The increase of potency in men: the reason, the disease or the norm?

Talking about the problems with potency, men more often imply the absence or partial loss of erection. The risk of occurrence of this pathology are more likely to mature men and seniors. However, there is a diametrically opposite problem – more power than the men. How is it determined the limit of normal, and that is the disease treated?

more power

How is called the disease?

The term "power" denotes not only the ability to commit a sexual act, but the satisfaction of a woman sexually, the ability to conceive a child. The disease, in which the man can occur-resistant erection, called priapism. It develops in the midst of existing in the body of the pathology and would have serious complications without treatment. It's not worth confusing the phenomenon of the increase of the erection after the receipt of stimulus funds with the long and painful power, not disappearing after you performed the sexual act.

Priapism – a disease that requires urgent medical care. - The susceptible of around 0.2% of men who suffer from disorders or sexual diseases. The age of the victim does not have a value, with it the face even in childhood.

The disease occurs due to a violation of the circulation of the blood in the penis, and the reasons may be varied:

  1. Psychological – increase of the power can be is a factor when the nervous and mental disorders: neurosis, epilepsy.
  2. Neurogenic – serve impulse to pathology of the spinal cord and brain, organ damage, cancer, encephalitis.
  3. Serious medical – this relate to leukemia, an allergic reaction and anemia.
  4. Poisoning – increase the erection are on blood of the products of decomposition of alcohol, narcotic substances and psychotropic drugs.
  5. Doctor – state causes the prolonged intake of antidepressant medications, psychostimulants, and drugs to increase the potency.
  6. Hormone – increase in the testosterone level leads to an increase in sexual desire.

The sexual act does not diminish the erection, and accompanied contributes to pain. Penis when this seems dense and tense, and head hanging. After some time, he became cyanotic color, the foreskin is visibly edematous.

Pathology or standard

The increase of power at a young age, it is an option normal. When a man does not feel discomfort or pain when available. If it occurs in the context of stagnation phenomena, the symptoms depend on its duration: the erection can occur without a cause, does not cease after sexual intercourse or masturbation. The degree of pain everyone is different: from weak to strong.

When the pathology of the erection may occur from 4 hours to several months. When the penis is bent in an arc in the direction of the belly. In this respect, it is stopped, the process of urination and defecation.

There is also a chronicle of priapism, or sleepy priapism. Is it a rare occurrence and is dealt with very difficult. With the development of this type of disease man experiences a painful erection during sleep. It uses intermittent, a few seconds or minutes. In the morning the man remembers about what happened. It is a violation of the phases of sleep, and their depth, which, in turn, leads to a neuro-psychological problems. It is necessary to the treatment that the neurologist, to prevent the development of neuroses, depressions, schizophrenia.

The causes of the increase of testosterone

The norm of total testosterone considered: 11-33 nmol/l, free – to 4.5-42 pg/ml.

The hormone responsible for increasing the physical sexual desire, the synthesis of sperm, growth of muscle mass, is proportional to the development of the musculoskeletal system, involved in the exchange of calcium and nitrogen.

Indicators of testosterone varies throughout the day: the highest value in the morning, less at night. The fluctuations of this quantity also affects the physical load, the smoking, the emotional state.

the causes of increased power

Signs of increased

Has a mature man to imbalance of the hormone accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • the emotional instability;
  • sleep disorders;
  • headache;
  • increased excitability;
  • prolonged erection;
  • excessive hair growth on the entire surface of the body, except the head;
  • acne.

What affects the level of testosterone in the body

Distinguish the causes for the physiological failure (disturbances in the mode of a day, a diet inadequate) and somatic (pathology of the supra-renal, genetic anomalies).

The impulse can be from the following states:

  • the disease Start with these-Cushing, which occurs due to an imbalance in the functioning of the adrenal gland;
  • adenoma of the prostate;
  • the oncology of the eggs;
  • the resemblance of the woman;
  • the early puberty;
  • regular intake of steroids.

The high rate of testosterone harm the male sex and the body, causing a series of pathologies in the body. In addition to disturbances in the sexual sphere, it contributes to the development of:

  • disease of the liver and biliary paths;
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • the enlargement of the prostate;
  • the increase in the level of cholesterol;
  • disorders of the metabolism;
  • decreased concentration and attention.

Did you know that men with excess indication of the level of testosterone in the blood deplete your physiological stock before, and therefore age faster.

Which tests must you pass?

Examination primary is full of gathering information about the patient (anamnesis), external inspection of the external genitalia. Special attention is given to concomitant diseases, which can have indirect impact on the increase of power.

Before passing the diagnostic instrumental give up blood to determine the level of testosterone in the blood. The recommendation of carrying out blood:

the treatment of high-power
  1. The analysis is taken on an empty stomach. Last meal in 8 hours, for two days, you should exclude alcohol intake, smoking.
  2. In addition, before checking the level of the hormone needs emotional and physical, and the peace.
  3. Acquisition of medicines is according to the doctor, the tools are counter-indicated.
  4. The research is better to go at 11 in the morning, as the greater the level of hormone in the blood occurs in the morning.

If the number is exceeded, you must further examination. To exclude the presence of a tumor, determine the number of:

  • special hormone (ACTH);
  • growth hormone (GH);
  • prolactin and estrogen.

To obtain the research methods include research of the thyroid, the diagnostic ultrasonic body, ultrasound of organs of the abdominal cavity, cerebral mri, ecg, biochemical analysis of blood. After a full examination of may require a consultation with a psychologist, a therapist.

When the detection of organic disease, has exercised an influence on the power increase, it is necessary to eliminate the root cause of rejection. Symptomatic treatment only to facilitate the state at the time.

Forms of therapy

With the development of a pathological condition, should always consult your doctor. The therapy can be conservative, not conventional. More often the state is reversible, and the reason, the teasing psychological. But to exclude a physical illness, you should consult a urologist.

Sometimes, to normalize the levels of the hormone enough to cancel the reception of a medicine, stimulating the production of testosterone, for example, pharmaceutical products. Over intake of steroids may need hormone replacement therapy.

First aid

If the patient sought help from a technician in the first phase of the development of the disease, the more effective will be the target of puncture of the corpora cavernosa of the penis. For this, you relieve the swelling of tissues with the help of ice, and then pumped the excess blood. As the drug treatment use sedatives and adrenergic receptors.

When the drugs are not dealing with the task, shows the operating resolution. Surgical intervention will improve the output of blood from the penis.

Unconventional ways to control power

The tool of complementary medicine apply, in the absence of pathology, somatic, and after consulting your doctor. Popular wild herbs and plants have a complex activity:

  1. The excess of testosterone neutralizes the mint. The menthol contained therein, reduces the activity of the sperm.
  2. St. john's wort – the plant increases the blood pressure, when the systematic use reduces the power, speeds up the ejaculation.
  3. Melisa and oregano lowers the libido of a male.
  4. Motherwort, a soothing, thanks to the sedative exposed act soothing on the nervous system and prevent excess excitement.
  5. The licorice root, it is not only a tonic means, but also reduces the production of the hormone.

The recipe of life broth

The ability to eliminate toxins from the body has a tea of the flowers of clover, mint, valerian, linden, liquorice and hop cones. The herbs lead in equal proportions and pour boiling water. After 3 hours the drink is ready: take a half cup three times a day. Treatment course of 2 weeks.

A therapy helper

To strengthen the action of the traditional medicine and the correct mode of the day, well-constructed menu. To improve the quality of life and to regain health, you must follow some rules:

  1. Normalize the mode of work and rest. The sleep must be complete.
  2. Avoid stressful situations.
  3. Jogging, swimming – the load on the heart is useful for health, but strength training to minimize.
  4. The sex life should be regular.
  5. The food has great influence on the level of the hormone in the blood. To improve it, you should give preference to plant foods, protein rich foods (beans); natural oils especially useful flaxseed; milk products of high fat content; a grenade, apples and grapes. All the ingredients listed are able to neutralize the levels of testosterone through contained in them of special substances.
the broth

At the same time sweets, cakes, potatoes delete until the emergence of positive momentum.

"The consumption of alcoholic beverages" the power

Almost always, after the consumption of alcohol, men, occurs the increase of the need of proximity, associated with excessive excitation. A small number of degrees of the blood becomes more liberated, improves the power and raises the level of excitement. If too much to drink, increased libido occurs because of the production of mediators. They provoke the sexual desire on a primal level.

That is, if you do not start the treatment

We should not fear the worsening of the problem, the possibility of getting hurt. The consequences of increased power lead to persistent changes in the body of a man. Of particular danger to the health are:

  • the reduction of the functions of the liver;
  • heart disease hypertensive;
  • benign disease of the prostate;
  • sexual erectile;
  • increase the level of cholesterol;
  • the development of thromboembolism, myocardial;
  • the development of diabetes;
  • the psychological suffering.

If you have reception of erection, what causes sensations of pain, consulting a doctor should be immediate. In a timely manner began the treatment to eliminate the symptoms and prevent the development of complications.