The most power - exercises to gain erection

Special facilities, exercise easy to perform and does not require much effort, as the main rule of the regularity. But when obedience to all the precepts of magic to improve the result is guaranteed, even without receiving medical! Treatment of impotence has never been so simple, men get a result simple exercises for strengthening and gradual improvement.

exercises to improve power

Advantages and disadvantages

Physical exercises to improve the potency, which are described below are available man of any age and physical type. The exercise is easy to perform by yourself – you do not need a coach to attend the room does not need to. This provides a rapid improvement and strengthening of the fighting spirit.

Advantages of this technique are many. The main

  • Strengthens the muscles. Because of this, it will increase the reproductive health.
  • Produces endorphins and testosterone. The more quickly possible to recover the body, improve the manifestation of male power.
  • Is the "output" for the adrenaline, which causes stress. In addition, it is recommended to do to improve the health of auditory training.

The only drawback lies in the fact that regularity is key. The amplification of state power, after 50 years it is also possible to help you in the exercises to increase including erection! Results confirm the many comments about the effective increase male power.

Principles of execution

Exercises to restore the power it needs to perform properly. For this, it is advisable to find examples in the photo or video (especially home) – this will show you the correct way to move to the treatment, what are the rules to comply with, there is in them, and practical advice. You should visit a health care professional that will put an accurate diagnosis and to say, which appeared impotence.

Perform physical activity at any opportunity, for example:

  • Choose a ladder, and do not lift even 5 or 6 floors.
  • Go to work on foot.
  • As long as you can move, and do not walk by car or public transport.
  • The loading of the morning should become a habit.

You should not feel pain and other unpleasant sensations. Do physical exercises for the strengthening of the erection gently, with care – for a power is what you need. For the positive effect (strengthening), the need to act carefully, and gradually increase the work load.

The correct therapeutic complex for men

The data best animals of exercises to improve power and improve the recommended to carry out two times a day – morning and evening. Do not chase the number of approaches, try to create the best conditions to maximize the warm up and stretch the body to increase the potency, strengthening and improvement.

Drill step

Straighten the back and lower the arms along the body. You can put them in the zone. Gently lift bent at the knee, the leg, does not matter, to the right or to the left. Then carefully, turn it around, after a few seconds of committing this same movement with the second foot.

Mix attacks, stay tuned to the increasing rhythm. The first time it is recommended to maintain the average speed of execution. In the process, you can connect your home exercises with weights, if you are already experienced in movements.

Exercise creates ideal conditions to improve, increase and to increase potency in men. Also immediately stabilized blood flow to the penis body, that ensures the increase in the hardness of your erections.


The initial position is the same as in the previous, the home is an exercise "Drill" step. To run bend your knees slightly and contract the glutes, presenting, if you are attempting to keep a stone. Keep breathing, follow the steps until you feel a slight fatigue in the body.

Due to this exercise to improve the power in the house becomes the best condition anus, to its improvement, the strengthening of the reproductive functions, ensures the stable operation, the genitals of men.

On all fours

Remember that the effective exercises to improve and strengthen the power to become-if only for due diligence done, so be careful! The knees should touch the ground surface, clearly, in front of the pelvis, the palm of the hand, put so to their face to him, it was possible to pass the straight line. A walk, pull – a pre-requisite.

Gently slide the body backward, gradually sitting the buttocks to the heel. The hands should stay straight. Hold in this position for some time, feeling as relax the muscles, increase the vertebrae, and reaches a gain of well-being.

Exercise to improve sexual qualities of the men warns the stagnation of blood in the lower part of the body is the positive action to raise to the power. Warm up the joints of the back, implemented home light massage of the prostate.

The muscle control time

The man should stand up exactly straight back, lower your hands to the side of the body, relax and look to the right. Exercise for the power (improve) consists of the following steps: you should make the normal breathing and get more time on the expiration, simultaneously stretching the muscles of the anus as hard as you can. After 4-5 seconds (in the first time – as far as resists) gently exhale, and relax.

Repeat the exercise a few times, but do not forget to make a pause for breath fully or, at least, partially restored. An important point! The buttocks of tension should not, try to touch only the muscles of the anus. First, it is complicated, but with time you learn to – a good workout ensures instant hardness of your erections thanks to these conditions.

exercises of power

The effect on the power is the following: are made homemade and natural, that increases the power of massage and the control of the state muscles the sphere of reproductive improvement.

Special squat

This gymnastics for potency ensures the strengthening of the organs of the pelvis. The gluteal muscles are compressed and unclench, for the account of which is then massaged with the prostate. Because of this, it is possible to treat effectively the problem of pets at home.

Place the feet slightly wider shoulder, straighten the back and then run smooth crouch on expiration, not by creating a high voltage (this is especially important the first few times). Reaching the final goal, pull the hands away as far as possible between the legs. Make a small pause, and then start gently lifting, again on expiration. In a straight line, immediately make more soft breaths-exhalations, to quickly recover the breath. Remember the gradual increase of the effort.


Lie on your back. Bend your knees, gently pull the foot to the buttocks, without creating tension. With the palms of the hands touch the knees. At expiration, apart with the help of power cables or the movements of the hands. Ending again on the expiration trying to keep the knees together, but now, resist with the hands. Repeat the exercise to gain, at least 3 times.

Exercise to improve and increase the strength of the male is easily done at home, for the implementation requires only the care. It trains the muscles of the perineum, which exclusively affects positively the increase of their power of men and stabilization of erection. In addition, actions are carried out against the hand and in the chest, which develops these parts of the body.

Autogenous the exercise will not be superfluous. It seeks a rapid withdrawal of nervous tension, fatigue. A home exercises – strengthening of the control of breathing. We recommend entering in a special, relaxing and posture, to cover your eyes and feel the warmth of the hand, the state of matter around you, to feel you breathe, life noise, such as accumulates the power.

Exercises to improve power and improve granted above, it is easy to make at home. They don't require materials, costs and time, and ensure to improve, improve, improve the state of men, are available in any age and in any body weight category. For the execution of the exercises do not need a coach, and expensive medical tools, which are often simply kill health.