The rapid ascent of power: advice, recipes

Home remedies to improve power was popular. In the absence of drugs able to increase the strength of intimate of men, the recipes of folk medicine have been the true salvation. So, until our days, the technique of use of medicinal plants continues to be quite common.

herbs for potency

Simple techniques

Folk medicine offers more simple methodologies that allow for the normalization and recovery of sexual function. Even aware of some ways to improve male potency for three days. Let's look at the main ones:

  • The hops.

The method involves pour a tablespoon shredded hop cones full glass of water. Then, the mixture should boil for 10 minutes. Obtained by decoction should be the voltage. For a quick improvement of male potency take half a cup 2 to 3 times a day.

  • Coriander and parsley.

The method is based on the preparation of infusion of shredded, dried cilantro leaves and salsa. Your pour boiling water, and then insist upon. Also recommend taking in its pure form, a spoonful of soup during the food intake.

  • The honey and the nuts.

This method refers to one of the most tasty. To increase male strength, the folk medicine recommends to mix, in equal parts, ginguba and the honey. Take obtained the mixture should be two teaspoons of half an hour after the ingestion of food, washed down with milk. The multiplicity of the reception during the day is 2 to 3 times. This method helps to normalize the power by increasing the synthesis of male sex hormones, and also fills a daily need of minerals and vitamins.

  • The root quinquefolia.

Applied in the form of tincture. For your popular cuisine in the following way: a tablespoon of the root, pour in the alcohol. Capacity of dye are placed in the dark, preferably in a cool place. After two weeks, the medicine quick to increase the power is ready to eat.

  • Pasternak.

From the root of this plant can prepare the seasoning, which should be the seasoning of meat dishes, fish dishes. Another method to increase the male strength implies the preparation of infusion of the seeds. A tablespoon, pour a glass of hot water, two hours later, the drink is ready to receive.

  • Garlic.

Folk medicine for a long time, it is recommended to include in the diet garlic as a tool to enhance male power. Method of preparation of such medicines for men is not complex. For this reason, should be cut into small pieces 1 kg of garlic and put it in a three-liter bank. Then, pour the boiled water, insist in a month. One must remember that the jar with a mixture of need to stir daily. Accepted a teaspoon per day.

  • Turnips.

The turnips use cheese or cooked. Is there a way of combating the erectile dysfunction in men with the help of a turnip, boiled in milk. It is also possible to apply the fresh or boiled roots. A good effect of three days, you can achieve by eating a salad of carrot and turnip.

  • The ginger.

Very effective is considered to be the application of a dry ginger with honey. The best ratio between the ingredients is 1:1. The tool not only helps increase power, but also has a stimulating effect on the body of men. Accept gender-a spoon (tea) three times per day, washed down with water.

  • Ginseng.

This plant is provided with most medicines to improve potency. Action of ginseng led to an increase in the formation of testosterone and improvement of sperm quality. It is not surprising, therefore, that the folk medicine also recommends the use of ginseng for men. The method is based on the fact that the root of the plant spray, pour in the vodka. The ideal is a ratio of 1:20. Capacity received a mixture send in a dark place for two weeks. Should take 20 drops before meals three times throughout the day.

  • The carrot.

To quickly increase the potency in men, you can take carrot juice. The highest efficiency is obtained by mixing it with honey. Take a quarter cup three times a day.

Repel nutrition

Talking about treatments non-treatment methods, it should be noted the importance of a proper diet. Without a doubt, for the good functioning of the body men should receive all the trace elements, vitamins. Therefore, the power must be complete and balanced. In addition, there is a way of normalization of male sexual function through the inclusion in the diet of certain foods. The main of them are presented below:

  • Fruits of the sea.

It is well known that oysters, Rapana and mussels are a powerful aphrodisiac, and are able to promote sexual activity. And prepare for him a sauce base of celery and parsley, which are also excellent stimulants, the effect of the kitchen will be even greater.

  • Eggs.

The eggs are useful in any way, after all, they are considered a powerful stimulant of male vitality in many nations. In this case, you can use not only chicken eggs, but quail. The highest efficiency is guaranteed, prepare omelettes or scrambled eggs with the addition of luke, which also improves the sexual activity, because it is an aphrodisiac. Although the elevation of male power does not happen as fast as if you use medicinal plants.

  • The tomatoes.

Folk medicine claims that the tomatoes are able to activate the activities of the sex glands, as a consequence, there occurs an improvement of sexual function in men. But it is better to use them not in their raw form and after heat treatment. For example, bake in the oven, or a little to the outside.

The secret of efficiency

It should be remembered that the popular medications for normalizing the power in men to be less effective than medical drugs. After all, the positive effect of its application occurs from afar, not immediately. Typically, three days of the course is to little, we need much more long than the receivable mentioned above.

Home remedies to improve the potency are quite popular. Use them not only to itself, but as part of a variety of rates. The combination allows you to achieve the desired effect, same for all three days of application. There are several explanations for the popularity of the people methods of treatment:

  1. They are available, and also easy to use.
  2. Most of them are our usual food, and be adjusted for diet in your favor, you can significantly improve the sexual function in men.
  3. Increasing the power folk media, does not require much financial cost unlike the released medicines.
oil to the power

Although the security of the application and the absence of side-effects of such methods of treatment, it is recommended that prior consultation from the doctor. After all, the cause of the sexual dysfunction can be a serious disease. It is important, therefore, opportune to the examination.