How to catch it: recipes to boost the power

Of course, talking about the reduction of power, we have in mind is a temporary phenomenon and not a serious disease, which should contact your doctor and, especially, to find out the cause.

The temporary reduction in power output affect different circumstances. Is chronic stress, both physical and psychological, of load, of strong turbulence, mental... Alcohol and tobacco, also adversely act on power. Smoking leads to a narrowing of the blood vessels, and there is concern at the decrease of the blood supply to the genitals.

potency in men

If for a power drop affected in any stressful situation, so here is a recipe from a - to allow the body to relax, relax: a light massage, yoga classes (special exercises that activate the circulation in the pelvic region and genital), scented for a bath. Popular recipe: relaxing baths, bay leaf. Boil the leaves and then merge the infusion in the bath, add an infusion of the flowers of chamomile, one takes before going to sleep 15-30 mines. Or even the leaves of the laurel insists in cold water 12 hours and then take a bath.

If the cause sexual impotence are various diseases (diabetes, obesity, exhaustion, heart disease), then, necessarily, it is first necessary to treat the main disease. In other cases - calm and strengthen the body. And to begin with the normal diet. For example, for men it is very important foods rich in protein. This meat, fish, eggs - natural aphrodisiacs.

Revenue to increase the power

The old and well-known recipe of scrambled eggs. For the greatest effect can be confused fry with the onion. The onion also helps to increase the sexual activity, gives energy to the body. In addition, the sexual stamina of men increases the meat, but eat too much, in any case, is not possible. Another recipe is a dish from the testicles of the ram. Fry them with the onions and add the chicken egg - tasty and healthy. In the Caucasus, this dish is considered to be purely male.

If the meat is boring, you eat the fish. Fresh, well welded mackerel, broth from the crayfish - all of this helps to strengthen the sexual power. To decorate and to vegetables, in that a lot of different vitamins: beets in any form, radish, turnips, olives, carrots.

The sexual activity increase, and seafood. Oysters, Rapana, mussels in spicy sauce will be once more.

Always have on hand-nuts, seeds. They contain vitamin E, which also supports your way. Walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds – sesame seeds in India advise consumed with honey.

More a delicious recipe, which is offered in many textbooks of the people is a mixture of honey with walnuts. Prepare a mixture of equal parts of honey and shredded walnut kernels, take 30 minutes after eating 2-3 times a day for 2 tablespoons of tea within 3-4 weeks.

Fig the people of the south is also used to increase the power. It works as a tool that develops strength, stimulating the work of the heart (which is very important), the liver, and the kidneys.

For the peoples of the Transcaucasus to increase the sexual desire are used dairy products: sour milk, sour milk. Tea, coffee are also stimulated drinks. And in the Caucasus, they beer still, and with the addition of different spices: cloves (by the way, it is used for the same purpose and in China), the powder of ginger, saffron.

In central Asia, the pistachio is considered to be the middle, offering male strength and strengthens the heart. In France consume artichokes, fresh to increase potency and also a snail, a delicacy in many countries. In Greece, olive oil is considered to be an indispensable tool when sexual impotence, because the olive oil richly fatty acids and gives nutrition and energy to the genital organs.