Experience of use El Macho

This story, I decided to share with us Ivanka of Dobrich (Bulgaria). The woman narrated about the problem of your husband and told as drops to increase your power El Macho gave them a second honeymoon.

The experience of using the El Macho

My husband and I have been married for almost 15 years. In sex never had problems with it. Somehow since the ideal start heading towards each other in the depths of the plan. After the birth of the first child, the same could not wait, when the doctor will resolve the sexual intimacy. After the birth of the second child, our ardor in bed, temporarily ceased, since I gained a little weight. It is not something that my husband did not wanted me to be a slightly full – I the same me uncomfortable, and, therefore, decided to conduct a figure in the order. A few months of diet and regular fitness classes paid off – I came in shape and with my complex, gradually, were gone, making the quality of sexual life returned to the previous level.

As we started on the bed

After about 3 years I started to realize that we have deteriorated strongly the sex, both in terms of quality, both in terms of regularity. After work, the husband came in, lay on the couch and long slumber. I stopped listening to him praise, have disappeared in the mixed leisure, and, before going to sleep, all I could do for him that wait for the maximum kiss on the cheek. I thought that, perhaps, ceased to attract your man physically, because during these years actually gained up to 15 pounds extra. That is why I decided to go with a friend in the gymnasium.

During the six months, my body became visibly in a way, the excess weight is almost completely gone (a little were the mouth and the stomach, but it is more likely that age is the issue, that it was not possible to resolve). I thought that at least my slimming my husband and I have will improve, and the sexual life, but I was wrong. The husband, still not wanted me. For a lover, I'm not even worried, because he is rigorous and conservative, and the experiences aversion even to a beautiful conversation "side".

So I renewed the wardrobe, I went to the salon, but, in addition to a compliment nothing for me it was not. My friends began to talk, the that can, the sex became to him is not interesting because of the everyday life, which can lack the variety and freshness of feelings. But all my attempts to do something new in the intimate life have been completely prevented. So I decided that the problem is really serious, then decided, with him near to talk to.

When the kids were at grandma's house, on the weekend, I had a frank conversation. I was not going to serve for the divorce, but decided to scare the husband, this, in some way, shake it. The husband was very afraid and began to convince me that he has no one, that I'm the best and unique in a woman's life. So I started to push him to find out so what is the problem? A long time ago he didn't want to talk, but the prospect of a divorce, forced him to confess that he had a problem with the power. Not that the erection has not disappeared, but became very rare and mild. On the one hand, I was happy that the reason for the lack of sex in our family – it really does not, but on the other hand, I was annoyed with the mistrust of her husband and, of course, scared to see the state of his health, because he is still quite young.

Drops El Macho – the best remedy to increase the potency

I'm not going to write any kind of work it took me to convince him to visit a doctor, but still I did it. In general, the doctor recommended less nervous, stop smoking and fewer to overload-excessive physical activities (husband worked as a welder, and by profession, he had to lift a lot of weight). Also the doctor prescribed drops El Machothat would help to cure your male health. Stop smoking and his job, husband completely refused, therefore, simply drinking a drop for it was not any problem. The composition of the product was natural and harmless, so I was at peace by the absence of counter-indications and side effects, though, and I had doubts about the efficiency.

In the first 3 days, any changes that I didn't notice, so you've managed to upset, but on the fourth day, to my surprise, before going to sleep, the husband turned to me and harass her on the bed. Sex became no more a good and not very long, but fulfilling that sexual intimacy occurred to me very satisfied. After a day still had a sexual contact, that I remember looking for a long time: I was so bright orgasm, the that the youngest son for breakfast, he said: "Mother, you, you get very sick tooth? You is so high, moaning during the night I woke up and felt yourself a pity". It was the best compliment to my husband!

Sex have became a daily, so we decided even briefly to be alone, to a maximum of enjoy each other. As well as the children were the summer holidays, we ship to the grandmother's house in 3 weeks, and the own experienced a second honeymoon! The husband said that as I wanted to, which I thought was minutes, when you finish the day's work and go back home, to my arms. So cool the sex we had before the wedding! We even was able to put into practice all the tips my friends in terms of how to diversify the sexual life.

A month later, after taking the drops El Macho the husband stopped his drink, and sex, of course, became a little less (it is the best, after all, to the complete sexual satisfaction, we would have to put the children in the grandmother died), but the quality and the duration of all of us is satisfied.

Reminding me of how I was suffering with the lack of attention to her husband, and how she managed to get rid of their problems, I decided to write our story for other couples to stop divorce, to suspect each other of being unfaithful, but simply spoke frankly about their problems and, together, they decided to them. Causes of potency problems can be very (physical and psychological), but to solve them, there is an effective means of eye drops El Macho. I can say that the drug works 100%, because we have learned from personal experience!