Increasing the potency in men, after 60

Increasing the potency in men, after the age of 60 is related to the solution of three tasks:

  • compensation for the natural decrease the level of testosterone,
  • the correction of the effects of diseases of the character, which in this age aggravated and manifest, especially evident
  • the creation of a comfortable paradigm for the active and active life style in all aspects, including sexual.
the power after 60

All of the methods to improve the power and, in general, the sexual function of men in this age, are built around common principles to maintain and improve men's health", on the one hand, to make add-ons specific to a greater degree related to men who "exceeded" the sixties, with the other side. How to improve the power to 60 years old, given the specific question, and how to improve sexual life in this age, we will explain in this article.

Common health problems as a factor carried out

At any age, the condition cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine systems depends on the supply of blood to the genitals, its sensitivity, and reaction in the biochemical characteristics of the organism. However, the power in men of 60 years, particularly sensitive to all diseases of this type, and organic and factors of influence on the power go out at this age in the first place in relation to the psychological.

This is in large part due to the accumulation of functional disturbances of different nature, leading to the fact that any before imperceptible, the problem becomes the "last drop", which disturbs the functioning of the whole system. In addition, at this age, the development of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) can have more severe consequences that the erection problems will seem insignificant. According to statistics, cardiovascular disease, annually, in the world, die 17 million. the man, in the Russia of them – 1.3 million. In addition, the 60 years and 60% of men are diagnosed benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The complexity of the situation is that, in running the health status at 60 years of age (if it is not related to a problem the influence of external factors or genetic diseases) is a consequence of the cherished decades of habits and durable formed a style of life and power. If a man accustomed to throughout your life there are fried fatty foods, finishing dinner tea with cake or candy, it is unlikely that he can easily give up to do it, after 60 minutes. The farther away the more difficult it is to quit habits. Often, men consider similar favorite and delicious food, the deserved reward for decades of work in the family. The fact that such food slowly kills them, no longer stops.

The situation worsens, if it has come out of retirement to man is not limited to the need to maintain a simple life – he begins to drink and spend all day on the tv. In this case, only a radical change of lifestyle and food, walk to the doctor, to pass an examination and complete the identification more explicit vulnerabilities of the body becomes the only way that you can bring back the chances of recovery of power.

the activity

Natural age, physical changes

Age-specificity is mainly because of the opposition of two factors: the physiological inability to conduct the sufficient sexually active and mandatory, the need for activity in this area.

In the 50-55 years, men experience a break, or the climax of the male, which is associated with the biological process of decline of integrity, sexual glands and the decrease in the testosterone produced as a result of their work. With the hormonal balance is associated with the strength of sexual desire, and, as a result, the erectile function. In four cases, from five andropause in men have easy term and, therefore, about the male menopause is popularly known, is much less than the female. However, the fifth part of men pass through this period of transition, with evident symptoms:

  • extremes of pressure,
  • bad breath,
  • headaches,
  • irritability, feelings of fear and apathy,
  • the increase of perspiration,
  • remarkable decrease of the sperm count,
  • difficulties with the arrival of orgasm,
  • the disappearance of sexual fantasies
  • bad functions of fertilization, and Dr.

Regardless of the onset of symptoms, the way back to the shortage of production of testosterone, a: the special class with the therapy, which has been applied in the West, and as a treatment and as prevention. For long periods of restoring the hormonal balance, developed several therapeutic formats:

  • take the tablets long-acting,
  • injection,
  • the adhesives of testosterone and other.

Transition period – andropause – lasts of the order of 5 years, and 60 years of age, as a general rule, the hormones are already aligned. However, in the late phase, the occurrence of andropause, you can start precisely, with more than 60 years of age, who, in addition to physiological problems, a serious charge psychological. It is believed that, in spite of physical limitations "lightness", men are generally more painful experience decreased libido, which only exacerbates the overall situation with the power.

If the elderly age (thanks to a life-style and medications that increase the production of testosterone or substitute for the lack of testosterone) the man is to be saved in relatively good functionality, appear statistically confirmed the chances of maintaining the integrity of genital system and more – up to 70 or 80 years or more. One of the methods to prolong the sexual life and ways to increase the power after 60 it becomes to save the sexual activity.

The high activity – the basis of power of men after 60 years

proper nutrition

The soviet sex therapists already in the middle of the 20th century, confirmed the need of the age of men pro-active sexual life. In particular, E. M. Porudominsky on the work of 1960 pointed to the fact that an elderly man, due to various reasons, ended up with active sexual relations, thus, contributes to the deterioration of the state of functioning of sexual glands and aggravates the state of the erectile function. Practice of the conclusion of this followed unambiguous: the recovery of power, after 60 years, depends on how much time the man will continue to maintain a sexual life.

The need of sexual activity, the researcher pointed to and, in cases, when you have the age of the patient have already been observed disturbances of power and erectile dysfunction of different degrees. That is, the sexual contact in and of itself for men after 60, it becomes a kind of cure for impotence or any of its manifestations. If you transfer the dependency of the integrity of permanent employment in the social area, drew a clear analogy: the man, the leader of the retirement age and the pro-life professional, and quickly "gives", if you haven't found an alternative application of energy outside of the workplace.

With the retirement is also associated with the psychological level stress is a factor that also directly affects potency in men of 60 years and his increase-reduction. When the reallocation usual social roles, the man begins to seek its place in the new as the of retired. It is, in principle, it gives you more freedom and opportunities to make of themselves, the relationship with the people around her, including – increase the quality, diversity and number of interactions with a sexual partner (partners). Indirectly, that sexual activity improves, and organic factors – to maintain this style of life a man must take care of his health, examined the medical, stop bad habits (smoking), the more the walk, and not sit behind a desk.

On the other hand, there is the risk of not finding yourself in a new role of the retired and, due to the reduction of the relative, social value of the fall out of the usual rhythm of life. Similar to a deceleration and a transition of phase of life can lead to a decrease in physical activity, which by itself harms the health, but, at the same time and, psychologically, can "change" the man, causing the resignation of all the systems of the body, including the power after 60 years of age.

In other words, the perception that the retirement life does not end, but continues in the full spectrum of manifestations, including sexual life, express helps to keep the power and advanced age.

Similar requirements to the man, who want to restore the power, was not created yesterday and not today. Your best way of maintaining male power even in antiquity, has opened up the world to the taoists, which, in principle, it is not believed erection problems insoluble, and the pharmaceutical of the term "impotence", consciously, put out of consideration. Your methods of improvement of the men of ability, based on a deep study of his own nature, the knowledge of the need to partner and interact with it and with the environment. In accordance with one of the options of the teachings, using proven the breathing exercise and the latency of ejaculation (which takes the life force, if it is not directed to the continuation of the species), the man can prolong your sex life up to old age.