How to quickly increase the power before the act?

In modern medicine, the concept of power means the desire and the opportunity, without problems, to do full right to a sexual relationship. This male is a phenomenon characterized by certain feelings of excitement, tension of the penis, the speed of onset of erection, and the duration of the contact. Under the influence of certain power factors has the property to decrease, which is not very pleasant for any modern men. Relevance of the problem as quickly increase strength, especially when you're expecting a partner - rolls.But there are dozens of solutions.Is a special of an integrated approach, which is to obey the various rules and conditions of the restoration.

Timely, quality treatment in the nervous, hormonal, and vascular pathologies guaranteed to make the man feel at the time, in any situation. If the cause of the attenuation significant erection operates thrill, a bit of experience, as well as the excess of work, you can take advantage of the tips that will be presented below.

Physical exercises light

Many times the cause prejudice to the operation of the genital system, as well as the attenuation of power are stagnant phenomena in the pelvis. To correct this situation, you will need to go for massage sessions and doing the daily schedule, at least, the minimum number of physical exercises. This is necessary to disperse the blood and, thus, forcing sexual intercourse with your system working in full force.

Not necessarily to buy expensive tickets in the gym, just every day, do exercises that can help you to increase the power. There is the possibility of doing this in front of an act of another question. Drive:

  1. The arc. In the position lying on his back, climbs up to the pelvis, but the shoulder does not lift off the ground
  2. Rotation. The feet are shoulder width apart. The pelvis are committed by a circular motion of maximum amplitude
  3. The squat. The feet are shoulder width apart. The if crouch is made perfect in expiration, and the return to initial position is done in breathing

After these exercises is improving the circulation of blood in the pelvis, which automatically makes it-if it improves the functioning of the sexual organs. The use of physical exercises is able to not only improve circulation, but also improve mood, get rid of stress, easy of malaise and drowsiness. This is important, because the failure in power often appears when the stress or psychological overload.

Swimming in the morning, running, volleyball and tennis - all of these activities are able to recover the body after the stress, and quickly recover the power.

increasing the power instant

Proper nutrition

Consume food significantly enhances the power and efficient оздоровляет sexual system of a man. There are some products that can be consumed immediately prior to sexual intercourse, and thus ensure that the flow of blood to the genitals. Are products with a large amount of protein of plant and animal origin. The diet must participate in such products, such as bean, soybean crop, non-greasy fish or meat. Very useful to eat fruits of the sea, it feed the body with useful micro-organisms. Foods such as nuts and honey - it is the undisputed power amplifiers.

There are products that have beneficial effects on the body, but there are also those that have exactly the opposite action. For the process of sexual relationship does not come across with some problems, it is worth to abandon the use of such products, such as:

  • Mayonnaise and ketchup
  • Smoked and salted
  • Sausage and sausage
  • Semi-finished products and other fast-food
  • Soda and alcoholic drinks in a large quantity

If you follow the rules of power, does not use harmful products and do the diet than useful, not only to reverse the power, but also to prevent the emergence of problems in the sexual sphere.

Useful of cocktails and drinks, to the power

Talking about the correct and useful in nutrition, it is impossible not to notice some cocktails, after their preparation, and to use that if you can feel the rapid ascent of power. These drinks are composed from such components, which aim to increase the amount of testosterone produced in the composition of the blood. Drunk cocktail provides a fair treatment to the male body and the whole of the genital system in general. Here are some drinks that can play the role of the ambulance to the man, before an evening of love:

  1. A glass of tomato juice, three quail eggs, and a little pepper and salt
  2. Lemon, 100 grams of honey and 5 to 6 months and walnuts
  3. Sour cream beer of 500 ml and 100 grams of cream of milk
  4. 50 ml of cognac, 200 ml of coca-cola, and a tablespoon of lemon

If you combine these drinks with a light dinner, no greasy food, you can count on the rapid flow of blood to the genitals and automatically increase the power. Perfectly tailored light-weight, salads and vegetables, you can add the different spices, a small amount of cheese. Useful cocktails can be used as a dessert with a small amount of alcohol.

Physical exercises light

Recipes folk

To quickly and effectively increase potency and stimulate sexual desire, not necessarily to go to the pharmacy and buy medicine. You can use the vernacular methods of recovery. In addition to low cost here it is possible to notice the absence of side effects, that does not generate revenue of traditional medicine. Are preparing for such remedies in different ways, but there is one important rule - to prepare the composition you want to use just the glass, or enamelled, with the dishes.

Popular among both men who have problems with the power, enjoy special citrus-ginger tincture. To cook it, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. It is milled 100 grams of ginger root
  2. The product is mixed with the enthusiasm of three grapefruit
  3. The mixture is poured into 500 ml of vodka
  4. All thoroughly mixed
  5. The tool left in a dark place for a week

After 7 days of infusion received the tool you need to take 2 tablespoons about an hour after a meal.

More a single means to increase potency is vodka in liquor, in the order of beams of cedar nuts. Is preparing for a given drug is quite simple. You need to clear the 5 tablespoons of crack, mix them in a dark container with three tablespoons of honey very liquid consistency. All filled with vodka in the quantity of 500 ml, and about a month left in the dark world of the place. After the infusion, the tool needs to be taken 2 tablespoons three times a day. Before you drink the infusion of preference of a stir.

The tools are preparing for a long time, but it gives a positive effect immediately after application. If at least once there was a problem with the power, you can buy аптечное tool and use them, until настаивается drug. In any case, the grip with the treatment is not worth, because the sooner it is detected the problem, the more high-positive result can achieve.

Useful of cocktails and drinks, to the power

The advantages of a faster ride

To be sure that the next night's love brought positive emotions, it is well worth finding the opportunity not only to take certain medicines and means, but also make a little time for the short holiday. As the practice, for full recovery and a certain "restart" enough will be the day is approximately 10-15 minutes of sleep. This is an excellent opportunity to maintain a high level of health and physical activity of male.

Here it is necessary to ensure that the daily sleep no more than 20 minutes, as well as can achieve directly the opposite result. To prevent this from happening, you just need to set the alarm.

One day the dream it is possible to compare with the true way of meditation and relaxation, he is able to provide instant, increasing the power . For the reason that the daily time of sleep is given a little, it is worth to undertake some rules for the falling asleep quickly. Have to close your eyes with a towel or special, mask, align the breathing, and relax all body step-by-step. In the beginning it will be difficult to sleep, and more sleep for 20 minutes, but after this relaxation technique will become a habit.

Correct the short-sleep is the mental break, which allows you to remove all emotional напряги and clamps. The received power can be transferred not only on the increase in health, but also on the increase the common reproductive opportunities. Respectively, it is possible to decide the question of how to increase the power.

An important goodbye left a couple of hours and I would like to know how to quickly increase the power? The video will feature on the lungs and effective means to improve erectile function.

Recipes folk


The question of the weakening of the power in the interest of a large number of men of different age groups. If you have some problems, the modern man begins to involve the solution to the problem, how to quickly increase the power. Despair, here, is not worth, because there is enough for a large variety of medicines and means of popular medicine.

It is worth remembering, that to treat an issue nasty and consumes a lot of time and means, because a special attention should be given to certain preventive measures. It must be remembered that the reproductive system may not work in full force only in completely a healthy body. It is important to leave different bad habits and take the maximum of healthy, active and a life style.