How to quickly increase male potency

To recover the erection and elevation of power need to know the cause of the disease. In some cases, help to consume the products-aphrodisiacs, medicines or modern drugs. Men of any age have gone through the trauma of the problem, but not solved, consult a doctor, preferring to deal with the abuse of power in the house.

increasing the power quickly

The causes of low power

To define the cause of the disorder of power, the doctor should make the diagnosis, which consists in the survey of out-patient inspection and testing of urine and blood. This examination helps to identify the factors that exert action on the power. Including the doctors indicate:

  1. Trauma after a failed intimate relationships with a woman.
  2. The excess of weight. When the greater mass of the body of all processes in the organism, slowing down, occurs erectile dysfunction.
  3. Bad habits. Drugs, smoking, drinking, eating too much, often become the causes of bad power.
  4. Hormonal failure, the lack of the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the production of sperm and the power.
  5. Violation of the day. When the mental, the physical highlights the work of more time than sleep, occurs chronic overwork.
  6. A sedentary lifestyle, when the person has a lack of physical activity.
  7. The lack of micronutrients iron, selenium, zinc, amino acids, vitamin E, А.
  8. Violation of the blood supply of the blood vessels of the penis. This pathology is called organic impotence.
  9. The reception of medicines, reduction of libido, over time.
  10. The chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, transferred to the adult age.
  11. Inflammatory disease the organs of the pelvis, prostatitis.

How to increase potency in men natural ways

On the reduction of power say evident signs early ejaculation, weaker erection, lack of sexual desire. Should not immediately resort to drug therapy and popular means to raise. The majority of the causes are easily adjusted with the regulation of the life style and food. If impotence are not guilty of co-morbidities, it is necessary to eliminate the factors that affect the health of men.

How to improve the power

Methods to improve the power

In order to increase the power of natural way, the need to improve the functioning of the reproductive system and to achieve the well-being of all the systems of the body. Taking advantage of proven ways, you can quickly recover the lost ground band. To the most effective methods are:

  1. Physical exercises stimulate the work of the muscles of the pelvic floor, contributes to the increase of the blood supply to the genitals, more power.
  2. The proper diet helps to reduce excess weight, reduce cholesterol, a facilitator for the clogging of the blood vessels.
  3. The refusal of bad habits. Performed experiments prove that after this, the men stop smoking, sexual desire, power increases.
  4. Rational the routine of the day. With the correct routine of all the systems of the body begin to function fully.
  5. The exception in the nervous shocks. The measure of a life without worry helps to make the power that the previous.

In some cases, when the cause of impotence is hard to establish, but it is not concerned with the disease, the physicians are advised to change from one activity to another, not focusing on the main problem. As simple as the method is very effective, which helps men to be distracted. After some time, there is a natural elevation of the power.

Products that increase the potency

Before, when there were no medicines, the potency increased with the help of products aphrodisiacs, increase virility and desire. Medicine recognizes that the elevation of the power affects the food, rich in important vitamins, улучшающими the production of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. It is necessary to consider that the nutrients are assimilated from food is not fully, so it's not worth it to wait an effect snapshot.

Re-evaluate your diet, call there every day
  • honey;
  • garlic;
  • the arc;
  • the eggs;
  • the milk;
  • ginger;
  • meat and fish;
  • nuts;
  • fruit - grenades, grapefruit, mango;
  • green fennel, parsley, spinach, basil;
  • fruits of the sea - >seafood, shrimp, oysters.

Folk remedies

Proven revenue folk do raise to the power fast and оздоравливают body. They combine ancient knowledge, which have been used for centuries to help you without medication to return your male power. The compositions and the extracts used in recipes, dilate the vessels, and restore circulation of blood in the penis, because often the power is reduced after the occurrence of coagulation of the blood or of an infectious disease of the prostate.

A medicinal herb against impotence

Before you start the ingestion of medicinal herbs need to be sure to consult your doctor, so that he advised, as you increase the power without prejudice to the health of man. Good to help restore the power with the use of plants, which increase the blood circulation. Are known income folk to raise:

  1. The leaves and flowers of dandelion in a blender and pour in the hot water. Infusion drink with cooled such as after a meal.
  2. Fresh leaves of stinging nettle, scalded with boiling water, chopped, season with salt, add a tablespoon of olive oil.
  3. Of st. john's wort to prepare a decoction - put the grass in the enameled, dishes, cover with water and bring to a boil on low heat.
  4. Marsh calamus, grind and consumed as salad or pour out the alcohol and prepare a tincture that you drink 2 times/day for 15 to 20 г.
The power how to raise in the house

How to increase the potency pills

The modern medicines are different in productivity, allow you to cure the man, to increase the power of a day. However, it is not recommended to take the medicine without the advice of your doctor. At the base of most tools for the power lie active components, providing the body high dose of male hormones. They have many contraindications, that you want to explore in detail before taking it.

Natural medicines

All of the drugs for potency you can buy in the pharmacy, divided into synthetic and natural. Medicines and dietary supplements in the form of tablets, drops, capsules, belonging to the second category, are harmless if taken instructions. Well-established medicines which help to strengthen the power and import with the disease, which is associated with disorders of the function.

Exercises for the recovery of energy in men

If you add a special application to complex, you can achieve an elevation gain of power. With your help, to train the muscles of the perineum and the press, and re-establish the blood supply of the penis of the body. When the regular loads-improvements occur some days after the beginning of the workout. Classes can be on breaks at work or in the evening, for 1.5 hours before sleep:

  1. Lie on the floor, hands pull along the body, feet up and do your head, to fix itself in a minute.
  2. Sitting in a chair, to stretch the groin and the muscles of the anus, hold off for 10 seconds and then relax.
  3. Sit on the edge of a chair, lean forward slightly, cover the belly and highly tensioned press by 10 seconds and relax.

Increasing the potency in men after 50

After 50 years of problems with the power to be aggravated by the presence of other diseases. When it occurs sexual dysfunction in more advanced age, the man should not engage with self-medication, and pass a full examination and medical consultation. If, after this time, gross violations of power is not revealed, you can use the bandage to the gym, diet, normal mode, with the day or as effective revenue folk.