Food to increase potency in men: useful products

Products to improve the power you need, if you do not want to tell with your life the sexual expensive tablets. There is a perception that all food aphrodisiacs are very expensive. In fact, this is not so, the main requirement for the food – for her to be natural and contains nutrients. In addition, it is important to abandon the wicked to the power of the products.

products to improve power

How to choose the products

Foods to increase power need of the fact of trace elements, which they contain. If the product has a lot of vitamins, minerals and acids, they will find themselves positively affect the horsepower. Here is a list of the main substances that contains natural products and beneficial for male potency.


Stay tuned for what you like to eat, had a lot of minerals that increase the power and stabilizer erection:

  • The zinc. It is a brick construction of testosterone. Without the sufficient amount of zinc a man is not able to improve your power. In addition, the large volume of food with zinc will have a positive impact on all systems of the male body;
  • Chrome. Help bring back the good blood circulation in the pelvic region, which is necessary for male potency. Products with chromium good affect the state of the prostate, provide for the improvement of your work. This meal should include in your diet to avoid inflammatory processes;
  • Selenium. Strengthens the blood vessels, the walls, expands them. But the health of man depends on how well they are working the capillaries of the corpus cavernosum of the penis.


We must not forget, that the food has been helpful, full of vitamins. The man needs to:

  • Vitamins of the complex b, contributing to the prevention of prostatitis. Help the immune system to overcome infectious paulo. Male salivary glands this vitamin is needed to produce testosterone. In addition, vitamin c is one of the useful elements for good circulation of the blood;
  • The vitamins of group E. This item is not immediate, but it still affects beneficially the circulation of blood in the area of the reproductive organs. In addition, it increases the intensity of exchange processes in the prostate. That will alert them to your swelling and inflammation, adenoma and prostatitis;
  • Vitamins of group In. Help for a quick return to the male sexual energy. Contribute to increase the level of testosterone that is attached to this list;
  • The vitamins of group D. the Greater part of the volume we get from sunlight. In the winter, men can improve their power, pick up the food with a good participation of this the useful life of the item.

List of products

We list, which are the products that help to improve male potency. Of course, the flash exposure is not worth the wait. It also has the long-term, include increases libido products in the diet, in order to observe the beneficial effect.

Some food that they eat and love to men, already in ancient times was famous as an aphrodisiac. Thus, medieval ladies knew how to improve the power of the husband seafood at dinner. To improve the potency of the properties were seen near a variety, a balanced diet and natural products.


These fruits of the sea has received the reputation of being the strongest aphrodisiac. Up to now there is no better natural product to increase potency in men. Here you will find a large amount of zinc and essential amino acids. Such substances dramatically stimulate the production of not only testosterone, but and dopamine.

These hormones in a very short space of time increase the sexual desire of men and power. For the health of men more useful "spring" oysters fresh is the time of year.

Raw oysters is the most useful products for the strength and the power. But note that after the heat treatment, the greater the proportion of useful items disappears. To enhance the taste, and fix the exposure, it is recommended drizzle with the oyster juice of lemon.

How much you need to eat oysters, and if a man has problems with potency? The best is to use them on occasion, and more strong not to get involved. The product in addition to the nutrients it contains significant human health percentage of mercury.



Flounder is a veritable marine treasure trove of vitamins and minerals. However, to keep all the benefits of this fish, you should not bake. To prepare well-suited for grilling or cooking.

Mackerel contains the necessary human acids, omega-acid. They are required to maintain a good testosterone level and stabilize the power. In addition, cooked mackerel increases the number of sperm that are viable and the sperm volume.

Generally, choosing the fish to improve male potency, best stop the types. Here is a much more useful man of substances. Particularly high concentration in fish veal. With the option to buy expensive caviar, salmon, or another spawn. The trace elements you will be able to get even veal pollock.


Natural products, contributing to the power and strengthen the health of men, it is not limited to a set of delicacies. So, turnip excess of vitamins. This product not only improves erection, but also gives you power to be more easy to experience stress. Special effect have the seeds of turnip common. Also turnip works well in cooked form, acting as a meat dish.

The meat

Animal food gives more energy, improves the reaction of the nerves to stimuli. The power of the man who use the meat, the faster it reacts to stimuli of a sexual nature.

But, choosing the grade of meat, you need to remember the risk of abuse of animals in fats. Therefore, the best answer lean meat, the flesh of the lamb. Well meets these requirements and dietary meat – rabbit, turkey, chicken breast. The great value to the men's health has and game meat.

To maintain substances healthy and reduce the percentage of fat, it is best to extinguish or rise in the flesh. Perfect to enjoy will be green in large quantity. To overdo it with the consumption of meat is also not. The body hard it to digest, and there will be no energy for sexual activity.


The nuts can be eaten on a daily basis, the important thing, in the same dosage, that will not make you fat. Here is the large percentage of zinc and magnesium, vitamins of groups and and In. These substances are present in nuts of almost all varieties.

Need not fry or expose nuts another heat treatment. In its raw form, they will bring the man more and more use. A great recipe to strengthen the power will be salad, walnuts, apples, carrots and beets. You can use finely chopped nuts as a seasoning for meats.

Especially useful the following varieties of nuts – cedar, and walnut. Walnut-can be used only as a seasoning. Do not eat more than pinches per day – this can cause poisoning.

Fruits of the sea

There is no need to necessarily buy to improve power expensive fresh oysters. Freight and more familiar to us shrimp, squid, mussel. Cook seafood only needs a few minutes. If you exceed the recommended cooking time, confusing not only flavors, but also medicinal effect.


This product works in several other schema. Here is not mentioned in this article, minerals and vitamins. The chocolate has on the power is not so much organic as mental. It leads to the production of hormones that improve sexual performance and the desire of a man. Which can be useful if the problems with the power caused by psychogenic factors.

Tangible effect will only give the dark chocolate, which is indicated, at least 65% cocoa. Several cereal bars and chocolate milk will not do. The use of power will be minimal, but the damage to severe forms. And, in fact, the excess weight is one of the main enemies to a healthy erection and the sexual desire.

Egg of quail

Well suited for patients who suffer from difficulties with the power. Daily them to eat, you can quickly increase the libido. Until the man is able to perform several sex acts in a row.

Raw eggs quail harmless, its use will not lead to infection by parasites. In the period, when it is needed the strong power, you can drink up to four eggs. The rest of the time it is better to reduce the use of the product, not getting too much cholesterol.


Best meet the the juice of the pumpkin. Good will add a little juice of the roots of celery. Although the juice of a drink from any fruit and vegetables will have a beneficial effect on the work of the reproductive system. Thanks to the high rate of eating the juice made at home, you can quickly achieve a good power.

Bee products

Honey was formerly used for the return of the male power. The profitability of other bee products to increase the power? Yes, after all, royal jelly, propolis and perga contain a large amount of nutrients, collected by the bees. The propolis is used as a remedy for prostatitis, perga directly strengthens the sexual desire.

Harmful products

harmful food

A little bit of sense to fill your diet more useful products, if you are going to abuse food can be harmful. It will hamper the assimilation of elements that have a beneficial effect on the health of men.

In our list of 12 minutes the most harmful products for the power men entered:

  1. Smoked, with a negative effect on the work of the eggs;
  2. Sweet aeration;
  3. Alcoholic beverages, especially beer. Last contributes to the formulation of estrogen;
  4. Too salty or sweet;
  5. Cilantro, if consumed on a continuous basis;
  6. Drinks with caffeine, tea before the Red Bull;
  7. French fries and hamburgers, pizza;
  8. Soy food;
  9. Everything fried;
  10. Burning;
  11. Cholesterol in large volume;
  12. Flour, especially wheat bread in leaps and bounds.