The ginger for the power men: recipes

A number of men for various reasons, are facing this type of problem, such as impotence. Many times the medicines do not always give the desired effect, for example, the Viagra. Fortunately, you can use the recipes of folk medicine, in particular, some of the most effective, which are preparing to the base of the ginger.

The composition and properties of the root

the ginger for the power

Action of the root occurs because in its composition includes essential components for the male genital system and restore the healthy functioning of the body in general, which can be seen from a table:

The substanceAction
Organic acidsIf in the male body will not lose a adequate level of organic acids, which contains in itself the ginger, the feeding process and the maintenance of cellular structures, as well as their protective functions will be violated. Without these elements cannot occur freely oxidizing processes, which are important for the body the fact that are derived from the unnecessary and harmful substances. Without the free output of toxins, problems in the heart, the system, and the vessels, such as metabolic diseases give the fail, which leads to a different type of diseases. This component is supplied with the root, restores the content of fatty acids that cannot be produced in sufficient quantities and regenerates the system protection features, updates cellular structure, providing them with power
Amino acidsThese substances are also prevented in the education of the body and are able to act only from external sources. They play a vital role in the process of formation of proteins, without which the body cannot develop normally and to function. In addition, they are included in the ginger amino acids, is a neurotransmitter (neurotransmitters), without which it is not possible to transfer ca to the nerve cells, which is very important, not only to the power of man, but also for general health. It is very important, then, that, in the absence of necessary amount of these amino acids, the brain is not able to operate in the normal mode, the vitamins and minerals can not be synthesized in the body and function as the need, from all of the systems goes out of energy, especially from the muscle tissue
Vitamin ERefers this element to the antioxidants, which is able to improve the reconstruction of processes cell structures and fight free radicals. One of the most useful properties can be called anticarcinogenic, which has a depressive effect on the cancer education. Provides vitamin to the cell membranes of protection, so that non-penetrated oxygen free radicals, or various acids. Ensures the healthy functioning of the heart and blood vessels, which ensures a healthy blood flow in the body, which is necessary for full functionality of the genital system
Vitamin CIs responsible for the formation of new cells and organs, provides a barrier against the penetration of infections, leading all the systems of the body in a state of healthy functioning. The special role played in the reproductive system of men, because as it is a stimulant to the production of sperm cells, affects the production of testosterone
VitaminsThe vitamins of this group, for example, B3, provides the extraction of the products of power supply components and their assimilation by the body. The main property of this material is that it provides the greatest part of the process of redox reactions. Furthermore, it helps to improve the carbon process, dissolves in the blood the cholesterol plate, synthesizes hormones and enzymes, expands the blood vessels. The main agent in the process of hematopoietic, which produces the creation of hemoglobin. Contributes to the improvement of the process of formation of amino acids. Affects the nervous system, strengthening the connectivity in the neural, which contributes to the treatment of disorders of the nervous system
ZincThis element is able to shape the level of resources of protection of the immune system of the body. Because he is involved in the process of production of insulin, which is able to prevent diabetes. The effect of increasing the action of vitamin E, which is necessary for the power of men, as well as your best absorption occurs thanks to zinc. The vitamins of the group are also digested and work better. The main effect of the work of zinc is its stimulation of the production of male sex hormone testosterone. In addition, the item adjusts the level of the male hormone, and keeps it in balance. When in the body of men zinc in abundance, then the whole reproductive system is restored to a healthy state
The potassiumDue to the fact that this element the conduction of nerve impulses, the different organs and tissues work best. Potassium contributes to the saturation of the whole organism with oxygen and allows you to normalize the pressure. This item is one of the main muscular structures of the body, provides them food and keeps it in a healthy state. In addition, allergic reactions, thanks to a substance to reduce the symptoms of manifestations
IronIt is a catalyst in the exchange of oxygen, which ensures the respiration of the tissues. Metabolism in the structures of the body improves and recovers. One of the main components of the composition of haemoglobin, enzymes and protein structures. It is able to destroy the marking substances which result when the hydrogen peroxide answer. Improves the conductivity of nerve impulses, and also contributes to the growth of tissues and structures of the nerve. Restores and maintains the work of the glands of internal secretion, improves the strength of the immunity
The sodiumNormalizes the water-salt exchange. The active enzymes of the saliva and of the pancreas. Is involved in the production of the gastric juice. Maintains the acid-alkaline balance in the right level. Produces the generation of functioning of the nervous and muscular systems. Expands the blood vessels. Controls osmotic pressure in cells-structures and structures of blood
MagnesiumThe item is closely related to the creation of ATP, because it exerts a strong influence on the component of the body's energy. Participates in the work of 300 enzymes. Has an anti-factor that provides the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system. Restores the function of the thyroid gland. Features radioactive substances. Help the temperature adjustment and adaptation to the cold. Improves the assimilation of food. Acting depressing in allergic symptoms. Main Material of the skeleton and of the bone tissue. It is important for the normal functioning of the nervous tissue, has a comforting effect. Prevents the emergence of alien formations in the kidneys
The matchThe main task of this item is the creation and the preservation of the strength of all the bony structures. In addition, it provides greater integrity of brain cells. Affects the rate of cardiovascular events, cuts, and participates in the enzymatic system. It is also important in the function of reproduction, since the metabolism is responsible for the creation of nucleotides, the achievement of metabolic reactions, which accelerate the division of cellular structures. Promotes the assimilation of many vitamin complexes. Due to the fact that it is able to connect with the nitrogen and glycerin, it is capable of forming a phospholipid lecithin, which increases levels of the sex hormone. Simultaneously, it gives the entire body on a cellular level, the tone and the energy potential of the muscle tissue

If more consider the composition of the ginger, it is possible to find out:

tincture of ginger
  • the acid of coffee;
  • oleic acid;
  • nicotine acid;
  • the linoleic acid;
  • gingerol;
  • camphene;
  • eucalyptol;
  • the beta-carotene.

It is also rich in the list of amino acids, for example, tryptophan, leucine, and a few others.

The use of ginger to the genital system

The very name of this plant speaks for itself, because its translation means "brave". Because of this, which has a strong influence, thanks to its composition, the blood flow and the flushing of blood, it is able to positively influence and stimulate sexual activity, especially widely applied for the cure and prevention relation of prostatitis. These recipes can be used for these purposes.


It should be initially noted that, combined with the alcohol, the ginger increases the action. To make the dye, it is necessary to mix finely cut ginger root, with a total weight of 400 g with paul litres of vodka. The ginger, you can grind it using a grater. Before mixing the components, must be the ginger, it is good to clean and wash. Then, the dye for three weeks inside the house, without the light of the sun. When the infusion time expires, this type of medicine filter paper, the use is recommended of 30 ml per day before meals, for half an hour.

Important: mix the ingredients need, only, glass, storage capacity, or in a container of ceramic, so that was not the reaction of the components with capacity when reception.

Ginger tincture with lemon and honey

Before you start the preparation of tinctures, need to rinse and clean the ginger, after drying. Passing through a grinder cake from scratch, you should mix it with lemon. Lemon need a large size or two of lemon of medium size. Lemon or lime pre-is also forced through a meat grinder, not cleaning from the bark. After a careful blend of the two ingredients need to add up to 4 tablespoons of honey, and after taking everything in a consistency. Leave at normal temperature for the day. Store should be in the fridge. Swallowing a teaspoon of medicine before you have sex for 20 minutes.

Important: to have an increase of acidity in the stomach, should be attentive to the consumption of lemon in this recipe.


Initially, the root of ginger cut into thin slices, then filled with a teaspoon of salt and mixed well. Liqueur ginger will take about an hour. At this time, you can prepare a special brine. For this, 1.5 cups of acetic acid 9% to add a cup of sugar, after the mixture and bring to a boil. After a little bit of marinade hot, pour the already salted slices of ginger. To achieve the desired effect in the treatment of prostatitis, it is recommended to eat three cloves per day. If the event is preventive, what is possible, and in between.

A mixture of ginger and honey

This tool can give you the tone of rewarming of the whole body. To prepare you need to take the ability of the glass to 800 ml. Two parts of three ability to fill the liquid honey. After that, peeled off, washed ginger root chopped into small pieces, filled with honey, and well mixed. Capacity after this, you need to close the cap securely and leave in a cold place, in which do not penetrate the rays of the sun in time, with a duration of two weeks. Note that during the preparation of a compound you can start the fermentation, which needs time to observe and resolve the problem by moving the composition in the fridge. In this case, the fermentation has become strong and in the process this stopped was not, that the tool of eating is not proper. After 2 weeks can be consumed, the tool, taking advantage of a dosage of 1 teaspoon once a day.

Increase the power and to deal with the prostatitis can be with the ginger tea, which is worth to consume, instead of a tea up to 4 times a day. Cook the tea assumes the proportion of 5 teaspoons ginger root to 1 liter of water. To the tea manufactured, he need to hold the heat for about half an hour.

Important: it is not recommended to consume this type of drink before going to sleep.

recipes with ginger

Good to restore the power of aromatherapy method. The bathroom with the ginger root can be done, heating the pre-3 tablespoons of raw materials, within 10 minutes, after which the resulting pour the broth into a warm bath. Before going to sleep, such a procedure is not recommended. The maximum time allowed to take a bath 20 minutes.


Before you start eating ginger root and cooking recipes, in your base, you should be familiar with the factors that are good to adverse effects. These include:

  • impaired cardiac activity of the system, of the disease, accompanied by a pressure increase;
  • stone formation in the kidneys;
  • step-by-step of the inflammatory process in the body;
  • the presence of high temperature;
  • ulcer of the stomach;
  • single-factor sensitivity.

In other cases, ginger recipes with the systematic application of, and compliance with dosages, able to very quickly and effectively to repair, to increase the power and cure a number of diseases male.

Important: the use of the revenues for another course with a different dose implies to modify the action of means in the system of the body.

In addition, ginger root, simultaneously, able to offer a variety of immunostimulating effects, curing colds and many other diseases, it all depends on the form of application and dosages. This is why it is very important for all the recommendations on the preparation of revenue and its application were carried out with the greatest possible accuracy, to get the desired result.