Problems with potency in men and its solution

The problems with the power, it is not uncommon for any of age. It is a weak or unstable erection, early ejaculation or lack of orgasm that is of poor quality and the small quantity of sperm, as well as a decline in, or total lack of desire to have sex.

Any such violation will immediately be reflected on the state of health, and the health, the mood of the men, and the health of you and your partner. So, then, why there are problems with the power, and how to get rid of them?

The root causes of the problems with the power output at different ages

the problems with the power

The problems with the power of 20 years, they occur with less frequency than once in the ' 50s. This is because it decreases with age, the immunity in the body to accumulate toxins, chronic diseases, the faults, and other irregularities. All of this has a negative effect on the power of the people's maturity, and old age.

Among the key options in answer to the question, why is it that a young man who is having a problem with the power on, the experts highlighted a number of reasons:

  • the increase of anxiety and common stress and anxiety;
  • in the past, and the depression and suicidal mood swings;
  • inadequate security situation at the time of intimacy
  • if you feel unwell in the midst of the ailments, such as COLDS or the flu, and it's a side-effect from certain drugs;
  • mental and physical overload;
  • frequent change of partners.
  • to the evil ones.
  • the nutrition is out of balance, as opposed to the lack of nutrients and a lot of fast food, coffee, fatty foods, and sweets.

The problems with the strength of 30 years, a lot of times happen for the same reason as that in the 20's. But, at this age, according to the statistics, you can already get the first changes in the prostate gland, and other inflammatory processes in the organs of the urinary system of the males. This is another reason for the occurrence of erectile dysfunction in men and a reduction in power output.

The problems with a potency of 40 and 50 years old, often caused by prostatitis, cardiovascular diseases, and diseases of the nervous system. It also adversely affects the erection and the desire for intimacy, the transitory life, and sexual boredom in bed.

If you have started having a problem with the power, and then try to figure out the reasons for the occurrence of the violation. More back and delete them from a life of stress, quit bad habits and to normalize your eating. If these measures don't give you positive results, ask someone to help you.

The main ways to increase the power of the

Doctors recommend that you do not self-medicate, in the case of occurrence of problems with potency in men, regardless of their age. Too late if you started or is the wrong item, the treatment can lead to complications and deteriorating health condition, impotence, and infertility.

The main techniques that assist in the return of the power of the male, is this:

  1. The solution of the problems of the power by using designer drugs. To receive an erection and to return the joy of sex, the men to the use of Viagra. These drugs have a mass of contra-indications, and potential side-effects, but they give an excellent effect.
  2. The application of homeopathic medicines. Thanks to natural formulations of such drugs act on the body gently and have a very small number of indications and contra-indications, and potential side effects are removed from the pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. However, the use of which you should be careful and only take place after you find out the root cause of the problems with potency.
  3. The add-ons. These medications, which include in their composition of only natural ingredients, which stimulate the normalisation of the functioning of the entire body, strengthen the immunity, increase the blood flow to the genitals, and the intensity of the sensations during sex. If it is a husband's problems with the power on, then the add-frequent-the decision which they offer to their partners. But it is important to remember that these tools have the finesse to use it, that act on each body individually, and that they should be applied strictly to the instructions.

If you are young, problems with potency, it can not immediately go to the pharmacy and buy a strong medicine, which immediately fixed the problem. This can only worsen the situation.

In addition to the drugs and pharmaceutical products, and to increase the power output, improve endurance, and prolong sexual intercourse, experts in the field recommend that you use all the senses to boost your immunity, which is, for example, the frequent walks in the open air, to harden, to visit the public baths, saunas, and steam rooms, and if there are no contra-indications. You can also do Kegel exercises, which strengthen the muscles and help push the ejaculate.

Many a times it happens that it's the result of a disorder of steel, and other mental problems with the power. To solve them, working in support of the people close to you, to relax and reduce the stress in your life. It is also beneficial will work for a change of scenery or a new hobby, what are you going to dive in head first.

If you feel like you can't handle the indecision, self-doubt, and other events that prevent you from living a life of sex, seek the help of a professional. The experienced the consultant to identify the root cause of the problem is the man power, advice on how to resolve it, and prevent it from occurring in the future.

When you have to go to a doctor

how to improve the power

In the majority of cases, the violation of which is caused by psychological factors, fatigue, and nervous and mental over-voltage goes in alone after a good night's rest.

But a lot of times, issues with the power need to be treated. And to get it you can be a doctor and after a thorough search and examination. This is particularly important as soon as possible to pick up a therapy for inflammation and infection, it is suspected of being a cancer, and cancers of the prostate gland.

If the erectile dysfunction has come about due to diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus, hormonal disturbances, it is necessary for a thorough examination. In some cases, in order to make the diagnosis and selection of therapy, you will have to go to the doctor-endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist, urologist, and a therapist. And in order to help you diagnose the problem and traditional and modern methods of investigation: ultrasound scan, magnetic resonance imaging, and computed tomography.

The main symptoms when it is not possible to stop and immediately seek medical advice to find out how to solve the problem of power, the experts call on member states of the following signs and symptoms:

  • the appearance of pain during urination and ejaculation;
  • a decrease in libido, weak and unstable erection;
  • the problem of early ejaculation and inability to ejaculate;
  • the psychological discomfort associated with with sex.
  • any sign of infection or inflammation;
  • violation of the regime of urination;
  • featureless the impurities in the urine and ejaculate, for example, pus or blood.
  • redness, skin irritation, sores, and itching of the penis and the scrotum.

If you don't know what a doctor to search for, so come on in or call in to the office in the clinic, be sure to explain the nature of the violation and describe the disturbing to you as a sign. After a search, the expert will be given a pre assessment and a decision has been taken, it is necessary for the consultation of other doctors.


When you have decided to have a self-heal power, which is not a good idea to start with the simple things. Change it to your healthier lifestyle, consider the usual intake of foods and a change to make to the diversity of the sex with the woman I love, and make it a regular basis, stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

Many times, they will help you deal not only with erectile dysfunction but also to improve the general state of health, strengthen the immune system, to feel the rush of courage and strength. But, if it did not bring in a income or start to deteriorate then seek medical attention immediately.