Increasing the potency in men after 50: recommendations for diagnosis, treatment,

At a more advanced age men to manifest problems with the power. Increasing the potency in men after 50 should occur based on the age categorical.

impotence increase 50

With that kind of information you should familiarize yourself with the men of this age group?

In modern medicine, continuously carried out surveys, are added new, efficient medicines that help improve power and to deal with any sexual problem.

Men of power after 50 – the joint pathology have a strong ability of half of humanity. This leads to a huge amount of factors, more often than with a simple solution. The reduction of power after lived half of the nineteenth century, often, is related with the excess work. However, this is not the only reason. The problem of men with the power of 50 years, sometimes associated with severe health problems. One must not forget the do not correct life-style.

This includes:

  • the pathological changes of the cardiovascular system;
  • the disease is endocrine in nature;
  • infections, viruses, bacteria, infiltrated the uric or sexual with the system;
  • harmful diet;
  • the life style choices;
  • the abuse of addictions.

The most common problem power, after 50 years are related with the wear and tear of the body. At a young age is celebrated tough erection, however, in spite of the age group men of any age, they want to satisfy their sexual needs, despite the fact that the health of the body. Is a the overwhelming desire of the strong force half to take the mountains expensive, dubious drugs. In addition, men of little interest to the question, why is decreased libido. The reason for the search for the necessary.

Poor performance has a number of reasons, you want to identify and restore sexual functioning. Even the men, after 50 years must maintain active. The ensuing impotence – this says about the existence of a serious problem. The health of the man should be continuously monitored. Inspection of an urologist may not be necessary or temporary – is the norm. With the first sexual intimacy should be annual planned examination urologist.

The health fifty years after

The lack of normal potency in men after 50 years of age resides in reason of the low level of production of testosterone (the male hormone). The lack of hormone production can manifest itself at the age of 27 years, this phenomenon is not stopped. In the early years, this process is not noticeable, but with the arrival of medium and high age painting has more distinct, sad manifestations. The doctors call this term androgenic insufficiency.

The health of man depends in large part irreversible, changes of the blood vessels. Fifty years old, they become thinner, with less elasticity, which causes the decrease of the microcirculation, which may impair erection. The aging of the body, it leaves out the heart muscle, it becomes weak, which decreases the intensity of the flow of blood to the internal organs of the pelvis. Each year, in spite of the age it is necessary to remember about the health of the heart, as well as the continuous circulation of blood increases the life of an erection. Potency in men less than 50 years, depends on the health of the heart.

Recommendations for the treatment of impotence 50

The health of man depends in great part on the general state of health. If the erection became the exit, which means, in case of some serious problem.

Initially, you need to review your lifestyle:

  • how many was taken of alcohol;
  • how many cigarettes smoked;
  • what kind of diet has prevailed over the years;
  • actively of the time spent (sports, exercise, hiking, and Dr);
  • if there is excess weight;
  • were if of injury and of any nature;
  • how many times did casual sex.

Improve power and keep it all the time the normal helps regulate the sex life. With one condition – the partner must be a constant. When the problem came very quickly to the need to identify and resolve. One should not think that strengthening the erection, better through a variety of medicines, checking himself, his action. Fifty years to the council again-if not already the pharmacist and to the urologist. Level doctor to hear a patient in pursuit of their complaints, will diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Medical (therapy selected in each case individually.

Diagnose sexual dysfunction

Man, that increases the power of medicines, you should know that the medicines give temporary efficiency, but the cause remains unknown, and, therefore, the problem has been resolved, can not be.

The diagnosis is done your doctor. He done a rectal examination of the prostate, the method of palpation, assigns the collection of exams, it is recommended to conduct more research. Men difficult to persuade the step-by-step inspection has a urologist. This is related to some discomfort and shyness. Increased power does not come alone, and sit all the time on tablets, believing in his miraculous power, will not bring the expected results. Treatment therapy should only be administered by a physician.

The medical (therapy, recovery of male strength after 50

How to increase the power, after 50 years? The main cause of sexual dysfunction in men, on average, and advanced age is the hormonal imbalance, and, therefore, the therapy, the therapy should be focused on the stimulation of testosterone production or increase your doctor method (therapy, androgen therapy).

Sometimes, to restore the power reaches the identification and resolution of pathologies, due to the fact that it occurred to impotence. Many patients use home remedies for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. The positive effect of the therapy is obtained naturally, the increased level of the male hormone.

In modern medicine, there are a large number of different medical drugs in the form of ointments, pills and helium. Recommendations for the use of drug must give the professional level. I am injections, patches, creams, that increase testosterone naturally.

Professionals, responding to the question of how to increase the power, a special place in the ministry of therapy to give a balanced important.

Thanks established useful energy, you can correct the hormone imbalance, without the help of medical funds.

Useful the diet should be of products with a large amount of selenium, zinc, vitamins E, A, With. the Main rule to improve power, it is a struggle with excess weight. The excess weight causes a reduction in testosterone production, leading to a pathological process of the cardiovascular system, leading directly to impotence.

To normalize the production of male, the sex hormone only need to enter the moderate exercise. For example, this may be your favorite sport (running, gym, sauna and swimming pool). Men of power, depends in large part on the activity of a life-style.

Men who refuse at an early age, bad habits, much later to confront problems of sexual dysfunction. A healthy lifestyle is useful in prevention to strengthen the health of the man.

Medical (therapy means popular, improve potency

To increase the power in advanced age, it is recommended decoction of the roots of ginseng. Preparation of drugs: rhizome ginseng (100g) is cut off, is half a liter of hot water, infused for two days. Infused broth tormented in a little bit of heat for about four hours, before removing the tool from the fire is added 50 grams of honey and cinnamon (10 g). After preparing the tool of the valley of 72 hours. The reception is performed twice daily by the glass.

Similar properties have chinese lemon verbena. The berries of plants suitable for the preparation of the infusion. From a spoon of dry raw materials, soaked with 200 ml of hot water, prepared by decoction, infused a couple of hours, is the equivalent of 4 times a day. You can use an alcohol-based infusion of this medicinal plant. The dye is accepted by 25 drops twice a day.

Good properties effective has fenugreek. Elderly men and middle-aged took the drug from fenugreek for the recovery of sexual activity. The seeds of the plant sprinkled, poured the milk (hot). In a glass of milk, a tablespoon of seeds. The tool is taken once per day.

Medicines for potency

popular medicine

Choosing medicines for the treatment of male potency, of men of age (after 50 years) does not need to experiment on your own body, everything that is sold in chain drugstores. So, what helped a, can adversely affect the health of the other.

All the medical funds of impotence, is almost the same impact. They are designed to increase the filling of the plasma of the erectile tissues of the penis a organ. Their difference is different from the duration of the effect, the intensity of exposure. In addition to all the differences, there are a number of contra-indications to every one of the medicines, therefore, before the application, you should carefully read the instructions.

If a man correct, has picked up reasonable price amenities to improve the power, then, changes related to age he has no fear. Active life in old age will be fun, as well as in his younger years. The men who adhere to the correct style of life, lead an active lifestyle, have regular sex, rarely seek the help of professionals. Your life is full of brilliance, thrill, voluptuous, saturated minutes of sexual intimacy with the loved person. They do not know what is sexual dysfunction, live a full life, enjoy yourself and your loved ones.