Normal power and 60 years

In adulthood the preservation of erectile function, it becomes relevant to all men, without exception. This is related to the natural aging process of the body. If you up to 35-40 years, testosterone is produced in sufficient amount, after 40 years of its production gradually decreases and the 60 years of imprisonment is reduced from almost none in double, the sperm cells become less agile, the testes decrease in size, the orgasm becomes less pronounced.

How to recover the power in 60 years. This issue requires a serious approach, as well as in adulthood is that all men already have a baggage of certain diseases. In the first place affects the heart and the blood vessels. To remain the greater possible time in the training, certainly you should maintain an active lifestyle, but must not already be as syndrome attending gyms. Strength exercise should stay in the past.

A good power,promise of a happy life

At this age, it is very good to do swimming, walking, yoga, fitness. Morning exercises and contrast showers – this minimum also give you joy. The revision of the eating habits and the addition of vitamins and trace elements – one of the ways of how to improve the power after 60 years of age. You can also become and turn to an expert-the sex therapist. Some professional advice able to establish an atmosphere in the family and give a new impetus to the development of the intimate life. A fresh look of the always helpful.

Physical exercise

Aerobics classes help to stimulate the blood circulation, without which it is not possible to the maintenance of a normal erection. These exercises are good for the entire cardiovascular system. The correct breathing, which is used in the process of training, it is beneficial in all organs, as well as the enrichment of oxygen.

Special exercise for the pelvic muscles. The man during urination you should try to suspend the process. Repeating this exercise several times a day, it will strengthen your muscles significantly.

Yoga classes have a psychotherapeutic effect, this and extremely helpful.

Special mini-exercises to improve power:

  1. The plow. Probably, everyone remembers how, in the gym of the school they had flip-flopped earlier. So, here is the beginning of this year, in part, it seems. From the position lying on your back with your legs slowly moving up, and then sent by the head. Taz comes out of the ground. The position of the body, the side reminds of the plow. In such a posture should be in ten seconds. After the end of the fiscal year may not be dramatically raising.The exercise does not tolerate noise.
  2. The snake. From the position lying on the stomach, slowly raise the head and the body up to the waist. All of this is done in the inspiration. We should try to bend backwards. In this posture you should try to be frozen for 20 seconds.
  3. The onion. Exercise is carried out from the position lying belly-down. Bend the knees and try to grab them with your hands, gradually pulling up the torso and the head up. After a strong voltage back to the initial position.

This exercise should be treated very seriously, as well as if you should avoid injuries and muscle stretching. You can not exaggerated, the duration of each exercise should not wear the man. Before implementation, it is recommended as well to warm up the muscles and joints, always carry out your on an empty stomach. It is better, if it is morning or a few hours before sleep. And another one important detail: do not proceed with the execution of the complex, without talking to your doctor.

How to increase the power in 60 years, with the help of the diet

For the well-being you should review the power. A greater power depends directly on the correct power. In the first place, men 60 years, we have to reduce the foods that contain cholesterol. Attach to the walls of the blood vessels, violates the circulation of the blood, which immediately responds to power. This means that, butter, cheeses and dairy products it is necessary to exclude from the diet. All the same can be used with the lowest percentage of fat. A lot of the diet fats to delete does not. Also, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of salt.

Day of the standard should not exceed 6 to 7 grams. The salt increases blood pressure, contributes to the arrest in the body of liquid, which leads to the edema members. This occurs because of the large workload for the kidneys. Power recovery, after 60 years of age will spend much more efficient, if the man to get rid of weight. It is not an easy task, since with the disappearance of the synthesis of testosterone your occupy a place estrogens, contributing to the accumulation of fat, and this regardless of the power. Means the correct and moderate power, it is necessary to learn to regulate the process of obesity from the body.

The exception of a ration of white bread and a baking of sweet, smoky, and sharp will help improve the metabolic processes

That even replace a favorite food. Will have to forget pasta and potatoes. To replace them must come cooked vegetables and stews. How can more. Doubled the cooking oil, they fulfill the function of side dishes. Buckwheat cereal, cooked rice and lentils also vary a day of feeding. This is not all the limits. The fat meat, also, must leave in the past. He replaced and should come in lean beef or veal (the meat of the pig is necessary to always forget), and best of all go to the meat of the birds (not only the duck) - chicken, turkey or rabbit.

Once per day, during the dinner, necessarily, the work must be of garlic. It is useful in every way! In the first place, he – the usual and the delicious seasoning; in the second place, it dilutes the blood; in the third place, you can bring back the power. And that's not all useful properties! It destroys bacteria and viruses, prevents the development of neoplasms, were applied in the treatment of diabetes.

The base of garlic, there are a series of infusions, which increase the potency

To maintain the functioning of the heart, it is time to enter into the diet foods that contain potassium and magnesium. The list of such products is diverse. This and lean meat, fish, carrot, banana and walnuts.

The gain of power huge impact main male mineral – zinc. The daily requirement of zinc contained in pumpkin seeds – only 50-60 grains in the day to solve the problem.

Increasing the potency in men, after 60 years of age requires the constant reference to the intimate life. At this age, it is harmful to make the big breaks. Abstinence during the month poorly, the impact on men's health. In this, he must help the partner. Your task is the manifestation of the activity, as well as with the passing of years, the spouse is more slow if it excites you and when you do not achieve orgasm can be disappointed, which will only aggravate the situation.

The man can't give the excuse of "out of yourself" and start to analyze the failure

Have to try to resolve, even if this was an isolated case. May be, to remember her husband, that the failure there was in the younger years, when I had problems. Important – the sex must be reasonably regular. It's not worth immediately resort to drugs-stimulants. Only that, if the trend in the impossibility of committing a sexual act, you should contact your doctor. To recover the power it is always more difficult, than to save.

Therefore, an axiom is that your normal state is the result of a correct life-style. The power output is reduced due to lack of testosterone in the body, with it we can't do anything – it is the nature, but in the power of every man, this process does not speed up your irrational actions. This age is time to stop smoking and abusing alcohol. To drink, of course, can be, but the intake of strong drinks as well to replace the red wine dry, and lying on the couch – walk.

The more the man will move you – the best

With this, it ensures the absence of stagnation in the pelvis. In the same cases, when it is necessary to resort to stimulants, the council must have a physician, after an evaluation, since it is independent of the destination of such medicines can lead to a sad result. And increased blood pressure – no more sad option.

The ginger and the honey

Medicines for potency, primarily, to act on a principle: increase the blood flow to the penis, thus, increase the sensitivity. The disadvantage is that the assistance is provided one time. Impotence is the medicine will not cure. There are several types of stimulants – hormonal homeopathic medicines and phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE-5). Inhibitor recognized as efficient because it does not give the enzyme to destroy cyclic guanosine-monophosphate necessary for an erection.

Folk remedies

With the help of broths and tinctures, it can also improve erection.

The root of ginseng–, at its base, is made alcohol tincture, use daily one glass achieves the result

The ginger root is rich in vitamins and trace elements advise when eaten fresh. This can be a tea, and the seasoning of the dish, even pickled!

It is useful celery fresh. You can not cook. Eat the stem adds energy! But, if you wish, you can squeeze the juice and mix with the juice of other vegetables.

Nuts bring a lot of benefit, and the power, and the body in general. They can be consumed separately or in a mixture with honey.

The honey and bee products, located in one of the first places in the resolution of problems male. Some believe that it is chestnut honey is most useful to men.

Increasing the potency in men, after the age of 60 is not a whim, and not a luxury! It is a necessity, without which it is not possible, more full of life.