How to recover the power after 60 years

With age occurs a natural reduction of sexual desire in men. Not all are willing to accept the inevitability of the do, because there are examples of active sexual life in very old age. Become a father's physiologically possible until old age – record holder at 96 years, he became a resident of India. One of the factors "sex" to the longevity is a life style, or is, very much depends on the person. This explains the popularity of the query "the power in men of 60 years and to increase folk remedies". Venerable men are looking for information about methods to prolong the period of sexual activity, in order to apply the knowledge in practice.

potency in men, within 60

For the males, oddly enough (unlike women) the abrupt ending their reproductive capacity. However, after 30 or 40 years it begins to decrease the production in the body and of sex hormones – primarily testosterone at about 1-2% per year. In the majority of men, under the age of 80 years, the content of the hormone in the blood does not exceed 40% of their content to a young man, at the age of 25 years.

When this decreases the mobility of sperm, decreasing the probability of fertilization, and the power, the sexual desire becomes less pronounced. But the process of extinction of the sexual activity goes to each man individually and depends on the style of life and biological age.

The weakening of the power contributing factors:

  • diet irregular and the feed mode;
  • physical inactivity, lack of physical activity;
  • excess body weight (expressed obesity), excessive friction;
  • mental and physical overload, frequent stressful situations, especially when asthenic state, and insomnia);
  • emotional problems, depressive state;
  • the abuse of alcoholic beverages, smoking, drug abuse;
  • some pathology neurological (for example, failure of the brain, brain tumor, Parkinson's disease and others);
  • diseases of the urinary system (for example, inflammation of the prostate, urethra, of eggs, of the pathology of the kidney);
  • liver failure;
  • many endocrine diseases (for example, diabetes, prolactinoma);
  • staphylococcal, fungal, intestinal infection (and some other infectious diseases);
  • some pathology of the heart and blood vessels (for example, arteriosclerosis, hypertension);
  • injuries or diseases of the spinal cord and brain, as well as of the genital organs;
  • taking certain medicines (for example, neuroleptics, tranquilizers, means of hypertension).

Commit sexual intercourse for men suffering from addiction to alcohol, is problematic, since in 35-40 years of age.

Disorder of power is also possible during the abstinence is prolonged, and the lack of sex, lack of education, natural sexual relations.

Men violation of sexual function, often due to psychological causes, on average, or more advanced age, the weakening of the power usually uses the organic nature and is related with the age of the realignment of the body and its diseases.

To recover the power it is impossible, if you do not know the individual cause of the problem. Here will help diagnose and the consultation of a specialist. According to statistics of the coming to the man when the weakening of the power use rarely (only 10% of cases). Power recovery possible, in nine cases out of ten.

How to reveal the impotence?

potency in men, within 60 causes

About the weakening of the power reveal the following signs:

  • the slow transition of the penis in a state of excited, for that to occur you need more time than before;
  • the penis in the excited state, does not have the capacity sufficient hardness and has a size smaller than before – which can lead to inability to commit the sexual act;
  • considerable efforts are needed to achieve sexual arousal;
  • lightweight experience of orgasm or its absence;
  • the rapid disappearance of arousal after ejaculation;
  • after sexual intercourse it is necessary very large time period, in order to regain the ability to practice;
  • the testes become less, lost its elasticity;
  • the epidermis of the scrotum of suspension;
  • mental depressive state.

Diagnose erectile dysfunction (ED) is only possible in case of a failure that ends with more than a quarter of the attempts to make the sexual act.

A single failure can occur in a healthy person.

Often one of the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction is the premature ejaculation – uncontrollable eruption of sperm at the beginning of copulation (coitus) or before it. The presence of this symptom evidence about the character of organic disease, often associated with pathologies and vascular.

Psychogenic form of this manifestation is accompanied in rare cases.

The first manifestation of problems with potency is often what does not occur spontaneous erections in the morning or evening (also not pollution). If the penis spontaneously goes into an excited state, sexual impotence due to psychological causes (if you can't commit the sexual act). If spontaneous erect state does not occur, then the weakness of power leads to organic nature.

Methods of treatment of a power after 60

potency in men by 60 treatment

Some men believe that improve power is only possible when you use the medical funds. The capacity to commit the sexual act, in large measure, depends on the general state of the organism and disease.

Engage in a variety of media in the third age it is dangerous, in addition they generally give only a temporary result. Natural and long-lasting improvements in power can achieve the total recovery of the organism, making adjustments in lifestyle. For this, it is necessary to comply with a number of simple advice.

You should:

  • eat, adhere to a special diet and to normalize mode, food, get rid of excess weight;
  • maintain physical activity, are useful for hiking outdoor, morning exercises, viable to take part in some sporting activities, the need not large loads (for example, swimming, cycling);
  • to stabilize sexual relations;
  • to monitor the state of health (for example, it is not possible to SuperCool, we must prevent colds, cure available chronic pathology);
  • avoid stressful situations, provide a favorable background emotional;
  • delete physical and emotional overload, stop smoking and the excessive consumption of alcohol;
  • normalize the mode of work and rest, to establish a rich and healthy sleep.

Not all people easily complied with these recommendations, but the possibility to get rid of the nasty disease is able to stimulate many of the health promotion, the change of current lifestyle.

The greatest effect brings a comprehensive approach, which is the combination of therapy, a healthy lifestyle and that accompany the use of drugs.

Self-medication rarely leads to the desired result, the advice of the doctor in the process of fighting the ED are required.

We follow energy, which can and should eat

One of the most important adaptations, which should be done in the style of life to the success of combating the weakening of the power, is the fulfillment of a special diet and mode of feeding. Many diseases of the elderly are aggravated inadequate power. Are useful for products that contain proteins, zinc, selenium, potassium, magnesium, b vitamins and a number of other substances.

In the menu may include:

  • fish (herring, mackerel, cod), seafood (oysters, shrimp);
  • pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, beans and peas, mushrooms;
  • young beef, meat chicken and turkey, cottage cheese;
  • celery, spinach, fennel, parsley, leek, garlic, turnip, asparagus;
  • honey, pistachio, walnuts;
  • peppers and tomatoes, varieties of cabbage, kiwi, citrus fruits, avocado;
  • even the vegetable oils (olive oil, soy, flaxseed) – for salad;
  • berry (black currant, sea buckthorn, viburnum);
  • cheese and milk products;
  • oats and wheat cereals.
In the menu unwanted products which contain a large number of animals fats and carbohydrates. You should limit the use of the components of fats, leading to the appearance in the body, and the "bad" cholesterol, which promotes the atherosclerotic changes of vessels and hampers blood circulation.

Are undesirable and harmful products containing food additives: products semi-finished products, industrial-made sausages and cold cuts, meals from fast-food, energy, and soft drinks.

It's not worth to consume fatty meats, eggs and sour cream, a lot of potatoes, pasta, rice. Will not make use of refined varieties of white bread. Salt consumption should be limited (not more than 5 to 6 grams per day), it is also harmful to excessive consumption of coffee, what is better to replace green tea.

Treatment with tablets, such as improving the power, when 60

Cure erectile dysfunction only the normalization of life style, it is not always possible. Motor activity, a special meal, it is usually used to improve the impact of a shower. Developed a variety of means to combat erectile dysfunction (including, drops, ointments, gels, solutions for injection), the purpose of which is to run a professional taking into account the result of individual diagnosis.

Pre-formed (or capsules) is a tool to increase the power, valid for use in the elderly, can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Hormonal tools that increase the blood glucose level of the male hormone – testosterone , you need to take the long exchange.
  2. The action of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5 based on the expansion of the blood vessels through the addition of nitric oxide the cavernous body, which causes the blood flow and the transition of the penis in a state of excited. The tool should be taken in a short space of time (30 to 60 minutes) before sexual intercourse, the impact during 5-38 hours. Means of help only if you have the libido – natural sexual arousal.
  3. An alternative is the use of herbal remedies and homeopathic medicines from ED. It is a tool that has few side effects, you can use in diseases of the heart and blood vessels. When the exchange of use, it helps to increase libido and testosterone levels, when the periodic reception (before sexual intimacy) increases power.
potency in men in 60 result

The tools and the use of phosphodiesterase inhibitors have a number of important contraindications. For example, inhibitors is not permitted to use the the case of some cardiovascular diseases (for example, if the acute myocardial in the story). With care, you can use tools of low or high blood pressure.

Before using the drug should consult with the doctor, as well as to study the instructions carefully. To buy the remedies of the first and second groups, you can line if you have a prescription.

On the internet (for example, in a specialized forum or information on the site), it is possible to find testimonials from patients and doctors about the means of dealing with the ED, see photos of packaging, the brand, read the instructions, to know the price.

Recipes of traditional medicine, professional tips

How to increase the power in the house after 60 years of age? There are many remedies that allow you to normalize attenuated power. Such drugs (decoction, tincture), lead to well pronounced and long results in the initial phase of ED.

Some examples of remedies:

  1. Ginseng – known aphrodisiac, increases libido or the sexual activity. It is used cooked or pharmacy alcohol tincture. To prepare the infusion must pour shredded dried root (20 g) diluted in alcohol (30 ml, 70%). The tool infused 21 days, and then filtered. Take need 20 to 25 drops three times a day before meals. The tincture should not be taken before bedtime by 4 hours, due to a tonic effect on the body.
  2. For the preparation of juice of carrot is necessary to grind on a small grater carrots. Pour 3 tablespoons of carrot and hot milk (200 ml). Boil on low heat, and use the tablespoon 3 to 4 times per day before meals.
  3. You can eat fresh, the onion, and also prepare a tincture. Must grind 2-3 medium onions, pour the pieces of onion in water (the volume of 0.4 l), insist 30 minutes. Drink an infusion in small amounts, 3 times a day. There are ways to prepare funds on the basis of onion with honey or eggs. It is useful to use onion in salads, and also fresh green onions.
  4. Nuts useful, that can be 200 ml per day for 2-3 reception. You can take a mixture of honey and walnuts (a tablespoon twice a day).

There are also home remedies to the base of thyme, nettle, celery, hops and garlic, pumpkin seeds and hemp seed batch, plant pollen – ambrosia.

The tools created natural, therefore, have few restrictions and undesirable products of manifestations.

Choice of the best tool of a certain stage of the disease and its causes, as well as the individual characteristics of a person. For that, you need the advice of a specialist, which is on the base provided diagnosis, recommends the best tool for each case.

The infusion of the ginseng helps, if the cause of problems with potency is the physical exhaustion, or emotional, as well as deviations hormonal. The onion helps to normalize the metabolism and blood circulation, which ensures the flow of blood to the penis, active libido, increases the production of testosterone. The carrot is a source of vitamins (including, importantly for the power of vitamin a And beta – carotene) and other nutrients, normalizes the circulation of blood, regulates blood sugar, improves the quality of sperm.

Nuts with honey contribute to the occurrence of power due to the improvement of blood circulation, has a positive impact on the body, increase the amount and quality of sperm. In the case of psychogenic forms of disease help the tool from ginseng, st. john's wort, artemisia, turnip, leonurus, ginger.