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  • Николай
    The feeling, when morally you want sex, but physically can't, will stay with me forever. It was so scary and humiliating. But I'm happy that my wife encouraged me, helped me to gather strength and seek medical attention. Fortunately, the process was completely reversible, and with the help of drops el macho I am fully restored to its sexual function.
  • Христо
    I began to notice that the erection was gone and has not occurred immediately, as before, and for that something had happened, had to try quite. In general, so much so, that the erection пропадала directly during sexual contact, or simply not arrived. So I decided to search for some pathogen. I read that you drops El Macho composition, and the damage to health, they do not bring, therefore, this medicine has become for me the ideal option, as well as a doctor I have not consulted. Practically after the the first techniques of power became the same, as in youth.
  • Иванка
    The husband visibly recovered, and the one that most increased its weight, the less we had sex. At some time of sexual intimacy and has not disappeared from our life. To Me this situation does not pleased, but the doctor husband to go categorically refused. I, she decided to visit a specialist and he advised me to drop El Macho. Thanks to this medicine, we now have in the bed, as if it was yesterday we got married.
  • Васил
    I met a new girl, and she liked so much, that before the first sexual closeness that I was experiencing, as a young man. In general, because of this I don't have nothing happened. She gave me a second chance, but the first failure of all times has been in my head, and again nothing happened. I'm so worried for this ground, who was already in fear of, again, the that the try. In general, he had to ask someone for help. The doctor recommended me to use a drop of el machobecause of that I again felt a real man. Now on the bed, we don't have any problem.
  • Йорданка
    I began to realize that the husband as if prevents me intimacy: he get up early, so he is tired and head hurts. Well, I immediately realized what it was. Shared with friends, our problem, and advised me el macho – your husband signed with these drops from a doctor. Well, I bought it and gave it to her husband, under the pretext of medicines for headache, when once more he invented a reason for not having sex. The dose I dumped twice, so the sex happened in the same night. I told her husband about the drug, and he a cut of the drops of the entire course. And we have now on the bed, as if it were paradise!
Comments El Macho