Power harms the smoker: how smoking affects the potency.

Power harms the smoker is the male part of the health, which is affected by the harmful effects of tobacco. In tobacco smoke the massive amount of carcinogenic substances, each of which can cause serious illness in all human systems, from allergic reactions and even the emergence of cancer diseases, in specific cases, in the liver or diseases of the heart.

smoking and the power


All the modern studies show that smoking is harmful, it affects the male potency.

Impotence is defined by doctors as the inability of a man to perform sexual intercourse. The most frequent manifestations of the disease are loss of libido, violation of ejaculation, slow down the production of male hormones.

Impotence is a disease which is permanent, so in men, which draws more negative emotions.

The doctors say that the number of hospitals cigarettes does not play a special role in the formation of impotence. So how does smoking affect the power. The vessels — here is the question.

In cigarette smoke contains nicotine and tar. The process of smoking is very bad for the vascular system human. When a person smokes, the carbon monoxide released from tobacco, prevents the body from receiving the oxygen, and this, in turn, would have a acts on the circulatory system. The nicotine narrows the vessels in the body harms the smoker, occurs a spasm. The development atherosclerotic disease, fragility and occlusion — all of this can cause the nicotine, because of this, there occurs the defeat of the muscle tissue of the heart and brain.

Scientists and doctors choose is the effect that smoking has on the output:

  • dystonia of vessels (erection set by the state and weak blood vessels);
  • the emergence of plaques of atherosclerosis in the vessels (due to the cards the normal filling of tissue does not occur and, therefore, the erection does not happen);
  • the low level of production of hormones during the lack of sexual activity (the sexual life is only a convention, the endocrine system will not work in the maximum power).

That is why the answer to the question, is that smoking is prohibited in power, is positive.


For men dangerous to smoke a cigarette, because the quality of sperm can change. The decrease of sperm quality, which leads to a change of genes, and this, in turn, may cause abnormal development and birth defects in offspring.

Affects smoking also the length and quality of the sexual relationship. Scientists have proven that it harms the smoker of a man, the sexual act occurs about 6 times per month, while a non-smoker sexual activity several times higher. Also, the average duration of the sexual act, the smoking men is about 4 minutes. It is worth noting the sexual satisfaction: the non-smoking couples more satisfied and pleased with the process that smoke.

Smoking and power are interdependent, that is, if a man smokes too much, and sexual problems. And even in the case of the reasoning of some scholars about the maximize the effects of smoking on the power, after 35 years of youth it also costs to think about: the impotence is not connected to the youth or maturity. To harms the smoker at any age there is the danger of a vascular disease, which can spread to the tissue male sexual organ.

Virtually any person who loves to smoke, occurs a violation of hormonal decreases the pressure on the sexual organ.

It is worth noting that the biggest danger is impotence is for men that have hypertension. High pressure, combined with the poisonous resins and nicotine harmful acts on the sexual function.


how to recover the power

Health professionals to this question respond exclusively to this hotfix needs to stop smoking. There are studies showing that if you harm the smoker about 7 hours prior to sexual intercourse, the strength to not smoke cigarettes, the power increases. But to fully enjoy the masculine power, has categorically leave this disastrous habit.

However, if the disease is in the phase of neglect, a single waiver of the tobacco will not return immediately of masculine power, but this will be the first step to recovery.

If the person has left smoking a cigarette, it's not going to go back to it immediately healthy power, t. to. waiver of the tobacco is a complex process. It can manifest under stress or psychological problems: irritability or nervousness, aggression or APAtichnostand. In such conditions, sexual life is not so pleasant. But through 1.5 months of work of vessels is normal, you receive the correct tone and pace of your work, because of this, they become visible and sexual changes: occurs most rigid erection, increases the time of sexual intercourse, libido, becomes expressed more strong.

To the men, in a period of power recovery in case of failure of the tobacco is not worth abusing stimulants of tone in vascular, for example, the Paypal or its equivalent. Thin walls of the blood vessels after a long process of smoking can behave unpredictably.

Take care of your health man must understand that satisfactiontVarenna favorite wife and full, and healthy children is the right choice, which consists in the abandonment of the addiction. After all, the negative impact of smoke on the power without a doubt scientifically.