The causes of the reduction in the power of men

The virility, the strength, dependability, confidence, trust, and so on, you can write to infinity. All of these qualities are peculiar of a strong half of humanity — men. Always be firm, similar to the olympic gods, the real men of today, are the object of desire of all women. Each and every individual is special and is not like the others, but there is a common problem, one that gathers nearly all of the men and women of our planet – the reduction of the output power.

the reduction of the power

The interruptions to the sex organ to cause different types of psychological disorders in men. It has a great effect on all the processes of your life, and it often leads to problems in their personal lives and at work. Some of the men do not know what this type of a disorder, such as a reduction in the power touched them, and they're beginning to come out of itself in search of an answer. And a few are more, just as if nothing ever happened.

The men of power and characteristics.

The main feature of the sexual power of men is that, in order to achieve the maximum of the excitation, you should be mentally focused in the sexual contact. The emotional and mental calm can contribute to the quality and prolonged erection and sexual intercourse is normal. The sexual activity of men, are dependent on processes in the body, which are responsible for the production of testosterone. It is the level of this hormone in the blood of men that determines their activity on the bed. Some scientists have advanced the theory that the men in the body, there is a limit to the number of sex acts for a living. In part, this may be considered to be true, it is noticed that men with a brilliant, constant, and frequent, sex life problems, with the power to start at an earlier stage than men, and that in the course of life, the rational they have used their sexual powers and does not show excessive activity or proof to the satisfaction of his own Ego.

For the reason that of the men in power, weakens the

As the years passed, and with them to engage in sexual activity. Start with the problems of health care, the impact of the violent youth. After the third of a dozen or so of testosterone start to be produced in smaller doses, and this was the main reason for the reduction in power output. From here on, and the number of sexual partners decreases. For the most part, the men begin to really worry about it, get in the car, he falls into a depression, and sounding the alarm. Always and for all, in such a case, it is necessary to use a specialist to discover the cause and prescribe the necessary course of treatment.

As for a preliminary ruling on the power to affect a healthy life-style that led to " the man." Is no limit to the number of the alcohol, used cigarettes and a burger and fries, it's a question of reducing the potency in men. The sedentary non-sports, and leisure activities, as the threat of a reduction in potency at a very young age. If a person is carefree regarding to her body, and then he, in turn, begins to fail and loses its activity before it is scheduled to be the nature of the term.

At-risk groups

There are a number of factors, and the reasons that they are able to result in a date prior to the loss of the sexual ability of men. In the group with a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction as you can get:

  • The men who are diagnosed with irregularities in the sexual organs, which affect the quality of the erection.
  • The inhabitants of the land, and that he has problems with the environment, so that people who work in unhealthy occupations, and industrial and manufacturing facilities.
  • A victim of constant pressure, the mental, and the men who constantly get into a stressful situation, and to receive emotional and psychological injury.
  • The proponents of the passive, inactive style of living.
  • Regular visitors to fast-food restaurants, and the lovers of the semi-finished product and one that is not very useful in the food, and in unlimited quantities.
  • Yet, in a reduction in the power to affect the sexually-transmitted diseases, which had for the man, and they have a place, and other diseases of the sexual organ, and that they were in a state of disrepair, or has not been cured.
  • The abuse of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other harmful drugs which cause the disorders, and problems with the power of the cause of the disease, sex, and other organs. Too much weakens the immune system, and can be devastating factors in order to get an erection.
  • Violations, on the job or a disease of the endocrine system, and that could cause a problem with the secretion of the hormones of the men.

The medications that you will take the men to engage in sexual activity

how to improve the power

The reasons for the fall of the power are different, and how the methods of treatment. All of the men to understand, and to remember that, whenever there were problems in the activity of the penis, it is important to find out the reasons why they have emerged in the life of a man. For this, you need to pass a medical examination. The specialist will prescribe the necessary examinations and procedures for which you will be able to identify the reasons why they started to have problems with the power.

In the first, we will need to change your way of life. Say goodbye to unhealthy food, soda, favorite, couch, and other harmful foods and ways of behaving. - Balanced nutrition and increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet, you're creating reserves in the body, vitamins, and fiber. The nature is rich in the products to (how to), and that is a good affect on the power output, and to promote the education of high-quality topics. For example: parsley, mint, walnuts, sesame seeds, honey, seeds, avocado, tree nuts, milk and milk products, in black, chocolate, oysters, strawberries, and t. d.

To reduce the psychological I to the load and a large amount of stress. Put them in order of their nerves, and the brain, and then, and only then will you be able to enjoy the pleasures of full intercourse, and the improvement of the quality of life. Of the disease, and the problems of violations in the work of the internal organs of the endocrine system to heal itself, and ensure the normal functioning of the body.

In addition to the natural factors, which will help you to resolve any problems with the power are still there, and IUdикаIUнtoznye the wizards, you are going to restore the power of the sexual organ, and at the time, to improve the quality of sexual life. The medicines in the pharmacies, they are sold in a variety of ways (plates, candles, creams) and have their own characteristics and properties.