How to recover the power: medications and home remedies

Sooner or later virtually any man faced with the challenge of reducing power, and many times, this unpleasant surprise can happen to the very young and the men. The representatives of the strong half of humanity, the strength of many conditionings in no hurry to see a doctor and try to find the answer to the question of how to recover the power, in the house of friends or on the internet. In fact, an advice from an expert could help solve this problem and install has caused the cause. As the best way to recover the power.

to recover the power

The object of the exhibition

The recovery of energy in men it is impossible, without identifying the cause that caused the sexual dysfunction. If the power loss occurs only in isolated cases, perhaps, the man needs to relax or to relieve stress, but a decline in the systematic erection or ejaculation point to the impotence, that requires a serious treatment. The main reason of the impact on the reduction of sexual power, are the following:

  • Endocrine diseases.

A common cause of reduction of male potency is the hormonal imbalance in the body occurs with a decrease in the production of male sex hormones, especially testosterone. The cause of the lowering of the level of the hormone responsible for sexual arousal and erectile function, may be a tumor, the etiology is diverse, injuries, and chronic diseases. Establish the cause of reduction of power and assign the appropriate treatment in this case, will help the doctor-endocrinologist.

  • The action of some medicines.

The reduction of power may be the consequence of the intake of certain medications, the oppressive activity of the nervous system, especially if the medications are taken uncontrollably. The deterioration in erection and decreased sexual arousal can occur due to the intake of antidepressants, anti-anxiety funds, as well as the hormonal medicines prescribed in the treatment of cancer.

  • Neurological disease nature.

Pathology related to neurological disorders, can also be the cause of reduction of male potency, especially if they are related to the violation of the vascularization of the spinal cord and brain. These diseases include:

  1. Epilepsy.
  2. The multiple sclerosis.
  3. The problem with the think of movement.
  4. Parkinson's disease and some other.
what affects the power

Impotence caused by neurological diseases, difficult to live the correction, a time that many of these incurable diseases, the resources of modern medicine are limited only by the techniques, able to ease the state of patient.

  • The psychological factors.

The reduction of power in the midst of the constant stresses, fatigue, bad relationship with the partner is very common for men, especially younger. Many times, violations of erectile function, and ejaculation are associated with a variety of complex, insecurity, the fear of unwanted pregnancy. To adjust to this state will help the conversation with the therapist.

  • Other factors.

Problems with power can occur after various injuries, and after operations, and related problems in the system genito-urinary tract, for example, after a prostatectomy, or removal extended the vein of the seeds power cord. It has also reduced the power can be the result of problems with the blood vessels or heart.

It is also a serious negative impact on male potency have bad habits: smoking, alcohol abuse, bad eating behavior. In great part of men of power depends on the style of life, physical activity, and the ecological environment.

In any case, the cause of the erectile function must set this to a specialist, he will prescribe the treatment based on the diagnosis carried out and of the results of the analysis.

What is necessary to resolve

The reduction of power can be as unique and permanent, to that end, the state of are characteristic the following symptoms:

  1. Decrease in sexual desire.
  2. The weaker erection, or the lack of it.
  3. The problem of early ejaculation.
  4. Reduction of sensations during orgasm.

The symptoms can manifest themselves alone or in complex, if a man for a long period of time, detect all the signals in each attempt of sexual contact, the specialists say about the impotence, and this situation requires urgent treatment for sexologist or a doctor-andrologist.

To recover the power can following proven methods:

  • The medication treatment.
  • Physical therapy treatment and regeneration massage.
  • Home remedies to improve power.
  • Consulting sexologist and a psychologist.
  • The change of style of life, refusal of bad habits.

To quickly restore the power possible with the integrated application of these methods, but to choose the best course of treatment can only a doctor.

medical therapy

Medical therapy

Modern pharmacology offers a wide range of medications to improve potency in any pharmacy for these tools are reserved entire display. Many drugs, thanks to an aggressive television and print advertising all ears, but doctors always warn that it is not possible to blindly believe media advertising, up until then, since no ad does not talk about the possible side effects and contra-indications. Any medicine to increase the power should be assigned to a doctor with all the individual characteristics of the patient and the causes of the decrease of power.

Is the one that refers to the aphrodisiac

The doctor applies a large number of tools natural, able to significantly increase the power and improve the quality of sexual intercourse. The most effective aphrodisiac, which include medicines made from the following plants:

  1. Yohimbe – african wood, a bark, which considers the most strong tool to increase the power. Preparations with a basis of extract of yohimbe significantly improve the erection and increases the sexual desire, the possible quick recovery of power.
  2. Pumpkin seeds – the medicines in whose composition enters the extract of pumpkin seed, not only to increase the power, but are able, to a certain extent, prevent the emergence and development of prostatitis and to improve the resistance of the body men various infections.
  3. Absinthe – aphrodisiac, known since antiquity, the oil of artemisia is actively used to improve the power, it is particularly effective in combination with oil of anise. Based on absinthe are made in numerous folk remedies to improve power.

Non-conventional direction of medicine

Home remedies to improve the potency of all times, enjoyed great popularity due to its availability, the naturalness of and the minimum unwanted effects.

In response to the question of how to reclaim the masculine force, and the official and alternative medicine unanimi, agree that the best tool to enhance and restore the potency is ginseng. Dosages, and base forms of ginseng are widely available in pharmacies, but if you have the opportunity to buy the root natural, it is better to cook it by yourself. Home remedies to the base of ginseng are prepared based on alcohol, water or honey. The traditional way of preparing a dye is the mixture of soup root vodka, a tool is ready to drink after 40 days of infusion in a dark place.

Folk remedies also include a variety of broths and infusions of st. john's wort, ginger, thyme, and many other medicinal plants.

folk methods

Power recovery folk media in addition to the use of a variety of medicinal plants involves the application of baths with herbal infusions, as well as the variety of recipes. For example, a good effect has a mixture of nuts, figs, linden blossom honey, and white grape raisins, is delicious the medicine should be taken on an empty stomach for a month.

To completely restore the power folk means unlikely, but as part of adjunctive therapy all of these methods have a very good performance.

The question about how to quickly restore power, it is necessary to count with the opinion of an expert, only he can correctly identify, you can use one or another tool. The arsenal of methods is quite large, pills, home remedies, physical therapy, and others. At the first sign of problems with the power is not immediately self-medicate, and uncontrollable drinking the pill, it is best to consult a doctor and get help from a specialist.