the organism. The products or combination of them, can positively affect, including, and male power.

This pertains not only power, but also the reproductive function in general. Because, to be fully able to meet the man of purpose, he needs not only to feel sexual attraction and get a response from the body in the form of erection. It is important, for the erection was secure and lasting, so that the ejaculation was not premature, and the sperm were healthy. All of this our food may have a direct effect, in some cases, it is not less efficient than the means to increase the power and the renewal of the sex.

The products are most useful for the power

Food aphrodisiacs

Use products that it produces, not only men, but women, sexually erotic feelings and reinforces the attraction, they are called aphrodisiacs. Your name to these substances received the name of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Such food stimulates sexual desire or sexual activity. The most well-known products-aphrodisiac, which include seafood, mainly oysters and mussels), some mushrooms, spicy herbs (fennel and parsley), celery, onion, garlic, ginger, honey.

In general, talking about helpful for the power of food, which in the most part of products of vegetable origin, rich in fibre and vitamins E, A, S, as well as zinc and some biologically active substances (alicina, lysine, phytosterols). The presence of these components can pick up useful for male potency products.

Herbal remedies for impotence

Powerful natural means of powerlessness are the root of ginger and ginseng. It is such a large amount of vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances, their use in foods positive in general good shape of the body and restore the reproductive function in men.

Ginger and ginseng is widely applied in practice, the treatment of male sexual insolvency, caused by various reasons. The roots of these plants can be used in different ways – fresh or dried, as a tea or alcohol tinctures. The course of the reception can last from a week to several months, usually the man will quickly feel a positive effect.

Products of animal origin to increase the power

Good food is not of vegetable origin, which however has a positive effect on strengthening of erection in men can be attributed to the protein rich lean foods. This can be milk and dairy products (milk, cream milk, yogurt, cheese), fish, seafood, eggs, lean meat.

Rich in protein from a food is necessary for the production of testosterone, and then it must be an obligatory part of the diet of all men. Chicken and egg of quail, in addition to easy digestion of protein, contain useful trace elements and vitamins a, E, In. In milk, yoghurt, cream, cottage cheese has cultivated beneficial bacteria that affect the general state of the organism. When you select the meat to more meat, the fish, the more useful it is considered the halibut and the mackerel.

The fruits, the vegetables, the fruits and the nuts

Fruits, vegetables, fruits, and nuts to increase your power

We have already seen, is that any fiber-rich beneficial effect on erectile function in men. The fact that the flagrant vegetable fiber displays the body of toxins and improves the metabolism. Just for this speaks in favor of fruits, vegetables, fruits and nuts. And because they also contain vitamins and minerals that directly affect the male strength.

Thus, bananas have a stimulating effect, for the account contained in them potassium. Coconuts contain plant protein and, in general, beneficial to the quality of the sperm. The strawberry is rich in zinc, which increases the level of testosterone in the body. This hormone, in turn, is responsible for sexual arousal. Avocado, artichoke, celery, asparagus, horseradish – these plants are also able to amplify the male potency.

It is worth mentioning the nuts, which are considered to be the source of vegetable protein. In many of these vitamins and trace elements, that they are very well assume the role of products to improve erection. The kernel walnut in large quantity, which contain easily digestible form of vitamin E. The food is better to eat a bit immature fruits. Cedar nuts affect the general level of hormones in the body. Almonds are rich in riboflavin, vitamin e And calcium, which is well stimulates the power. The pistachio contains zinc, vitamins A and e have a stimulating effect. These properties nuts are well-known since the most ancient times. The representatives of many nations, before loving the joys they ate is the kernel of nuts.

A strong effect can achieve, combining the intake of nuts, with the intake of dried fruits and honey. These products are also many useful minerals. As there is a long time known of the drug to the power ground nuts can mix with the flaked with dried fruits (plum, raisins, figs, dates) and honey. Daily use of one to two tablespoons of such a tool, it is possible to achieve the total gain of erection.

Herbs to increase power

Herbs to increase power

Among the recipes for impotence if faced with a lot of herbs rates based on the that make teas and broths. For example, infusion in water, at the base of the clover, mint, nettle and st. john's wort. 5 tablespoons each of grass, pour a liter of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes. This infusion is recommended to apply cup 3 to 4 times per day. The same effect is the famous collection of flowers of calendula and immortelle, valerian root, and the herb st. john's wort. Or infusion of the seeds of artemisia, and was adopted by 20 minutes before a meal.

In the daily diet, it is useful to introduce spicy green, which is an aphrodisiac. It is basil, celery leaves, purslane, savory, thyme, st. john's wort, mint, fennel, cumin, tarragon, and other herbs. Be used as a condiment for different dishes or when eaten fresh.

Essential oils

In addition to edible products, the most strong aphrodisiac refer to the essential oils of some plants. Aromatherapy to improve potency in men can perform purposely in the journals inhalation, but you can use this tool as a complement to and without pleasant procedures. For example, use a drop of essential oil to the normal or erotic massage of the body, or add water to take a shower. The man is very confident of the relationship between the sense of smell and the excitement.

The "male" oils aphrodisiac can be attributed to evacuation of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, cypress, ginger, clove oil, and rosemary. They increase the potency, enhance sexual desire and have action on the total release.