How to prolong the sexual activity in 50 years


As occurs sexual arousal

The power is very delicate and complicated. In his training he participated in several systems of the body. The emergence of sexual arousal depends on the operation of systems, such as:

• Hormonal;
• The vessels;
• The circulation of the blood;
• The nerve endings.

The first process is included in a hormonal system. Initially, there occurs the activation of a hormone-testosterone. It makes the form the division of impulse. The impulse comes from the hypothalamus. In this case, activate the nerve endings of the penis. Back irritate the vascular system of men. The vessels dilate, the walls are on the increase. The blood flow in an artery in the groin is strengthened. Under the influence of circulation occurs, the filling of the corpora cavernosa of the penis. General features stretched, the penis increases. When you are prompted to erection occurs the compression of the sphincter of the bladder. This is necessary to prevent the seminal fluid to inside the cavity of the bladder. The orgasm causes the release of testosterone in the prostate. It displays the secret of seminal fluid in the semyavyvodyazhie path. The secret is mixed with sex cells and is displayed in the urethra. You receive the ejaculation.

Also in the formation of a power participates in the psychic system. The psychological state of the men of influence in sexual desire. If you have multiple psychological factors male libido, you can reduce or increase.


The reason for the deterioration of sexual arousal

After 50 years in the body occur significant changes. In the body decrease the metabolism. The deterioration of the power occurs due to such reasons, as:

• External;
• Internal.

The external factors include a variety of reasons. The main influence is the profession of a man. Along to find in a sitting position in the pelvic organs disturbed troficheskoe nutrition. The circulation of the blood slows down the delivery of oxygen decreases. The work of the prostate and testicles does not happen fully. When you do this, you can considerably change the mass of the body. The increased weight also exerts its pathological impact on the health of the sexual organs. Under the pressure of excess fat to merge the pelvic organs are compressed and change its location. The man suffers not only power, but also for general health.

The external causes applies to change the psychological state of the man. Stress at work, increased mental load, quarrels in the family cause the deterioration of the functioning of the brain. The man becomes irritated. It diminishes the sexual desire. Rare sexual relations have a negative impact on the power. In such patients may lead to deterioration of blood circulation in the pelvis.

After 50 years the muscular frame weakens men. Many patients do not involve, in addition, the sport and the exercises. When the deterioration of the muscles occurs sexual weakness. To restore the power should maintain an active lifestyle.

Internal causes depend on the general state of health of the man. After 50 years of problems with different organs or systems. Many patients is celebrated the increase in blood pressure, deterioration of the functioning of the hormonal system, to violation of exchange processes. It is also celebrated the current gain of chronic diseases.

The domestic reasons can be assigned different inflammatory pathology sexual. Special attention should be given to the diseases of the prostate and mochevyvodyazhim organs. The power to affect простатиты, etiology diverse. The danger of the disease is chronic it all. The symptoms appear over a long period of time. Many patients may occur the development of complications, one of them is the erectile dysfunction.

For the power to be dangerous and hormonal failures. Such violations are often found in patients suffering from diabetes. When the disease violated the metabolic processes in peripheral tissues and organs. Violation of the exchange, the process causes difficulty in the functioning of the prostate gland and the hypothalamus. There is a change in hormone levels. The amount of testosterone in diabetics, significantly less than the healthy men. To resolve this problem you can experienced endocrinologist.

All of these pathologies are accompanied by a variety of symptoms, in which the need to pay attention to. If you receive a breach of power, the need to reveal the cause of its deterioration.

The diagnosis of a patient


In the case of infringement of a potency of 50 years need time to seek help from a specialist. The doctor will help establish a diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment. For the diagnosis of the patient applies to the examination of ultra-sound, and originate from various analyses.

Initially it is necessary to identify the pathological changes in the blood pressure in the bed of a man. Diseases in the sexual glands in the blood of the patient increases the number of white blood cells. White blood cells are responsible for the output of antibodies to the organism. In the normal state the number of white blood cells of the child.

You must also examine the state of the urinary system. For this, use a ultrasound examination of. The ultrasound can detect the affected areas, or the inflammatory process in the tissues. If the pathological changes are available, it is assigned an additional hardware test.

For the correct sexual stimulation needs to install and the composition of the seminal fluid. After 50 years there is a decrease in the synthesis of testosterone, which affects the number of sex cells and the composition of the secret of seminal fluid. If a man realizes the change of appearance ejakuljata, then he needs spermogramma.

When there is a suspicion of inflammatory disease in the genito-urinary system, it is recommended to pass the swab of the urethra. The swab can be different pathogens or products of their life.

If the deterioration of the power occurs in the middle of the most of pathological processes, those professionals perform an additional examination.

How to improve the excitation

After 50 years, the experts recommend to carry out the annual inspection. With the age of the work of the organ decreases, and chronic diseases are amplified. Many patients is not recommended to keep active in the sexual life. At the tender age of stagnation of the seminal fluid leads to disruption of the power, in 50 years, this process becomes the opposite.

It is also recommended to adjust the following processes:

• Power;
• The physical activity;
• To pick up the necessary treatment;
• The level of vitamins and minerals in the body;
• To abandon the bad habits;
• Avoid strong fluctuations in temperature.

The men of 50 years, it is important to carry out the selection of their food. It should include a variety of vitamins and minerals. To improve power, we recommend to adjust the level of zinc, calcium, phosphorus and proteins in the body. Zinc is necessary for the correct and long-lasting functioning of the hormonal system. It regulates producirovanie of testosterone. A large amount of zinc contained in the wheat krupe, turkey meat, wood of cedar, nuts, and beans. Calcium helps maintain the health of bone and tissue. The large amount is in the кисломолочной products.

Protein-rich foods improves spermatogenesis in men. But one should consider the presence of co-morbidities. This type of products is denied to men who suffer from hypertension and heart diseases.


The power is directly dependent on and physical activity of the patient. In 50 years, many men take maloaktivnyi lifestyle. The increased mobility also helps improve the oxygen nutrition of the tissues. A sufficient amount of oxygen prolongs the sexual work.

If a man of 50 years has associated diseases, it is necessary to perform your treatment. The therapy is assigned strictly professional. Must strictly follow the doctor's recommendations. This will help you to solve a number of potential complications and side power.

In 50 years, you should avoid yourself from various bad habits. Solutions alcohol based drinks cause disturbances in spermatogenesis. The formation of seminal fluid is complicated. The drinks involve the malfunction of the cardiovascular system. If you have hypertension, the solutions to alcohol-based cocktails totally counter-indicated. Smoking also has a negative impact on the work of the blood vessels. The active smokers filling of the corpora cavernosa, becomes incomplete. Restore is possible by means of a total failure of the nicotine. If you have multiple problems with the sexual organs is not recommended to visit the Turkish or sauna.

All these rules can help prolong the sexual function of a man. In 50 years, the power is easily disturbed. Compliance with the life-style can reduce the risk of weakening of power.