Potency in men of 60 years and their improvement: the correct actions

The changes in the sexual sphere should be smooth, is not the end of the intimate life, in the new stage. It is important to note the problem, search for a doctor and determine the cause in order to get sensible recommendations, saving the consequences in the form of impotence.

the power after 60 years


The age is not the reason by which it occurs impotence. The main factors that cause erectile dysfunction, consider:

  • the decrease in testosterone associated with age, the weakening of functional secretory glands;
  • the bad state of the blood vessels, causing the blood to the penis. The walls are formed of plate, that is connected with the metabolism, wrong feed;
  • bad habits (smoking, alcoholism);
  • emotional factors (loss of attractiveness, the deterioration of the relationship with the partner, the shortage of sensations).

Listed reasons leading to reduction of power, after 60 years of age. Suspicion of erectile dysfunction can be symptoms, distinct for this state.

The symptoms

In retirement age of a man to the excitement, sometimes need more time than in youth. The penis rises less intense, erection unstable. The characteristic signs, that it is time to consult a physician, are the following:

  • at the height of the excitation of the penis doesn't reaches the original size;
  • to get stable erections have to do tricks, to do more stimulation;
  • the orgasm is not as pronounced;
  • after ejaculation, the penis quickly withered, to the accompaniment of sexual acts need to a time;
  • the testes lose their elasticity, decreasing;
  • the skin of the scrotum any type of clearances.

After 60 years of reproductive age and decrease in function of the sperm and the worse of that move, are produced in a smaller quantity. This means, the chances of paternity of the minor.

Ways to improve the

The therapy must be integrated, in addition, each phase is important. The most effective techniques:

  • the treatment of chronic diseases and medications, operating. It is especially important to eliminate / deter diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, pathology of the liver and prostate, atherosclerosis;
  • join a diet, improving blood circulation, reduces cholesterol, feeding the blood with oxygen, useful trace elements. The proper nutrition – the remedy not only against the impotence, but also of other "old" to the problems;
  • the increase of physical activity with special emphasis on the muscles of the pelvic floor. Doctors recommend to learn more about Kegel exercises;
  • the normalization of sexual sphere. To increase strength, you must train her. It is advisable not to take long breaks in between patron contacts. Normally, if they go through once in 7 to 10 days;
  • the treatment of folk ways (decoction, settings, candles, ointments), containing natural products. The drug serves or buy in the pharmacy.

Pharmacy network offer a ton of drugs, of existing assets in power, but no to consult your doctor tablets of short action to take, should not – they have a negative effect to other organs. It is better to use more insurance revenues that are applied at home:

  • tincture of siberian ginseng, ginseng. Accepted course. On the first day – 1 drop in 100 ml of water, the second 2, and so on, until you reach 28 droplets. A break of 3 months and a repeat course. Long-term treatment. Contraindications – hypertension, heart disease, blood vessels;
  • powerful tool for power – a mixture of honey and nuts. The ingredients are mixed 1:1, to take in the morning, in the evening, 2 h. l.;
  • mix 1 St. l. grinding, rip.lotah berries of ash and rose hip oil, pour 500 ml of boiling water, leave for 6 hours. Take 100 ml in the morning, in the evening. The course in 30 days;
  • the regular use of KapuSttion juice has a positive effect on the health of men.


The problem in the intimate sphere hit to male self-esteem, therefore, it is best to not allow that to happen. Doctors give recommendations of how to improve the power after 60 years of age, to improve the overall health:

  1. Visit sexapadelyeah. Doctor to determine the causes, and tell how to resolve its impact in the intimate atmosphere of a ball.
  2. Regularly to have sexual relations. Preferably with a partner.
  3. Move further, practice of the appropriate sport.
  4. Avoid physical fatigue and emotional.
  5. Stop smoking, minor to consume alcoholic beverages.
  6. Control the body weight, by selecting the proper nutrition. The diet should be more garlic, seafood, eggs, chocolate, vegetables, nuts, honey.
  7. Comply with the schedule of work and rest.
  8. Take some baths of contrast.
  9. Prophylactically take herbal rates, do Kegel exercises.

Has the weight of the drugs, promising the quick solution of problems with the power. Choose any of them worth only after consulting a doctor, because it all depends on the cause of the problem. The medicine selected according to the age, characteristics of the body, the presence of disease, style of life. Necessarily you need to become familiar with the indications and contra-indications to observe, specified in the instructions for dosage.