The causes and treatment of weak potency in men

Sex is an integral part of our lives. For some of us, it is the most important step of the process of life, that is, on the other hand. Everyone knows that because of the sex that occurs in the continuity of the human race. In addition to this, it is a very pleasant and exciting process. A man and a woman make love, they get great pleasure from it.

The symptoms of the reduction of the erection of the

the poor performance

It is well known that the sex involved a two and a breach of the primary functions of one of them, it can lead to a severe psychological trauma. The men, in order that the abuse is a weakening of the power, and the inability of the penis to carry out its function smoothly. To begin with, you need to understand, as it is expressed in a similar disorder that is manifested in their impact on the overall picture of sexual intercourse. The main factors responsible for the disturbance of functions in the body in the male the following symptoms:

  • the dilution of the power;
  • the inability to finish sexual intercourse;
  • the lack of interest in sex.
  • the lethargy of the penis.

All of these symptoms can also manifest as an alone and in combination. As a general rule, the time limit and in the development of this type of signal takes place step by step. First of all, the man can not feel the changes in the functionality and performance of the device sex. However, from time to time, under the condition of ignoring the signs, the output power starts to decrease gradually, thus affecting the emotional and psychological state of a man. This can have a very negative impact. For some of us to realize such a confusion, sexually, unnecessarily, at an emotional level, this translates into depression, and irritability, and a general disruption of all the systems of the body, due to the psychological disorders of an individual.

The factors that affect the strength of

It should be kept in mind that the weaknesses of men in power, not in order, and that the situation is more complex. In the majority of cases, these problems are only temporary, and if they are not related to any disease, and it can be completely neutralized. With the healing, and the adherence to preventive measures, there is a possibility to redress the situation and regain the full health of the man. Treatment begins with a determination of the factors that have led to such a result. The causes of low power on the men and women are the following:

  • stress;
  • the accumulation of fatigue;
  • additional
  • depression;
  • in the absence of a long-term relationship;
  • the hormonal changes;
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • a poor diet;
  • the excess weight of every one:
  • the presence of the evil ones.
  • inflammatory or infectious disease;
  • the negative display on the outside.

Each and every one of the above-mentioned factors can become sources of the final, which will have an impact on the future of the male power. It should be kept in mind that a poor performance does not occur from any other place. She develops and progresses under the action of one or more of which will have an impact on the factors that gradually affect the overall functionality of the appliance to the male sexual.

Changing the life style

The inactive lifestyle together with a poor diet can have a number of negative consequences, one of which is poor performance, which once again confirms the need of implementation of measures for the prevention and change of lifestyle.

In the majority of cases, it is the main reason that gives an impulse to the development of all other diseases, and the occurrence of various inflammatory processes, it seems that it is so.

The most likely of the same mentality of the people of the price of immunity from prosecution, leading to a sedentary lifestyle. This behavior can be dictated by the characteristics of the working environment, in which a man spends most of his day. The availability of these bad habits, whether it be from alcohol abuse or excessive smoking, it worsens the situation and leads the rapid development of the disturbances in the functions of the appliance to the male sexual.

Under-nutrition is not the least harmful to human health. The abuse of the cold, sharp or sour tastes did not go unnoticed. Disorders of the metabolism, it will inevitably affect the whole of the excess of weight, which, in turn, affects the quality and strength of the relationship is a sexual one. In general, all of the main reasons for the weak potency of men, that is if you are of these simple facts.

Psychological problems

the processing power

In the majority of cases, it is the evil men in power, it is the result of psychological problems. Because, when it occurs, the causes and the symptoms of the disorder, the power of the few to realize that the fact that the overly dramatic and emotional. Once you do that, and get to the core issues.

When the systematic response of a point-of-failure in the sub-conscious mind of man, there is a certain change of direction, which decreases even more the deterioration of the output power. This is kind of the peak of emotional causes, the attempts to move under the influence of the memories of the failure and its unfortunate consequences. This fact could not remain unnoticed. The tension and stress caused by the constant thoughts about her mother's family, so the poor performance is becoming a norm than the exception to the rule. Therefore, the primary task that you must decide for yourself, is aware of the fact that the primary type of the problem only a temporary phenomena, and they may be just echoes of other health problems.

Contact your health care provider

If there is an average power, what do you do in such circumstances? Having experienced the primary signs of such a phenomenon, one should not immediately rush to a doctor, as this may be the only manifestation of the disease, resulting in the prevalence and worsening of any of the factors listed above. Re the same as a violation of the power it requires immediate treatment by a specialist, it will be possible to determine the root causes, as well as to prescribe the treatment needed and makes a list of recommendations. Contact your health care provider to determine the precise causes and factors that result in what has been the average output power. It is also one of the most important aspects is the definition of psychology, and in the detection of infectious processes that might be responsible for the degradation of the output power. Basis of examination the doctor will determine the presence or absence of an infection, the pathogen, and to come to an objective medical or prophylactic treatment.

The poor performance, it was not really important in the life of a man, and you have to start with the right treatment, and prevention, that is, in the first place, it implies a change of style and pace of life.

Preventive measures

What do you do if your life-style, it becomes an important factor that affects the power of the masculine? Some, especially do not like to change anything at the beginning of your life, it may be suggested to treat the condition the purchase of the drug from the drugs. To such people, and this is a cure-all, and that, in his opinion, will be the cure for any disease. The changes in the same way of life, it's extremely acceptable for these people. However, the languid power is hard to get rid of just a few pills, or creams. A fundamental change in the principle of life, and a healthy diet, will help to ensure the continued safe and of the erection, the one that's going to meet the man for many years to come. Such preventive measures include the following:

  • with the proper nutrition;
  • an active life style;
  • an exemption from the bad ones.
  • to prevent the onset of fatigue;
  • weight loss;
  • in the presence of a permanent partner;
  • for the fiscal year.


The issue of the violation of potency may derive from a serious problem for men. Some of the time, these issues are receiving, by far, not the retired, but very much on the surface, young men, healthy. The reasons for this sad development of the events can be in the presence of an inflammatory process in the body, but in these cases it is not so common. In the majority of cases, the failure of erectile features, will come due to many different factors, which affect the whole of a man's body. The presence of bad habits, excess weight, physical inactivity, and a permanent state of stress can be the result not only of the power of a man, but what about the poor functioning of other body systems.