Increasing potency in men recipes

Revenue to increase the power

For each representative of the stronger sex is very important to sexual power, as well as the ability to commit full sexual act. Erection problems of a man is quite difficult that you are going through. They become irritable, unsure of himself, arises the fear that during sexual intercourse, the problem may recur. But, in truth, do not despair, because there is a plethora of recipes for the power. with which you can quickly improve the health of men and to enjoy all the delights of a sex life once more.

power increase

Recipes for the power recovery bring results

The causes of the reduction of the power

  1. Obesity.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. The abuse of alcohol and Smoking.
  4. Problems with the heart and the blood vessels.

If the time to make the recovery of health, and to the extent possible, eliminate the factors that contribute to the reduction of erection, which can be gradually cure erectile dysfunction.

Effective recipes to increase the power

  1. With the help of mint and walnuts can accelerate the normal recovery of sexual function. You will also have to take these ingredients, with the kernel of the nuts should be chopped – the mixture should give the partner two tablespoons of the tea itself after half an hour after eating. The treatment is a month.
  2. Put in order your libido will help herbal collection of mint and st. john's wort, as well as the stinging nettle. You can also add the clover. A teaspoon of each grass are mixed, and pour 1 liter of hot water. Then, the infusion should strain and drink three times per day with a glass.
  3. Of the two small tubers daikon and apples, as well as a carrot, you can cook the tastiest remedy for the man. SCRUB everything in the medium, grated, add the juice of half a lemon, mix everything together, can be a little sweeten. Favorite is to drink a tablespoon three times a day.
  4. There is the opinion that citrus fruits are excellent natural Viagra to the stronger sex. Enough to eat a half of a lemon with peel to two hours before sex, and the man will become the sex-giant.
  5. In India, to improve erection use the recipe with sesame seeds – toasted in a frying pan seeds mixed with honey. This dessert should be consumed three tablespoons three times a day.
  6. Very exotic dish are the testicles of the ram – they are trained in the Caucasus, to the end of the restore male strength.
  7. Effective as a product to restore potency and the tea with the spices, such as ginger and turmeric, you can still add a stud.
  8. The most favorite tool of Casanova is the garlic. It is useful for recovery of power. Despite the unpleasant smell aphrodisiac, very quickly with the help of garlic, you can restore the power of the beloved men, this means that soon he will delight in a passionate night of love.

Recipes for the power recovery — celery

Recipes folk improve male potency

To begin with, before using remedies to restore men's health, you should adjust your power, restore an active life-style, correct bad habits and to normalize your sleep. Only that in this case the folk remedies to combat erectile dysfunction give visible results, just so they will be effective.

To recover male potency help ginseng – fifty grams of this medicinal plant, you should pour 500 ml quality vodka. A day warm infusion of up to fifty degrees, mix well and let infuse in seven days. Take is a wonderful tool that should be a glass before breakfast, lunch and dinner. When left 0.05 liter of infusion, medicinal, add to it a litre of vodka and continue the treatment, preventing the infusion, in the same scheme. More than two times complemented vodka in the grass is not possible. The following you should use the new fresh plant.


Cannabis sativa will be a great helper in the struggle with low libido. Fry the seeds of this plant, and season with salt. Is the tool is as well improves the sexual function of the male organ.