Potency in men of 60 years and his increase

How to improve potency in men at home. Potency in men of 60 years and how you can improve. How to improve potency in men in the popular house means.

The reduction of power, after 60 years of age — natural thing. But to feel aging as a loss of male power does not like anyone, so the men often fall because of this, in depression, although the special reasons more often than not — it is necessary only to make some efforts, and thoughts on aging shall depart, and the body and 60 years of age will be the same, as in 40.

Prevention of deterioration in power

potency in men of 60 years

If this problem is still not touched, and I want to do so that it does not touch in the future, or the early signs, the need to comply with quite simple forms of prevention of deterioration of the power. This is the best way of how to improve potency in men at home. Here is the more simple rules and recommendations:

  • Avoid random sexual intercourse and changing partners;
  • Listen to your body, avoid excess work, more move. If the store where you went to get the bread, just a couple of miles away you can be, it's worth going to walk, instead of having a car? Or specifically to go to the store to far, but don't go in that that is in a house adjacent? Walking is even increasing the vitality of the body;
  • We do not by chance took an example with the bread, and not with cigarettes or a beer — bad habits also worth dropping, since nicotine and alcohol, inhibit the production of testosterone, and that without it, it can be the power?
  • Take care of your weight, obesity cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels occur a rapid pace, which can be chubby, if the vessels obstructed. So, we make fatty foods, and more advanced;

How to improve potency in men at home

Help us to a healthy lifestyle:

  • Begin to monitor your sleep, go to sleep early and we followed the sleep mode. A minimum of seven to eight hours, in our time, to accompany sleep will help even a smartphone, not to mention the special devices;
  • Twice a week, we steam, we use there the birch broom. Visit steam will improve the blood circulation in the body and increase your general tone;
  • An hour before the waste, opening take baths special — fill a cold and a hot and sit in every one minute, swapping them 10 times. Do not start with large temperature differences, let initially, the difference will be small, add the contrast gradually, otherwise it can damage the body more harm;
  • Prepare in the freezer ice, of course we always have about a pound. You will need to finely chop it, wrap it in several layers of gauze and apply to the body, from the head, then falling to the area of the heart and, finally, to the scrotum.
how to increase the power in 60 years

Increase the power quickly in the house you can also use the help of physical exercises. We started with daily charging, are getting used to walking or do a street race, and then proceed to the exercise. To start to make the usual set of exercises to warm the body, and then we started to do the following:

  • We sat on the carpet and start all over again a leg. Folded the leg and the body in general, this should be the most convenient, without any tensions. Let's make it achilles tendon to the thumb and the index finger, with both hands and started to shake and beat for a minute, acting in the longitudinal direction. Gradually, reinforcing the pressures when moving down. At the end of the year 30 seconds to play achilles tendon. It is a simple exercise, very beneficial to the reproductive system, the work of the kidneys and bladder.
  • Go to the stomach and put the hand under the chin, and away from the elbows to the sides. Dramatically breathe, start again, a little to the right leg, and reaching from the knee up to the elbow. Slowly, breathing out gently return the foot into its original position. Do the same with the left leg. Two to three sets of 10 times (we started with an approach, reinforcing the load gradually) significantly improve the circulation of blood in the pelvis.

The right diet to improve potency in men at home

Proper nutrition — one of the secrets of success to improve the power in the house. We need to regularly supply the body with vitamins, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts. Increase the potency of such products:

  • The egg yolks;
  • The raw garlic;
  • Chocolate;
  • Honey;
  • Nuts;
  • Any pulses;
  • Fruits of the sea;
  • Natural coffee (but know the measure — not more than a glass per day).

How to improve power in the popular house means

Of course, in pharmacies, there are a variety of medications that improve the power, but get them without the recommendation of your doctor with precision, not worth it, otherwise, you can just worsen your state. Yes, and these are the tablets usually very. Therefore, it is better to take advantage of the proven centuries folk the means to improve the power in the house.

  • Tincture and ginseng siberian ginseng. Your need for drinking exchange. On the first day, dissolved in half a glass of water and a drop of, on the second day, two, and so on, up to 28 days and 28 drops. We pause in three months, and, once more, get the rate from zero. We do this for a long time. It is prohibited for men with high blood pressure and serious diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Walnuts with honey — a great tool. Mixing them in the ratio of 1:1 and accept for a month, two times a day after meals in the amount of two teaspoons;
  • A tablespoon of fruit and rowan and a tablespoon of fruits of rose hip oil prepared in 500 ml of boiling water, better in a thermos, or you will be impacted roll capacity and clear the 6 hours in a dark place. Take half a cup, twice a day for one month;
  • How to increase the power quickly in the house? Help us cabbage juice, regular use of which will give amazing effect.

Psychological support

And, of course, the power in men of 60 years and its growth depends directly on and a woman that should be treated with the understand what is going on with the man, to keep it and not to express any grievances in the case of "misfire".